One Man Is Fighting Back

His Excellency Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Tsar-Presidentof All of the Russians
His Excellency Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Tsar-Presidentof All of the Russians
My hero. Godspeed, VV Putin.

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0 thoughts on “One Man Is Fighting Back”

  1. Odd hero for a leftist isn’t he though? Seems like he’s quite the rage with the alt-right and manosphere these days.

    1. The Left is split on this guy. Some, especially real Commie types that the Trots call Stalinists, are behind him all the way. A lot of the Trots and anarchists hate his guts. There is a page called Comintern on Facebook that is pretty pro-Putin. The KPRF, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, is a close Putin ally. Putin’s a funny guy.
      Really? The Alt Right and Manosphere like him? Cool.

    1. I think so. That is one of the things I like about him. I hate hunting, but I like those photos where he is posing with some bear he shot or with some leopard he made friends with at a zoo. Putin is DA MAN.

      1. It puts a lot of guys in bad spot because we are adulating someone who probably is hardly a saint, but compared to that timid figurehead who stands for Americans…well, what do you want? I would gladly trade Putin for Obama and maybe we can throw in about 90% of the Hill LOL

        1. @Socially Extinct
          So is it his image you like or his policies? Didn’t people like GWB because of his tough-talking cowboy, shoot-from-the-hip persona? Where did that get us?
          I’d rather have an measured intellectual in office any day.

        2. GWB was a buffoon and that persona ultimately seemed to be his retreat.
          I voted for Obama in 2008 because I also believed he was a “measured intellectual” not realizing at the time he didn’t have the maturity and strength to temper this and wield it in the context of leading this country. I would love to have an intellectual for President, but one who could reign in his minions.
          My previous comment about Obama’s vs. Putin’s masculinity was only to be taken on that level. Obama displays all the fixings of the modern, pussy-beaten American husband.

      2. From what I understand Putin has never killed any of these animals. Tranquilizers only. He also doesn’t drink. He’s the modern Marlburo Man.

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