Racism Definitely Plays Role in Obama Opposition

I received this excellent letter from Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Whatever you think of Dees, and he is very much a mixed bag as a human being, you have to admit that he has his heart in the anti-racism fight.
And everything he says in this letter is, for what it’s worth, 100% true.
Here is the letter in its entirety. I will explicate the code words afterwards.

Right-wing pundits are jumping all over Attorney General Eric Holder for daring to suggest on Sunday that “racial animus” plays a role in the “level of vehemence” that’s been directed at President Obama. They’re denouncing him for “playing the race card” and “stoking racial divisions.”
Who do they think they’re fooling?
The rhetoric is what’s hateful. Calling people out for it is not.
The racism Holder described has been obvious since the 2008 campaign, when Obama was portrayed as someone who was not a “real American” – a Muslim, a Kenyan, a communist, even a terrorist sympathizer.
Since then, an entire movement has been built around the thoroughly discredited notion that the president’s birth certificate is a fake. And that’s just the beginning.
Newt Gingrich has called Obama the “food stamp president” and referred to his “Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior.”
Rush Limbaugh has said Obama – and Oprah Winfrey, too, by the way – have reached the pinnacle of their professions only because they’re black. He added this week that “so-called conservative media types” praised Holder’s nomination only because he’s black.
Glenn Beck has said the president, whose mother was white, has a “deep-seated hatred for white people, or white culture.”
Conservative hero and former rock star Ted Nugent, who was invited to campaign with the GOP nominee for Texas governor, called the president a “subhuman mongrel.”
A Confederate flag was waved in front of the White House during last year’s “Million Vet March.”
U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina screamed “You lie!” during the president’s address to Congress in September 2009. When has that happened to a president before?
All manner of overtly racist posters have been seen at Tea Party rallies, including one depicting the president as a “witch doctor.”
We’ve repeatedly seen stories about conservative politicians sharing racist jokes about Obama.
And, we’ve seen an explosive growth of radical-right groups, including armed militias, since Obama was elected, and repeated threats that violence is needed to “take our country back” from the “tyranny” of Obama. This is part of a backlash to the growing diversity in our country, as symbolized by the presence of a black man in the White House.
I grew up in rural Alabama during the Jim Crow years and lived through the civil rights movement, when white supremacists did everything they could, including committing violent atrocities, to turn back the tide of progress. And I’ve stared across the courtroom at some of America’s most vicious hatemongers – men like neo-Nazi Glenn Frazier Cross, who recently killed three people and once targeted me. I know racism when I see it.
No one, of course, is suggesting that merely disagreeing with Obama is evidence of racism. That’s clearly not true.
But we have a political party and a right-wing media machine that pander incessantly to the racist reactionaries in our society, often through code words. It’s been going on since Nixon implemented his “Southern strategy” of appealing to white resentment in the wake of the civil rights movement.
I wish it weren’t so. But it is simply undeniable. We should call it what it is.

