Robert Stark Interviews Bay Area Guy

Bay Area guy is a longtime poster here who has since gone on with Dota, another longtime poster here, to form their own blog called Occident Invicta. Old-time commenters like Beatrix, Cyrus and Tulio remember BAG well. Occident Invicta is a nice blog, but it’s coming from a more conservative or Alt Right point of view than I am. Perhaps that is why it was better for them to go off and form their own blog as they were always among the more rightwing commenters on here.
On the other hand, what is quite shocking even from the POV of a Leftist is how often Alt Right types like Dota and BAG are simply, well, correct. Just because someone is rightwing doesn’t mean they are wrong. I do not think anyone should be doctrinaire. Go down the list of all the major issues and see which side you believe in, the Left, the Right, or the Center. Nowadays in order to be “on the Left,” you have to go down a list of 500 issues and check the Left position on each one. If you check Left on 499 and Right on one, you’re a fascist, a conservative, a Republican, a rightwinger, etc.
I don’t think either side has a monopoly on Truth. And this is in part why I dislike labels. If you call yourself liberal or conservative, you need to go down the lists and check either liberal or conservative next to each issue otherwise you get thrown out of the cult.
Anyway, BAG is always an interesting interviewee, so you might want to check it out.

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0 thoughts on “Robert Stark Interviews Bay Area Guy”

  1. So true, that’s what I hate about political parties. They are full of ideologues. And I don’t like ideologues. Is it possible to have party-free direct democracy?

  2. No one knows less about the meaning of Hinduism than Dota. Dota also has the biggest ego of anyone I’ve seen here. Both Dota and BAG think they are incapable of being wrong or losing an argument, ever. They could have been successful lawyers. And they are not particularly nice people.

    1. Seriously thought, I’ve tried to identify myself as liberal or conservative and I find I just take completely different positions on different issues that just aren’t consistent along those lines. I generally say I’m left leaning on economic issues and on social and moral issues I’m all over the place but at least a conservative sympathiser. I tend to get rubbed up the wrong way by gender feminism and political correctness, hence my praise of BAG.

  3. @ Robert L
    I consider myself an old fashioned conservative (Paleoconservative) simply because modern conservatives disgust me. I just can’t get on board with imperialism, endless wars and Corporatism . Conservatives are supposed to, well, conserve. These ones today conserve little other than their Net incomes.

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