Red Cross – Israel War

For 50 years, the Magen David, the Israeli version of the Red Cross (who do superb work by the way) were banned from international Red Cross conferences under pressure from the Red Crescent, the Arab version of the Red Cross (who also do fine work). Jewish nationalists still fulminate about this, screaming that the Red Cross was “anti-Semitic” for doing this. I doubt if they were. They probably just caved under pressure from the Arabs. Every other word out of a Jewish nationalist’s mouth is “anti-Semite.” Everyone and their aunt is an anti-Semite. You are, I am, he is, they are, oh look, over there, there’s more of them, under the bed, oh noes, more anti-Semites darn these damn critters are everywhere! When a Jewish nationalist utters the word anti-Semite, just stop listening to them. The word has a meaning of course as true anti-Semites do exist and they are definitely not good for the Jews, but the term has long been ruined by Jews themselves through sickening, gratuitous and dishonest abuse. At this point, it’s just another cuss word. It’s about as truthful as calling someone an asshole, in other words, it’s simply a matter of opinion. All of you Christian Zionists out there think that the Jews are your best buddies. And you would be wrong in thinking that. And I have some news for all you Christian Zionists out there. Guess what? Jews don’t like Christians! If you don’t believe that’s true, then you obviously haven’t been around many Jewish people. And the Jewier the Jew, the more they hate Christians and Christianity. And of course the Jewiest Jews of all are in the land of Israel. With super-Jews and hardline Jewish nationalists, you can’t win. If you’re doing anything but severely kissing their ass 24-7,  you’re an anti-Semite. You’re just like those people who put them in the ovens. Do I hate Jews? Well. I hate some of them! Hardcore Jewish nationalists and super-Jews (many, though by no means all, of these types are in Israel) really rub me the wrong way. And I hate Jews who always running around screaming anti-Semite all the time (pretty much the same idiots). Basically what these people are doing is creating their own rejection. They act horrible, you complain about their awful behavior, they label you a Nazi, and that’s that. And I think you Christian Zionists ought to maybe think twice about those best friends of yours. As in, do they even like you or what?

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  1. You could call me a Christian Zionist in that I believe the land of Israel solely belongs to Jews and other communities living there including Christians should respect the Jewish way of life and not expect special treatment. The government of Israel ensures freedom of religion and there’s hardly any converts to Judaism. Jews do not encourage Gentiles to convert to Judaism as it’s a very long and time-consuming process. The other way round is not true, as a Christian, it’s my duty to seek converts among other religions including Jews.
    I know of Christian pilgrims who make visits to the Holy Land and not a single Jew is known to molest them. The Jews are far more tolerant of Christians than say, Muslims or even Hindus. There are Messianic organizations like Christians United for Israel (CUFI) and Yeshua Harvest whose stated purpose is to bring new converts to Christianity from Judaism. Some of them operate from within the territory of Israel and are known to have been actively proselytizing Jews.
    As a Christian, it’s my Biblical duty to spread the word of Jesus to the unsaved masses. I can’t do it any Islamic country viz. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, even UAE or Malaysia unless I want to risk deportation or worse, lengthy imprisonment. I can’t even do it in India as the Indian government has recently imposed anti-conversion bills and there is much reported violence against Christians who try to bring those heathen Hindus out of the darkness. Google the tragic fate of our modern martyr Graham Staines, an Australian missionary who was burned alive along with his little kids for trying to bring the Gospel to monkey-worshiping Hindus.
    Christians and Hindus in India seem to get along quite well but this peaceful coexistence depends on an unspoken agreement: Christians are not supposed to proselytize Hindus. I consider this a serious impediment to my ability to be true to my faith. It’s my duty to preach the gospel from the rooftops and to every last heathen out there.
    Even in Western countries, attempts to win souls for Jesus is often met with derision, ridicule and heckling. It could get you expelled from leading universities in Europe since they all operate under secular and not Christian laws.
    Now where does Israel stand on the issue of Christian proselytizers in their presence? You’d be surprised to know but it’s perfectly legal to proselytize before Jews in Israel and you won’t risk life and limb in trying to get the WORD out. Of course, any ardent conversion efforts will be met with opposition from Jewish interest groups and you can expect ridicule, derision and maybe a bit of violence for being pushy. But that’s to be expected in almost every country in the world today. People like us get labelled as fanatics and fundies but we never force It upon others. We are very gentle, persuasive and polite. If anyone heeds the call of Jesus, he/she would experience a natural change in heart.
    Any True Christian would love Jews for many reasons: a) The Bible commands us to do so “because salvation is of the Jews” b) They are God’s chosen people c) They were responsible for the Old Testament, the 10 Commandments and much of the important things that govern Christian ethics and attitude. Me personally, I believe in what is known as a dual Covenant theology which states that salvation belongs to both Jews and Christians. God did make an everlasting covenant with Jews and it doesn’t warrant reason that he will nullify it. Although not all Christians would agree with me.
    Finally, let me be clear, I don’t support the current bombings and missile attacks against women and children perpetrated by Israeli soldiers in Gaza. If you noticed, there are many Israelis who don’t support it either. But we have to be realistic, it’s a state of war in that region at the moment. Hamas militants are simply not willing to stop violence and Israelis have a natural right to self-defence. It’s just that Israeli armed forces are much better equipped than the Palestinians which makes this offensive appear one-sided

    1. Wasn’t it The European Red Cross who excluded the Magen David Adom from participating in its conferences so as not to anger the Red Crescent?

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