0 thoughts on “Ramallah Palestinians Cut Off Power to Israeli Settlements”

  1. They’re not entirely powerless and paralyzed. More concerned abouit the ripple effect than Israelis or Palestinians.

  2. Good for them. Go Hamas. Whenever I see rockets fired into Israel I feel better. I wouldn’t feel this way if the Jews were not so focused on destroying the US. They’re attack on 9-11, massive repopulation schemes, media controlled lies and financial destruction have convinced me that they want me and all other White’s dead. Wishing Israel’s enemies well is only common sense under such circumstances.

      1. Nah. They can put up a fight yes, but the best way to humiliate the Palestinians would be to pack up, desert the area…and let them try their hands at geopolitical development.

  3. “…best way to humiliate the Palestinians would be to pack up, desert the area…”
    I don’t know how they would make it alone. The lack of bombing, torture in prison, no checkpoints, not allowed any supplies unless they come from Israel, etc. I’m sure it would be hell for them. They would probably cry themselves to sleep every night.

    1. Forgot to mention. I wish they would do that to the US. We deserve it for not loving the wonderful Jews. It would break our hearts. See if you can help us out.

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