Ukie Fascist False Flag #1 – Maidan Snipers

False flag 1 – Maidan snipers: Snipers opened up on demonstrators and police at the Maidan on February 20, resulting in ~80 killed, mostly demonstrators but also a few police. This incident made the Babylon media go wild and resulted in a violent coup overthrow of  Yanukovich, the Russian-leaning President. However, the bullets fired by the snipers did not match the bullets that the Ukrainian police (Berkovsky) had. They did not have one bullet like this in their possession. Also in a taped phone call from the Estonian Prime Minister to a top EU official, the Estonian politican said that an investigation had shown that the snipers were working for the Maidan, and they shot their own people in addition to shooting a few cops. He mentioned the Nazi Right Sector militants as being the perpetrators. The Right Sector Nazis are real Nazis, and they are the shock troops of the Ukie fascist regime.

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