Special Summer Camp for Little Boys Who Think They Are Girls

Here. I don’t know how I feel about this. Am I supposed to feel good about this or something? I don’t feel good about this at all. In fact, I feel horrified. They’re all little boys, but some of them are very little boys. Like, 5 years old or younger. This camp shows them how to put on makeup, dress up like girls, walk like a girl, etc. I suppose VV Putin simply thinks this sort of thing has gone too far. Who says he’s not right. Why is it that, in order to be on the Left, I have to be ok with something that seems frighteningly creepy and weird? Forget that. Social conservatism, here I come.

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23 thoughts on “Special Summer Camp for Little Boys Who Think They Are Girls”

  1. Robert, I love your hard-core _sensible_ attitude. If you were in charge of all of the left, and I was in charge of all of the right, we’d have a utopia going in no time. I’ve reprinted this with commentary here:
    “They say that a libertarian society would allow too much weirdness and perversion — Well, look what our liberal/neocon humanist society is allowing, even encouraging and celebrating”

  2. I know most of the parents are to doing this because they don’t want their kids to feel pressured to be something their not, but this is just silly.
    Even if these kids turn out to be gay what difference does it make?
    Boys need to be masculine no matter what. Most gay guys hate effeminate men and love masculinity. Granted, it’s better to have a mixed bag, some feminine traits can benefit certain conversational and artistic skills that gay men also like, but masculinity is still #1. So if your son might be gay or effeminate how does it help to hone his female posture or dressing skills?
    If these kids grow up acting like this most gay men will call them prissy little fags behind their back and not want to be long term with them even if they occasionally use them as the village sperm dumpster.
    When I was this age I was very girly, but I had a lot of mixed interests. I adored fabrics, but I also crawled through the mud after angry snakes and lizards, searched for Godzilla movies I had never seen, and had a healthy fascination with fire and explosives that terrified my parents.
    As I got older most of my feminine traits fell away I normalized. I just can’t imagine something like this doing anything but setting me back and embarrassing me latter in life.

  3. There are people who are by any measure legitimately transgender. It isn’t something I would wish on my worst enemy, even with the most supportive family and community imaginable. These people are literally at odds with their own bodies. For example, many male to female transgender people sit to pee from the earliest age. This goes way beyond wanting to play with barbies or dress in frilly things. And it’s usually obvious from an early age. Adults don’t want to believe that kids can know things like this about themselves, but they can and do. It is not a Jew/Commie/Sicko conspiracy to make “normals” freak out.
    I admit that I am uncomfortable with the encouragement of hyperconventional femininity here, but that is most likely what these kids are genuinely about. Some girls are into snakes and crawling through swamps, but more are probably into Disney Princesses. The same, I’m guessing, with these feminine boys.
    One thing: I think it is correct that most feminine boys end up being gay, with varying degrees of effeminacy. I would hate to see them being guided toward gender transition at an early age when that is not really what they will need or require. But I don’t think that is going on here.
    Anyway, most people will get the willies from this (so to speak), and that is an honest reaction. But in the end that is our problem, not theirs.

    1. Well, ya. If they are truly of a transgendered then letting your kid act this might be the right thing to do, but most of these boys are just gay.
      Gay men constantly lament the lack of masculinity in their prospective dating pool and many online gay dating sites have proven that the #1 trait they look for is masculinity. It even trumps looks to a certain degree, and given how obsessed gay men are with sex and looks that’s really saying something.
      Helping your son be be even more of a sissy than he already is really doing him a disservice.
      Likewise, femininity/emotional flamboyancy are weaknesses in of themselves. People strongly associate it with being a basket case for a variety of reasons. Trying punish it in a boy is usually going to be emotionally damaging, but trying to encourage and normalize it is delusional.

      1. Likewise, femininity/emotional flamboyancy are weaknesses in of themselves. People strongly associate it with being a basket case for a variety of reasons. Trying punish it in a boy is usually going to be emotionally damaging, but trying to encourage and normalize it is delusional.
        A few things. Femininity/emotional flamboyancy are associated with the female gender. As you say, people link it to craziness. And this is why it is very common for men to say that women are “crazy.”
        I do not agree that trying to punish it in a boy is damaging. I know I had some sissiness/pussiness, etc. in me as a boy and even as an adult. Believe me, that shit got pounded out of me but hard. I learned my lesson pretty good, manned up and knocked off all the emo bullshit. This process is part of normal male development in the transition of a boy to a man and a weak man to a strong man.
        Some boys are very much this way and they won’t knock it off, so there’s no point in bothering, but I am very glad that males still police boys and even men for masculine standards. I have been a more masculine man and a less masculine man, and I can confidently tell you that for a straight man there is simply no downside to manning up. You will get nothing but societal benefits. And the downside to straight androgyny is rather severe to say the least.
        Been there, done that, not even sure if it is worth it. I got awful of trying to convince incredulous people that yes, I was actually completely straight. Not only that, but the more androgynous you act, the more gay men you attract, and gay male attraction is a huge nightmare for most straight guys. Manning up is the best gay man deterrent out there.

