Egyptian Salafist Says Hamas and Islamic Jihad Are Shiites
The resistance in Gaza is apparently Shia (Hamas and Islamic Jihad) and Communists (DFLP, PFLP, Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade, Popular Resistance Committees). Al Aqsa Marty’s Brigades is an offshoot of the PLO (disowned by them) and one of its stated principles is socialism. DFLP and PFLP are Marxist organizations. The Popular Resistance Committees are actually breakaways from the breakaway Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades, and as such have socialism as a goal.
The DFLP, PFLP, Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades and the Popular Resistance Committees are all relatively secular. Hamas is radical Islamist. They are the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, but they do not talk about this much because the MB is not very popular with relatively secular Palestinians. However, Hamas is not anti-Shia and they are mainly supported by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. Islamic Jihad was founded at the time of the Iranian Revolution and was influenced by it. They have long been supported by Iran and even have training camps in Iran. A while back, one of their leaders actually converted to Shia Islam, causing a bit of a stir among Palestinians.
This Salafist is an idiot. There is no reason to refuse to support the Gaza resistance because they are Commies and Shia, and it’s not even true anyway. The  hatred of the Shia is odd for an Egyptian. There are few to no Shia in Egypt, the rest of North Africa or anywhere in Africa for that matter. The Shia are mostly hated in places where they are a lot of them or close to places where there are a lot of them such as Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Of those nations, only Jordan lacks a significant Shia population. Outside of these places, most Sunnis do not care much about Shia Muslims, probably because there are no Shia in their countries.

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  1. Hamas has done surprisingly well, so far. Like Hezbollah, Hamas has skillfully used tunnels to emerge from the ground, ambush the Israelis and then disappear. Hamas has killed 18 soldiers (# might even be higher), injured 400 other soldiers in clashes and captured one soldier.
    There’s a reason why Israel is still bogged down 300 meters within Gaza and doesn’t dare advance: it knows what’s waiting for them on the inside.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if Bibi asks Obama to force him into accepting a ceasefire. That way Israel will save face and extricate themselves from this disaster.

    1. The 18 figure is probably good. The soldier is not verified as being a POW yet. They wounded at least 50 Israeli troops, including the commander of the Golani Brigade, not 400.
      Wow, they are stuck not even 1/4 mile in.

      1. I still think it’s higher. Israel’s history of lying about its casualties is well known.
        A few years back, 16 Israeli soldiers fell into a Hizbullah trap in Lebanon but the parents of the fallen soldiers were told that their sons had died on a training mission until Hizbullah provided a video tape of what actually happened. Israel keeps lying about the number of its actual casualties to prevent the Israelis morale from crashing.

  2. “Of those nations, only Jordan lacks a significant Muslim population.”
    Robert, is there any chance that you meant to say “Of those nations, only Jordan lacks a significant “Shia” population” instead of ” Muslim” population?

  3. Two other points. First, I don’t think Hamas are radical Islamists. They’re much more moderate than ISIS, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Boko Haram and the Afghan Taliban (I personally view the Taliban as Pashtun nationalists, not as Islamists).
    Second, I wouldn’t say Shia’s are hated in Afghanistan. The conflict there is one of ethnicity (not sect) and the Hazara’s, although majority Shia, are loathed because of their facial features (and thus they are seen as outsiders/immigrants by the other ethnic groups).
    It’s the reverse in Pakistan though. Hazara’s are hated because of their faith.

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