America, a Gangster State

Boreionotios, a Russian, writes:

Don’t sanctions mean that the US government forbid US companies (how democratic!) to sell their production to the countries listed in sanctions? Why couldn’t Iran buy electronics for their transponders from other than the US countries? Why does everybody fear the US sanctions? Why do the US threaten everybody with sanctions? The US do not want trade with somebody, then it is the US problems and losses.

Probably the transponders were all US made or they all at least have US parts in them. Cuba has to deal with this shit all the time. It’s a huge hassle. If you go against the sanctions, the US fines the Hell out of you. Actually, they just steal money and call it a “fine.” A large bank in France was recently fined $8 billion by the US on some made-up phony charge basically because we are furious that France is not playing along with the Russian sanctions game. France is going ahead with the sale of a $3 billion aircraft carrier to Russia, much to America’s fury, hence the fine against the French bank. The French government ordered the bank to pay up, probably because France is very afraid of the US. What essentially happened here is that the US government just stole $8 billion from a French bank due to politics. You may not realize this, but the US does this all the time. We always steal money from other countries. After the fake regime change in Ukraine, all of Ukraine’s gold reserves were transferred out of the Ukraine to the US Federal Reserve for “safekeeping.” Actually they will be used to pay off Ukraine’s $18 billion bill to the banksters, many of whom are US banksters. While we ran Iraq, $8 billion of Iraqi oil money went missing. No one knows where it went. I will tell you where it went. The US stole it. During the “liberation” of Libya, all of Libya’s foreign reserves were confiscated by the US and possibly also by some European allies while Gaddafi was still in office. After Gaddafi was overthrown, we didn’t give the money back. We just kept it. So by the Ukie, Iraqi and Libyan examples, when the US comes to liberate you with humanitarian bombers or stage a violent liberating coup to replace one corrupt regime with another, one thing you can always look forward to is that the US liberators will try to steal as much of your country’s money as possible. Isn’t US liberation wonderful? I am serious. America is a gangster state.

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One thought on “America, a Gangster State”

  1. And I always thought the bankers were only stealing from U.S. homeowners. what a racket. how stable would the economy be if we didn’t have the banks skimming of the people. that must be the reason china wants to be the worlds bank. they want to take our stolen money and launder it.

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