CNN Reporter Removed for Telling the Truth

CNN reporter Diana Magnay has been removed from her position as a foreign correspondent in Israel covering the latest conflict. Magnay videotaped Israelis having a party in Sderot, cheering as they watched bombs and shells fall on Gaza. A lot of people have bashed Israelis over this, but the Palestinians do the same thing, and in fact they are even worse, throwing wild celebrations in support of wanton terrorist acts like suicide bombings of civilians. However, these Sderot residents were Israeli Jews, and those are some particularly nasty, ugly and crazy human beings. In a word, they are fascists. Jewish fascists to be precise.
And this group of fascists did what all fascists do everywhere on Earth – they threatened someone. When they noticed that she was videotaping the event, they said if they heard one wrong word out of her, they would destroy her car.
Magnay was upset at the fascists for acting like fascists, so she soon tweeted that the Sderot partiers were “scum,” which is the truth, as that is precisely what they are, and I think I could even prove it scientifically. Nevertheless, the truth always hurts. This tweet got out, and CNN felt some heat, so they removed Magnay for the crime of being a reporter who tells the truth.

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34 thoughts on “CNN Reporter Removed for Telling the Truth”

  1. Why do all of us gentiles always have to bend over on all fours for God’s chosen people whenever they demand it, this is abuse by pure definition.

  2. Israel is essentially revealing the ugly, aggressively tribal, and chauvinistic side of Jewish people.
    Due to historical Jewish persecution, the Holocaust industry, and the fact that Jews are associated with liberalism in the diaspora West, Jewish elites have been able to pass themselves off as noble and humanitarian.
    However, since Jews have gone from being the oppressed underdog to a disproportionate percentage of oppressive elites in many Western nations, it’s becoming harder for them to pass themselves off as noble liberals. Israel’s appalling behavior doesn’t help in this regard.
    More people are starting to question how such supposed paragons of liberalism and “civil rights” like the ADL can shamelessly run interference for an openly ethnocratic and pseudo-fascist nation, which is now engaging in open slaughter.
    And it’s not just WN’s or those on the alternative right who are noticing this. Genuinely anti-Zionist, leftist Jews like David Sheen and Max Blumenthal (who have also attacked and criticized white nationalists/supremacists) are beginning to note the disparity between the immigrant friendly multiculturalism promoted by Jewish groups in the West versus their change in tune when it comes to Israel.
    Israel is exposing Jewry’s dirty laundry, and no amount of media manipulation can prevent more people from waking up and questioning the usual narratives.

    1. Well, mostly, spoken BAG. No point in inserting the Holocaust into any discussion about Israel as it is still, alas, too incendiary a topic, usually irrelevant to rational discussion, and a convenient smear in the hand of the numerous apologists, bullies, and thickies — yes, that’s you Bill Maher — who, in wielding it in their ceaseless struggle to expose anti-Semitism only provide more fodder to those of us who legitimately question Israel’s increasingly fascistic national identity . . . an identity, as you so aptly observe, that the western corporate media are loathe to, in even the mildest and most inoffensive manner, have a go at. Easier, yes?, to trot out those tired and meaningless bromides about Israel being the bulwark of democracy in the middle east & et cetera et ceteri . . . Our lap dog some decades ago discovered that the chain tethering it to us can be yanked both ways, and any effort to shine light upon this almost unappeasable need to threaten one and all is anymore regarded in the spinsterish light of mischief . . . Cheers!

      1. I know what you mean, Maurice.
        Me: (spoken with rising intonation) Um, you know, do you think it’s really, um, uh, ok? That Israel just, well, erm, hey! They just killed like 200 kids, you dig? I mean, I know it was all accidental and and stuff and you guys are a light unto nations and the Chosen People and yeah, I’ll be kissing your shoes right soon massah, but don’t you think? A lot of regular, ordinary folks might sort of kind of maybe almost a little bit think that’s not quite exactly ok? I mean 200 kids, dude, man, oh wow.
        Bill Maher: Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust Holocaust!
        Me: Uhhhhhh, ummmmm, ok? Errrrrrrrrr, Bill? Not sure what I can say to that you know?

    2. Bay Area Guy,”…Due to historical Jewish persecution, the Holocaust industry, and the fact that Jews are associated with liberalism in the diaspora West, Jewish elites have been able to pass themselves off as noble and humanitarian…”
      All lies.
      I’ve looked at the Jewish problem over and over for a long time. There is only one framework that is reliable when thinking about them.
      The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Not every single one but a very large amount compared to people who are not Jews.
      People don’t believe this because ALL of us relate to others by thinking that they have the same thinking patterns as we do. We even do this with Animals.
      All of the Jews ancient writings are nothing more than a manual for psychopaths to live by. The Talmud is nothing but one psychopathic thought after another. The Talmud “great enlightenment” basically says that everyone not Jewish is there to serve Jews. All their property is really the Jews. No one is really human unless their Jews and their lives don’t matter.
      Jews have the same pattern over and over because it works. They go to another country. They say the last country oppressed them and they’ve always been oppressed because they love God and only serve him.
      They rise to the top of the country by these methods. They flatter the people who control the country, get them in their debt. Possibly black mail them. They take control of the information and media of the country. After this point the country goes down rapidly. Here’s where the psychopaths always mess up. They have no off switch. Have you ever watched a documentary on wolverines? They are just like wolverines. Wolverines are insatiable eaters. They will eat til they pass out. The Jews are they same. Anyone can get rich if all they do is pursue wealth constantly. This obsession is worse for the Jews as there is nothing they will not do. Psychopaths have no shame so they will do any crime or break any taboo to get money and power.
      Psychopaths having no empathy themselves can only go by the feedback they get from the people they are exploiting. So they push and push to see what they can get away with. The normal people build up resentment towards them. Thinking “surely they will reform or repent” like a normal person who does wrong. Of course the Jews do not. They don’t have the mental process for reform. Then in a huge mass outpouring of hate for the Jews, fed up with the refusal to reform their behavior, they attack and/or deport them. In this stage of the cycle the Big/Rich Jews escape and the little Jews are attacked.
      Start over.
      If you read about psychopaths and apply this information to Jews you will never be surprised.

