0 thoughts on “Salafi Muslim Versus Muslim Skeptic (Cultural Muslim) Debate”

  1. I’m really shocked and amused. The sharia girl is really funny. Remember me many fanatic leftist liberals. They look so “civilised” but dare you say a word against their liberal religion! They are worse than any Salafi.

  2. I obviously assumed wrong that a Muslim woman who talks about implementing Sharia law has her head uncovered (I thought that was a fairly conventional interpretation, even if covering the face was not?)
    Also, if she was the interviewer she behaved very rudely and unprofessionally towards her guest. It makes the BBC types that cause me to shout at the radio some mornings (who are at most a bit pushy and trying to get interviewees to answer a particular question) seem quite reasonable by comparison. (But then at least the BBC is or used to be a highly renowned broadcaster, so they should resonably be expected to be professional). The thing is, surely interviewers should at least respect the right of the other to hold their views even if they are supposed to be representing a viewpoint, nor control the space of the debate in line with those views.
    Mind you, perhaps I am expecting another culture to behave just like the “West”, when that is unrealistic.

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