A Brief Post on the Downing of the Malaysian Airliner

A ferociously Russia-hating American named Sinclair wrote:

The Novorussians do have radar, and the missile trail was detected. Putin’s proxies did it.

There is no evidence whatsoever that the Novorussians had radar. And even if they did, they do not have anyone who could operate it. I have not seen any evidence at all that a missile trail was detected by anyone. There was only one radar detected in the region. A Ukie Buk was emitting radar and tracking the jet until it crashed. The Ukie unit that housed the Buk has even been identified. Yes, the jet fell in a rebel held area, but the Novorussians do not have any Buks in the area to shoot it down. The Ukie radar tracking it was a ways away, maybe 10 miles away. The Ukie SAM could easily have fired from 10 miles away to drop the jet over rebel-held territory. If it fell over rebel-held territory, that doesn’t mean the rebels shot it down! Furthermore, the fake tape issued by the Ukies says that there was a Buk at a nearby checkpoint operated by Cossacks that shot down the jet. The tape has now been proven to be a fake. Anyway, you don’t put a Buk at a checkpoint! And the last people to know how to operate a Buk would be Cossack volunteers! A top Ukie official recently said:

  1. The Novorussians do not have any Buks.
  2. The Novorussians do not have anyone capable of operating Buks.

They said this before or shortly after the jet was shot down. There are no Putin’s proxies in the area. The Novorussians are doing this of their own accord as they hate the Ukie Nazis that the West loves so much. Putin did not want them to take up arms and seize all those government offices. For a long time, the Novorussians were ridiculously underarmed because Putin would not give them any weapons. They held a referendum because the Novorussians do not want to be part of the Ukie Nazi state. Putin opposed the independence referendum because he did not want Novorussia to go independent. The Novorussians themselves want to merge with Russia, but I believe that Putin does not want them to join Russia. South Ossetia and Abkhazia also declared independence because they did not want to live under the US-supported Georgian Nazis. Both states wish to join Russia, but Putin will not let them join. Putin has always wanted a federal state for the Ukraine with substantial autonomy for Novorussia. That’s all he has ever wanted. He never wanted independence, an armed Novorussia and he certainly never wanted war. The Novorussians themselves chose to arm themselves, throw out the local government officials, and declare independence. Russia was opposed to all of these things. The Novorussians are their own men. They do what they want to do. They do not take orders from anyone, certainly not Putin. Putin bears zero responsibility for the Novorussians arming themselves, overthrowing local governments, holding an independence referendum and certainly not for the war that followed. Putin did not want any of these things. Putin has always felt that this whole thing is a Ukie-Babylon plot to draw Russia into a war so Russia can be badly hurt or even better yet destroyed. It’s been a Nazi-Western plot from Day One. Isn’t it possible that pro-Russians in the region can think for themselves? According to Babylon (America), no pro-Russians in the region can think for themselves. None of them have their own opinions about anything. They cannot take any actions at all on their own because they are completely controlled by the Russians. There will never be any real investigation of this crime. I assume that all federal law enforcement such as the FBI is unspeakably corrupt, politicized and are simply lying, cheating operatives of the Gangster State. In any crime like this, no American agency will ever conduct a proper investigation. It simply will not be done. This is why, while I support that Al Qaeda did 9-11, I do not trust the US state’s investigation of that crime. In such a circumstances, the invesigational arms of the Criminal State are hopelessly corrupt and are simply are not capable of telling the truth about anything. Why? Because these crimes have deep political overtones. No crime with deep political overtones will ever be properly investigated by US “law enforcement.” No matter who did this crime, the Ukies or the Novorussians, one thing we do for sure is that Babylon and its whores and their media are going to blame Russia no matter what the truth is.

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  1. I’d say it is a very good post of you. Indeed, the explanation of their apathy is the Russian officials did not want the whole story from the very beginning (they were busy enough with the Olympics). They have been just responding situatively and inertly to the US attacks. The Operation “Crimea” was just commenced by a mere whim. They did not want the continuation. “Give us the Crimea and leave us alone”. Now they do not know what to do. They are deeply stuck in the story. And I fear Russia as a whole will loose and dearly pay for this apathy. If Putin had guts and ordered the Army to march into Novorossia in March, when of the junta’s illegality was most obvious, Ukraine would be over in a week. A new Crimean war is a matter of fact, the only question is when it begin and when Russia loose. It can be the question not of years but months. But my relatives live in a city with a Nuclear PP near Ukraine, and I do not want them and any civilian Russians being harmed with the bombs of the crazy Ukrainian fascists or NATO “liberators”.

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