Ukie Fascist False Flag #2 – Odessa Burning Alive of Federalist Demonstrators at the Labor Ministry

Burning alive of federalist demonstrators in the Labor Hall in Odessa. This was planned by the Ukie fascists some time in advance. There were two marches. One by fascist football hooligans and another one supposedly by federalists. However, actually the federalist marchers were fake and were instead Right Sector and Svoboda Nazis. The Nazi fake march attacked the hooligans (their own people) with guns and sticks, making it look like the federalists were attacking the hooligans. Then Right Sector Nazi snipers (a number of whom were recorded in photographs) started firing on both crowds. A
All of these Nazi Right Sector false flag operatives had red armbands. You can see red-armbanded false flaggers throughout all videos of the event. Later red-armbanded Right Sector Nazis are seen working closely with the Odessa fascist police, so that proves that the Odessa police were in on the plot.
The federalists were then chased to the front of the Labor Ministry where their camp was set on fire. Soon they were chased into the building. There were already Right Sector Nazis on the roof of the building and apparently also inside the building. Then Right Sector Nazi militants, cops and Ukie demonstrators started firing guns and throwing Molotov cocktails into the building.
The Babylon press lies and says that the federalists were armed. In fact, they were simply young people, peaceful demonstrators, and were completely unarmed. The Babylon press also says that the federalists set their own building on fire either on purpose or accidentally with Molotov cocktails. However, footage of the riot shows all Molotov cocktails being thrown at the building and none of them from inside the building. The Nazis then started a small fire at the door to the Labor Ministry. At the same time, they pumped some sort of a chemical or chemical weapon into the front of the building. Demonstrators inside concurred that they were attacked with fire and chemicals.
At some point, the Nazis rushed the building. Demonstrators tried to barricade doors shut but the Nazis bashed them down anyway. Most demonstrators were murdered via shots to the head. Female demonstrators were first raped and then murdered. A very pregnant Labor Ministry employee was raped and then murdered via strangulation with wire by the Nazis. After the demonstrators were killed them, the demonstrator’s bodies, but mostly their upper bodies, were set on fire possibly to eliminate their faces and fingerprints. The fires were quickly put out with fire extinguishers. I am not completely certain why the bodies were set on fire.
Many people tried to escape by jumping from the burning building. Some died in the fall. Others were set on by Nazis after they landed on the ground. Gangs of Nazis surrounded them and started beating them. A number of demonstrators were murdered in this way. However, a number of demonstrators also managed to escape.
The number of dead is not certain. ~33 were murdered in the Labor Ministry building, however, there was a report that another 100 were murdered in the basement where many took shelter. The true number of dead will probably never be known.
The Ukie fascists took over the investigation and botched it completely. All of their findings were worthless. The fascists never released the names of those killed. Many demonstrators were arrested as they were escaping the building. Others got away. All of those escaping certain death in the building were arrested by the fascists! These arrestees were all then charged with various crimes, mostly terrorism-related, and were given long sentences of 10-20 years in prison. The demonstrators who got away live in terror that the fascists will come get them. Some may have fled Odessa.
I have many photographs of this massive crime in a file that I will upload into a post soon. It will prove that everything I say in here is true.

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