International Zionism Owns UK's Tories and the BBC

They own both political parties in the US too. Mostly that doesn’t really matter, except that it seems undemocratic, but on the issue of US support for Israel it is very important indeed.
The UK (particularly the Tories) has always backed Israel to the hilt. Here we can see why – Jewish money.
I would like to believe that Labor’s better, ever since Tony Blair created the new Tory Labor Party, they’ve been more than disappointing. And the Israelis had no bigger friend than Tony Blair.
It also looks like much of the British media is Jewish-controlled. Jonathan Dimbleby, a BBC presenter, conducted an investigation into the UK Jewish Lobby and he was subsequently put under investigation by the BBC. I don’t know about the rest of the British media, but it looks like the BBC is very much Jewish-controlled. As a part of the state, that makes sense. It appears that some of the rest of the British media is more fair=handed, especially the Independent.

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  1. It’s not an issue I follow very much but the left in Britain seems to be on the side of the palestinians and I think this is true of the guardian, the main left-liberal broadsheet.

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