        1. It’s difficult to determine what is manly, other than obvious things like avoidance of whining, and building muscle. Sometimes, people accuse anyone with an open mind as being feminine. That’s an assault on someone’s freedom. OK, so if someone doesn’t like Metallica, and wants to listen to Bach, then they’re a wussy.

        2. It’s 1 of those kind of things where I’ve worked on for the last quarter of a century, with mixed results. But being 1 @ my age, I’m not so sure I’ll ever get to hear i need to be.

      2. I don’t usually watch such things but there is an excellent Black gay male vlogger on Youtube who has a large straight audience (mostly Black women), and I have watched a couple of his videos. He had one video on the gay scene that was 10 minutes of complaining about how there nothing but bottoms on the gay male dating scene. Gay dating sites, all bottoms. Gay dating apps, all bottoms. A lot of other gay guys seem to find this very depressing, and I suppose it is tied into the excessive sissification of gay male society.

  4. Same here. I was born in the late ’80’s, it was still a mellow time for little girls. I didn’t know from cosmetics until the second half of sixth grade. My sisters who were born in the mid ’90’s when Disney and Nickelodeon shifted from traditional cartoon to Lizzie McGuire or the Cheetah Girls.

  5. It’s child abuse. It’s not about allowing kids to explore their identities in nonconforming ways. It’s about manipulating them into a different kind of conformity based on something completely artificial. My guess is that more than just a few of the kids will deeply resent it within a few years.

  6. I would raise a kid like a boy until until he was a teenager. After that point, it’s his/her (lol) own decision. The same scenario would also be for a girl.

  7. Generally, homophobia is tied in with racism, especially, in my part of the nation. Unless your some redneck dickhead, then people accuse being “less than a man”. This type of BS is what I mean about “gender enforcement” going too far. People are not free to have an open mind for fear of being mocked as sensitive.

  8. I got no problem with guys who listen to heavy metal, wear very short hair, and act all macho all the time. Fine, but don’t force your crap on other guys who don’t want to be like that, but aren’t gay or whiny. See that’s what society is trying to do, especially churches, force anyone who is different into one mold, so everybody is the same.

  9. Ever notice it’s always about turning boys into girls, rarely the other way around? Girls just get a tomboy label and a baseball mitt, effete boys get swooning moms who are all to quick to put them on testosterone blockers. This is the manifestation of our society’s current level of misandry. It’s nothing less than state sanctioned castration.

    1. QUOTE”A man being more like a female is a complete turn off for women”
      But aside from whiny behavior, it’s difficult to say what non-masculinity is. It varies from group to group, and culture to culture.
      I noticed there was some defense of “murdering incels” on this site. Well, why should we feel sorry for them? What? They get a free ticket to murder people, cause they’re nerds? Adding to whiners, people who throw “murderous temper tantrums” because they’re not getting any, are definitely not manly.

      1. I’ll expand and just say whining, lack of bravery (That would condemn a lot of the rich and politicians regarding war service.), and temper tantrums, don’t make a man. That’s all. Culture is irrelevant.

      2. Would Homer consider David Bowie to be a male who acts more like a female? Iggy Pop lived with him for a while and he said Bowie got more pussy than any man he has ever met.

        1. I think David Bowie was just trying to be a rebel. He didn’t really come across as a woman, except for the look. On the other hand, Morrisey (of the Smiths) came across as incredibly whiny, but he did write some killer music.
          As a side note, David Bowie’s body (from what I saw on “The Man Who Fell to Earth”) would be very unattractive to women. He looked like he never made any effort to work out period.

        2. A lot of David Bowie’s clothes etc.. wasn’t womanish, but just strange. His body, though, was very undeveloped. He looked like he was starving to death.

        3. A lot of women love thin, sleek, sexy guys like that. You don’t have to work out. That’s just bullshit. I could show you skinny guys who got so many women you would not believe it.

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