Odds Ratio on the Downed Malaysian Flight

Right now, I would put the odds ratio at:
Ukie fascist intentionally (false flag) 90%
Novorussian accident 10%
Ukie fascist accident 0%
Novorussian intentional 0%
Russian accident 0%
Russian intentional 0%
I do not know about you, but the 90% one on top is the only one that is blinking at me like a gigantic Las Vegas sign.
Russian accident is the latest one that the pro-fascist Western media is pushing. This is because Babylon finally figured out what we have been saying for some time now – that the Novorussians do not have anyone capable of operating a Buk missile, even if they have a working one. Now the Babylon media, citing ultra-whore and fascist supporter Samantha Power, is saying that since the Novorussians could not operate the Buk, a Russian military operative must have been operating it.
This makes no sense whatsoever. First of all, there are no active duty Russian military soldiers working with the Novorussians. I have never heard evidence of even a one. Yes, the Russians are letting men and equipment go in. That is correct. But they are not sending in their own men.
In addition, it is not known if Russia is supplying the Novorussians. The Novorussians are massively outgunned. If the Russians were supplying them, would they leave the Novorussians so outgunned? However, the Novorussians have sure been turning up with some fancy military equipment these days. Russian volunteers acknowledge that military equipment is going to the rebels, but they say it is coming from private sources. They say this equipment is being purchased on the black market.
Second of all, even if there were active duty Russians operating the Buk, they would only be Buk experts. Most Russian Buk operators have trained for 10-12 years at least to operate that missile. No one knows how to operate these things better than a Russian Buk operator. They are consummate professionals, and they are the best. There is not one chance in Hell that a Russian Buk operator would fail to recognize a civilian jet flying in a straight line at 30,000 feet as an enemy fighter. That is simply not possible, ever.
By the same token, I do not agree that the Ukie fascists shot this thing down by accident for much the same reasons. The Ukie military has been falling apart badly for 20 years now. Every year it only gets worse. Nevertheless they do have Buk operators who know what they are doing. However, a Russian expert has said that the plane was probably downed by accident by an inexperienced Ukie crew.
Why would the Novorussians or the Russians shoot down a civilian jetliner on purpose?
For weeks now, we have been hearing continuous rumors from the Ukie fascist side of a huge false flag operation. A few days before the airliner was downed, a Ukie fascist military figure said the Ukie fascists had a big surprise for the rebels. It looks like this may have been it.
If this is a false flag, this would be the third major Ukie fascist false flag of this unrest. First and second Ukie fascist false flags here.

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0 thoughts on “Odds Ratio on the Downed Malaysian Flight”

  1. The GOP is opportunistically attacking Obama and Kerry for going soft on Putin first by not killing off Putin ally Assad, as Obama promised.
    Ultimately Putin had to bail Obama out of this and perhaps O is trying to return the favor, but I doubt it. Truth is, Kerry admits he needs Putin to
    help keep Iran from getting the bomb.
    Perhaps Putin should just give Iran a couple, to offset Israel’s undeclared nukes. Most Arabs wouldn’t object, only a few of their bought-off governments.
    Long story short, if Kerry-Obama decide Putin isn’t worth “coddling” and pressure Western Europe to help apply serious screws, Vladimir will and should solidify alliance with China and let the post-Western West slip down the garbage bin of collapse and decay via “Americanization.”
    We hope Merkl and Deutschland’s healthiest elements will kiss the Zionist-dominated spying occupier United States goodbye, and take your bases with you.

  2. I believe you’re absolutely right about the Fascist using the plane in a false flag.
    I think you’re wrong about some other things.
    1. I know it doesn’t take 10-12 years to learn to operate a weapons system. It would useless. I bet a reasonably bright person could learn to operate this thing in a day or so. Probably a few hours.
    2. “…There is not one chance in Hell that a Russian Buk operator would fail to recognize a civilian jet flying…”
    I’m not completely sure about new weapons systems but I have seen radar weapons systems identification screens in the 80’s so I know what they look like. You can not tell what a radar return is. Just how strong it is and how far away. Now a strong signal would allow you to interpret it as big but would still not directly tell you what it is. It would just be a round dot on the screen. During war time “friend or foe” or transponder electronics would tell if it was hostile or not. It is possible I may be wrong about this but I don’t think so. Newer radar systems with computer processing can show the outline of an object. I looked at
    If you look down about 20% of the page it talks about “…The Buk-M1-2 modernisation…”. This model had phased array radar. It also stated the modernization was stalled due to the break up of the USSR. So I’m betting that the Buk was an older model. Ukraine had no money to modernize anything.
    3.”…Yes, the Russians are letting men and equipment go in. That is correct. But they are not sending in their own men…”
    I think you’re wrong about this. No I don’t believe that Russian troops are there in large numbers fighting but it would irresponsible for the Russians not to have special forces monitoring the situation on the ground. I believe they are not sending in large amounts of weapons because it would be like putting gasoline on a bonfire. It is possible they are sending in anti-aircraft weapons. The fascist are indiscriminately bombing civilians and need to be stopped.

    1. All Soviet military technique were relied upon 2-year conscription term. The MINIMUM term for training of missile system personnel (5-15 men) is 6 months of intensive studies by professional officers, but usually it were continuing for entire 2 years. It cannot be self-learnt by a whatever bright person even in a month. The rebels claimed to get _unworkable_ Buks just 2-3 weeks ago. Even the Ukrie officials later admitted that the rebels have not had any Buks.
      And now it is becoming more interesting, one rumour says that the plane was shot down by a Ukrie fighter not a Buk. The entire story around Buks is to befog this unpleasant fact.

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