    3. @ GSG
      Hey! It’s been quite a long time. How’s life treatin’ ya, aside from your exasperation with oblivious fellow Jews?

      1. The Good Lord has his ways…of shattering the ground beneath your feet just when you’ve decided things are looking up…

  3. From Stars and Stripes:“”It’s very nice living in America and everything is fine. But I’m sure people right before WWII felt the same way about living in Germany,” he said. “If only there had been a place to run to for the Jews. That’s why it’s important to keep Israel, a Jewish nation, alive.””
    How can these kids not realize that they are the ones who put diaspora jews at risk? I get routine answer when I broach this topic with other jews even those of my generation who are further removed from the holocaust. Is the world playing a sick joke on me? I cannot live like this any longer.

    1. Hey GSG, long time no see! How’s life treating you?
      I got two “cousins” serving in the IDF…One’s a “true believer”…I feel bad for him. Like all young men, he is naive and being used by people much older than he is. All soldiers everywhere in the world are like this. Nothing unique to Israel. I was like that myself when I joined the U.S Army.
      If gets himself killed, it’s his Mom I will feel sorry for…Not him.

      1. Thank G-d my sister chose to do Magen David Adom instead of IDF. I won’t have to strip her of her citizenship. jfk

  4. I’m dying from stress pain. No one in my family has served in the IDF (thank G-d) but several of my sisters’ classmates or members of the synagogue are currently serving. My sister works for Magen David Adom (previously she certified for the Red Cross) and genuinely believe in what they are doing see nothing wrong with serving a foreign country over their own. I have two cousins who have worked for AIPAC, the latter of which I am genuinely concerned about, because he sees no danger in documenting his work with AIPAC on future resumes, and it is becoming a dirty word, even in some (liberal) elite circles, as it is becoming inextricably linked to American imperialism and Neconservatism. Of course ordinary middle Americans of all stripes are wising up as well, so good luck securing a job outside the beltway or wall street if you fall below the standards of the typical jewish day school students.

    1. Cheers GSG. Would I be correct in assuming that you reject the xenophobic and increasingly murderous tenets of Zionism, particularly religious Zionism, and most particularly the NRP? If yes, then let it go. That tired cliche (well, most cliches are cliches because they’re tired now aren’t they . . ?) of the one assuming the burden of the many is long past its sell by date. The only example you should be setting is one of choosing your own horizons — easier said than done I know, especially in close-knit families — but honourable nonetheless . . . At the least, don’t die of stress before you’ve visited Key West and Joshua Tree. Cheers!

        1. HAH! The Jewish wing of my family are assholes…But I’ve had so many Jewish friends over the years(and a lover to) that they totally act as a counterweight. 😀

      1. I won’t deny that I am more concerned about “the Ripple Effect” than I am the Palestinians. I do not admire Palestinian resistance and do not respect Western Gaza Groupies. However I did feel pangs of guilt for my countrymen who died in Iraq or Afghanistan.
        The only person who I can talk to about I/P my black sheep uncle and he’s an all around asshole and I would never give him the satisfaction of knowing I agree with him on something.

        1. Don’t you think the Palestinian ground fighters have a right to resist the IDF invasion of their homeland and territory? It’s hard to explain how they are terrorists for fighting back against an invading army.

        2. It’s hard to say what I’d do if I were a ground fighter.
          But the rocket launchers are a different story. They only stoke fears and strengthen the justification for the occupation which is a shame.

        3. The Israelis I’ve talked to over the years concur with my theory that the Palestinians are 100% incompetent in every way imaginable.
          I.E they ain’t Hezbollah or the Iranians, etc..

    2. HAH! I had a lot of Jewish buddies in high school. They even jokingly called me the “honorary Jew,” which I always thought was annoyingly amusing. When I enlisted in the U.S Army out of high school, one of my buddies went of to Israel to get basic training in the IDF. At the time, I thought it was strange, but now that I’m older, I have a better understanding of how the world works.
      Personally, I do not agree with an American joining any Army/Military other than that of the U.S…But that’s just me. 😉

    1. A fair statement. Equally fair to point out that the number of civilians murdered by the IDF in even just the last two decades dwarfs Israeli civilian casualties since 1946. To whitewash the IDF is to imply that an Israeli death possesses significance, while a Palestinian death . . . oh well. Cheers!

      1. Hamas launches rockets from residential areas. I can’t say whether it’s deliberate, since Gaza is one of the most congested spots in the world.

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