108,000 Unique Visitors a Month

That is what I am getting lately. All of the moronic Bigfoot haters over at Randy’s blog have been insisting forever now that my traffic was going to die down to zero with the death of the Rick Dyer story. It’s not true. Traffic is going very well. 108,000/month is considered to be excellent traffic. I believe it also puts me in the Top

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  1. Give us a breakdown. Is it spread out quite evenly over a large number of articles found by Google search? Are there a small number of articles that get most hits? How many hits does each new post get? How does it breakdown by topic? Etc. this would be interesting to know.

  2. Also, how many websites are in the top 1% ? Are we talking millions, thousands, what?
    Also, do you ever worry about the government having their eye on your online activities when you are running a significant website and you say some pretty radical stuff about America?

    1. Steve, I am sure the “government” were watching with grave concern when Robert said RD’s BF was 100% real. If true that could have caused havoc In the USA economy!
      But congratulations to Robert for his web site traffic. I don’t always agree with his views, but I find myself pausing to look over a number of the different issues he raises. Some of his research is interesting. Keep it up Robert.

    2. I am not big enough yet to worry them one bit. I expect the first thing they would try to do is dig up a bunch of dirt on me and then disseminate it out to the Web.
      However, I heard that recently a number of radical websites were taken down in the US, presumably by government operatives.
      The opposition is just not big enough. The state doesn’t worry about small fish.

      1. People in the Bigfoot community are already doing the mud raking and slandering for them lol. I am assuming from your answer that top 1% websites are in the millions or at least hundreds of thousands.

      2. I guess since you don’t really fit into the mainstream left or right plus you talk about race, there is little chance of wide support. Your are too socialistic for the right and the left think you are racist or fascist or whatever.

  3. If the goal of this site was making money, then it would make a lot of money. That’s good traffic.

  4. I like your site. I can’t remember why I first came here. Maybe bigfoot. I found I liked all the other stuff you’re writing also. You ought to get your own server and advertise. I’m sure you could use the money. Advertise porno. HaHA.

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