Israel Supports the Ukie Fascists

Here. I had heard that they were sitting this one out, but I guess not. All of the West is supporting the fascists, so it makes sense that the Israelis are too since the Israelis are the whores of the West. Whatever the West does, the Israelis fall in line and follow the leader. The Israelis are also fascists themselves. All ultranationalists are fascists, everywhere on Earth. Not all fascists are anti-Semites. You don’t need to be an anti-Semite to be a fascist. It’s certainly not a requirement. The Israelis are simply Jewish fascists. That’s all they are, and that’s all they have ever been. As sick as it seems, it makes sense that the Israeli fascists would support their fascist brethren in other parts of the globe, especially as major parts of the Ukie fascists are not particularly anti-Semitic. For instance, one of the top Ukie fascist leaders is a Jew. 3 However, some of the shock troops of the Ukie fascists like the Right Sector and Svoboda are indeed real, died in the wool Nazis. Apparently the Israelis are supporting these Ukie Nazis 10 Although it seems odd, the Israelis have often backed their worst enemies. A number of Islamist and Al Qaeda type groups have long been backed by the Israelis in order to sow chaos and terror in Arab states and turn stable Arab nations into failed states. Also, Israel’s worst enemies in the region have always been secular such as Gaddafi, Saddam and Assad. Israel has long backed radical jihadi Islamists trying to overthrow its secular enemies. Recently in southwestern Syria near the Golan, Israeli artillery and warplanes attacked a Syrian army unit that was deep in battle with the Islamic Army, a radical Salafist jihadi group known for chopping off heads and murdering Christians and Shia. Sometimes I wonder if there is anything more repulsive than the Israelis.

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0 thoughts on “Israel Supports the Ukie Fascists”

  1. Last week, ISIS declared that it will not go anywhere near Israel (obviously there’s something between them).
    That oil that reached Israel from Ceyhan last week was thanks to ISIS letting it through.

  2. I’ve assumed from the start that the whole Ukrainian operation was Israeli. I don’t believe the US runs it’s foreign policy.
    You said,”…Sometimes I wonder if there is anything more repulsive than the Israelis…”

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