Who Controls America?

The Deep State is what controls America. Here is all you need to know about the Deep State:

  • The Deep State controls America.
  • The Deep State controls the US state at all levels.
  • All US media is controlled by the Deep State.
  • The Deep State and its imperial goals change little from Democrat to Republican Administrations. The vast majority of top US government officials of both the Democratic and Republican Parties are simply agents of the Deep State.
  • Most US foreign policy “stink tanks” are controlled by the Deep State.
  • Almost all US foreign policy journals are controlled by the Deep State, with a few exceptions such as the National Interest.
  • The President and the Executive Branch are probably helpless against the Deep State and must follow orders.
  • The reason the Executive Branch follows Deep State orders is probably due to fear. The Kennedy Assassination is always brought up as an example of what happens if you go against the Deep State. Kennedy felt that the CIA was an out of control agency and he was trying desperately to reign them in when he was killed. Many observers cite the Kennedy Effect for why no one dares go against the orders of the Deep State.
  • The people who really run the Deep State, or operate in tandem with it, are the 1
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0 thoughts on “Who Controls America?”

  1. Talk about follow the money 😛
    Bet even WW1 and 2 could be simplified to the above. Will never happen but in my dream world these soft-cocked losers at the top would fight their own wars for a change.

  2. You answered my question.Always knew that.I wish most Americans could realize this,but they don’t.SAD!

  3. Robert,
    Let Americans know!prez bashing does not do any good just frustration.the deep state are the ones who need criticizing,and action.Bu–sh–t walks action talks.

    1. The President is SUPPOSE to be our advocate. We don’t really elect the DS, but we do elect the President. This President, like all others, is in bed with the special interests that are ruining, or, have already, ruined this country. And this chump is suppose to be a Democrat?

      1. Instead of complaining[most Americans],how do we change it[our country that almost every generation of mine fought for]?

        1. That’s like saying dissent or justifiable outrage is mere “complaining”. As a supporter of the 1st Amendment, I’m obligated to express what I believe are the best interests in this country, and they are not drones, surveillance and the rich getting their way with everything. Part of the frustration, Kevin, is that nothing seemingly CAN be done about it. The American people don’t have it in them. They keep electing the same people, and the same kinds of people, over and over again.
          The fight is over, and so is the America you have in mind of preserving.

  4. I guess i am dreaming when i say i wish our country could go back to the way the constitution was meant to be.Our own gov doesn’t even follow the rules,especially law enforcement.
    In the [doi] it mentions that if the gov is not for the people then we have a right to change or abolish it.Like that’s going to happen.

  5. Obama is the powerless wizard of oz.
    “and if you go against them, well…look what happened to Kennedy.”
    Pshaw…I wouldn’t give him so much credit.

  6. If you want to learn more about the deep you REALLY should watch this.”Evidence of Revision” It’s a long 6 part series by one lone individual who collected videos on the Kennedy assassination and other deep state activities. He only shows the videos. It’s very powerful and persuasive that all is not right. Here’s a article on who put it together.
    Here’s part 1,
    You can easily google the rest.
    It’s long and the mixing and graphics are little outdated but you won’t regret you watched.

      1. QUOTE”At an NSC meeting, Vice President Nixon claimed that, “some of these peoples of Africa have been out of the trees for only about fifty years.” (Muehlenbeck, p. 6) And, of course, John Foster Dulles saw this epochal anti-colonial struggle through the magnifying glass of the Cold War. As Muehlenbeck writes, “Dulles believed that Third World nationalism was a tool of Moscow’s creation rather than a natural outgrowth of the colonial experience.” (ibid, p. 6) Therefore, to Eisenhower and his team, Lumumba was a communist.”
        Actually it was both. Obviously Moscow would want to exploit the situation, but the situation was already there before Moscow. It’s kind of like with the segregation thing in the South. Blacks were oppressed before Communists came on the scene funding Civil Rights.

        1. It’s a great article, if not for any other reason than this subject (nationalism) is rarely touched on in periodicals.

        2. Nice quote from Nixon. Oh well, from the Watergate tapes we already knew he was far from politically correct, LOL

        1. But we know a lot more now than we did when Oliver Stone filled in some gaps with buffoonery. Dalleck is as much of a mainstream author/historian as there is. He’s not even a Kennedy fan much, aside from this issue.

      2. QUOTE”“The Afro-Asian revolution of nationalism, the revolt against colonialism, the determination of people to control their national destinies. … In my opinion, the tragic failure of both Republican and Democratic administrations since World War II to comprehend the nature of this revolution, and its potentialities for good and evil, had reaped a bitter harvest today — and it is by rights and by necessity a major foreign policy campaign issue that has nothing to do with anti-communism.””
        Now, why would they want to shoot this man (sarcasm)??

      3. I see a contradiction between the two articles. One said he was for third world nationalism, and the other said he was scared of Castro, cause he wanted to export nationalism to the rest of Latin America.

        1. Dalleck should have written communism, not nationalism. Kennedy’s “Alliance For Progress” was an effort to stem communism in South America by supporting these countries … that by giving them our assistance, they’d be more influenced by our system than in Castro’s.
          Johnson abannoned the Alliance For Progress and Kennedy’s aim deteriorated.

    1. Did anyone see the movie “Goodbye Lenin”? Which was worse the East German society, or our modern free market society?

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