New "Evidence" Supporting the Claim that the Novorussians Shot Down the Jetliner

In the course of a day, a lot “new evidence” has emerged, all purporting to prove that the Novorussians shot down the jetliner. I will go through this evidence below:

  • The missile trail of the missile that shot down the jet was spotted from Novorussian territory. This “evidence” comes from the Ukie fascists. The Ukie fascists are a horrible source for information or evidence about anything. Until we get a better source for this, caveat emptor. Evidence uncertain.
  • Taped conversation released showing Novorussians and Russian military discussing the handover of a Buk system from Russia. Once again, source is the Ukie fascists, who are a terrible source for anything. Just looking at this video, it looks very similar to the prior video the Ukie fascists released of the Novorussians talking about how they downed the jet, which has now been proven to be a fake. Since it looks so similar, this one may be a fake too. We just don’t know. Evidence uncertain.
  • Photo released of Russian Buk system moving across the border from Russia to Novorussia. I have not yet seen this photo, but the source is once again, drum roll…the Ukie fascists! Probably the worst source on Earth for any evidence about anything. Evidence uncertain.
  • Photo released of Buk system supposedly on a road near a town close to where the jet was downed in Novorussian territory. Guess where it came from? Yep. The Ukie fascists! I have no idea what to make of this photo. Evidence uncertain.
  • Tweets found of Strelkov stating that the Novorussians had just shot down a Ukie fascist military jet at about the same time that the jetliner was down. This tweet was later erased. Strelkov did indeed tweet this, though he later removed it. I have no idea what this means, but it doesn’t look good for the Novorussians. Evidence: Bad for Novorussian side.
  • Novorussians are blocking access to the site. I haven’t the faintest idea why they are doing this, but if the Ukie fascists or their pals in the pro-fascist West investigate this site, both the Ukies and their pro-fascist Western allies will surely fake the investigation. Probably the only hope of a non-biased investigation is from the Novorussians or Russia. Motivation for behavior uncertain, but looks bad from Novorussian side.
  • Novorussians and/or Russians have removed 38 bodies and two black boxes from the site and sent them to Russia. I have no idea if this is true or not, and if so, why it was done. Possibly it was done to ensure an unbiased investigation since the pro-fascist West cannot be counted on. Looks bad for Russian and Novorussian side, but motivation for behavior is not known.
  • Three days ago, a Novorussian Buk shot down an SU-35 Ukie fascist jet. The Novorussians have shot down a few of these jets, but I had never heard that they shot one down with a Buk. Evidence highly uncertain to say the least.
  • Jet was downed by a “Russian missile.” More slimy propaganda from the pro-fascist West. You see, if a Russian-manufactured missile shot it down, then only a Russian or Novorussian force could have downed the jet, right? Gong! Nope! The truth is that all or nearly all weapons in use in this war are Russian weapons, manufactured in Russia. All or nearly all Ukie fascist weapons are Russian. So this is just slimy, devious propaganda relying on dirty insinuation. Evidence: utterly worthless but great for devious insinuating propaganda.
  • Putin admitted that either the Russians or the Novorussians shot down the jet. Pro-fascist American patriotards keep insisting that Putin made this statement, supposedly in a phone call to Obama. However, I have not  yet found any news site repeating this claim, so apparently it is untrue. Evidence false.
  • Endless speculation on whether or not the Novorussians have  Buks, since the plane was downed with a Buk. This is truly a devious message. Yes, the Novorussians may have one or more Buks, but so far it looks like they are nonoperational. The insinuation is that if the Novorussians have the missile that shot down the jet, then that proves that they used that missile to shoot it down! But this argument is nonsensical. Why? Because the Ukie fascists also have Buk systems! In fact, we are 100

Today and tomorrow I hope to evaluate the latest “evidence” to see if I can get to the bottom of any of this.

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8 thoughts on “New "Evidence" Supporting the Claim that the Novorussians Shot Down the Jetliner”

  1. Strelkov has no account at any social medias. If you hear “Strelkov said…” check this thoroughly as most probably it’s fake. There is some blogs in LJ who claimed to get information from Strelkov but they must be checked no less thoroughly. This is war and propaganda and false propaganda come from the both sides, but the Ukries always outlie everybody. Their internet hooliganism, provocations and trolling are well-renown (their “Danke Frau Ribbentrop” troll attack is just one of the recent).

    1. I was going to say that if Strelkov has an account on social media that he needs to stop tweeting and using social media right this minute! This is no time for playing around. This is WAR!

    1. Don’t sanctions mean that the US government forbid US companies (how democratic!) to sell their production to the countries listed in sanctions? Why couldn’t Iran buy electronics from other than the US countries? Why does everybody fear the US sanctions, why do the US threaten everybody with sanctions? The US do not want trade with somebody, then it is the US problems and losses.

  2. Mike Morrell of the CIA was on Bob Schieffer calling Putin a “thug.”
    This is not polite diplomatic terminology, especially when you have a president guilty of reckless drone bombing of thousands across the Middle East and beyond, where the rules of engagement signed off on by Obama include any Arab male within 5 miles of a target is assumed a “terrorist” and expendable as collatoral damage.
    Not polite at all.

  3. What’s so bad is many people acknowledge that we can probably only obtain the truth from a foreign power. It’s shameful.

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