It is the Right that has been stoking racial divisions ever since Obama was elected. But this is a nasty meme dating from the Civil Rights era. Those opposed to civil rights accused of Martin Luther King and others of “stirring up racial hostility.” MLK, in his great Letter from a Birmingham Jail, confessed that indeed he was out to stir some shit up. He was right, and it was a good thing he did stir it up. Some folks just need stirring up.
At root it’s an ugly charge though. Anyone fighting for racial justice in America is “stirring up hatred between the races.” How to avoid stirring up racial hatred? Why, simply allow racial injustices to go unchallenged! The argument is breathtaking in its nastiness.
The whole rightwing argument boils down to this – “Obama is a nigger.” I will elaborate below.
Obama is a Muslim, a Kenyan, a Communist, a terrorist sympathizer – Obama is a nigger. He’s not an American. Only Whites are Americans. Niggers aren’t real Americans.
The Communist charge is another ugly one that harkens back to civil rights days. The Jim Crow folks accused all civil rights workers of being Communists. To be for civil rights was to be a Communist. Here we see the resurrection of Bull Connor’s argument from 1960.
Obama is a terrorist sympathizer. You’re either with us or against us. You’re with the terrorists, or you’re with the Americans. Obama sympathizes with the enemy. He’s a traitor. Niggers are the enemy. Niggers are traitors.
The anticolonialists were leftwingers, often non-Whites, who battled against colonialism and fought to decolonize the world. They had a low opinion of White Europeans, as those were the vast majority of the colonists. Many also took up guns against European White colonizers. As an anticolonialist, Obama is a 3rd World non-White who hates White European people, and he wants to fight them with guns to get them off his land.
Kenyans fought against British colonialism. It is amazing that rightwingers think calling someone an anticolonialist is an insult, but apparently US rightwingers think colonialism was fine and dandy.
The food stamp president. Obama is a lazy, good for nothing ghetto nigger living off the tax dollars of White people. Lazy, criminal ghetto niggers refuse to work and instead live off welfare paid by the taxes of hardworking Whites.
Obama and Oprah are affirmative action niggers. All niggers are inferior and incompetent, so Obama and Oprah obviously only got their jobs via affirmative action because no Black can ever compete fairly with a White person.
Obama hates Whites. This is racist projection. Whites hate Black people, but they use the denial and projection defenses to project their racism onto Blacks. Niggers hate Whites. It is very common in racist and White nationalist circles to say that all Blacks hate Whites and want to kill us all. Obama is another dangerous White-hating nigger.
Obama is a subhuman mongrel. Niggers are inferior, and they are not really human beings. Instead they are subhumans, like animals. Obama is a nigger subhuman. White nationalists describe anyone who is mixed race and partly White as a mongrel. As a 1/2 White mulatto, Obama is a mongrel. This is White nationalist code talk.
Waving a Confederate flag in front of the White House. That flag is a symbol of White Supremacy. Waving that flag in front of the White House means niggers have taken over America, and the Whites are coming to take the country back.
Joe Wilson screamed, “You lie!” at Obama in Congress. No President has ever been insulted that way. But no President has ever been a nigger before either. Treating Obama with worse contempt than any other President has ever been treated shows that he deserves particular contempt, worse than any other President has received, because he is the first Nigger President.
Conservative politicians making racist jokes about Obama. That’s pretty ugly. They are telling “nigger jokes” about Obama because he is the first Nigger President. This shows their particular contempt for him.
Racist posters at Tea Party rallies, including one showing Obama as a witch doctor. Obama is not an American. He is an African. A nigger from Africa. Witch doctors come from Africa. Obama is not an American. He is a bongo banging witch doctor nigger from Africa. Back to Africa, Obama!
Armed militias are forming all over the country to “take our country back.” White men are arming themselves to “take the US back” from nigger rule. Obama has instituted nigger rule over US Whites. The only alternative left to Whites is to take up guns, overthrow nigger rule and reinstate white rule.
This is similar to the situation in Reconstruction after the Civil War. The North rearranged Southern politics, threw out most of the racist Whites in power, and instated Black political power over Southern Whites. A lot of the Blacks were incompetent, and this project was not thought through well.
It was so insulting for Southern Whites to have Blacks ruling them though that they began a campaign of armed terrorism against Black rule. For a while, the North sent troops down to the South to try to get a handle on the terrorism. However, it become so widespread that finally the government decided to wash its hands of the mess and pulled its troops back to the north.
The Ku Klux Klan rose in the South. The KKK was the armed movement of Southern Whites who rose to overthrow Black political power and reinstate White rule over the South. Their campaign of terrorism against Blacks was so successful that not only was Black rule overthrown, but most to all of the new rights that Blacks had been granted, including the right to vote, were revoked by the KKK and allied Southern White political power. So began the Jim Crow era, which had roots in the rise of the KKK in the late 1860’s through the 1870’s.
I hate to say it, but all of these White militias arming themselves to take back our country from Obama’s tyranny are simply harkening back to the dark days of the KKK. Like the KKK, these White men are determined to overthrow Black rule over Whites (this is Obama’s tyranny) and take our country back (overthrow nigger rule and reinstate White rule in America).
Like Dees, I wish none of this were true, but after years of this sort of thing staring me in the face, it’s hard to deny it any longer.
This is the ugly face of White America.
Post-racial America, my ass.

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171 thoughts on “Racism Definitely Plays Role in Obama Opposition”

  1. Dear Robert
    While it is highly plausible that some of the opposition to Obama is racist in nature, it is equally true that much of the enthusiasm that Obama generated in the beginning is due to the fact that he is not fully white. If Obama were 100% white, instead of 50% white, would he have received the Noble Peace Prize. I doubt it very much.
    Americans, both liberals and conservatives, seem to be as race-obsessed as ever. Just consider the ridiculous hoopla when the very light-skinned Sonia Sotomayor was appointed to the Supreme Court. If she had been the daughter of Portuguese or Polish immigrants, then nobody would have paid much attention. Why? Poles and Portuguese are regarded as white and Puerto Ricans as non-white because they are Hispanics, and Americans turned Hispanics into a pseudo-race.
    Diversity in the US means first and foremost racial diversity. That’s why Harvard reserves 8% of its student places for blacks but has no quota for Catholics. That’s why Americans seems to be unaware of and unconcerned about the fact that there are no Protestants on the Supreme Court. If a neighborhood has lots of Eastern European immigrants, it won’t be considered diverse, but if it has lots of Hispanics, it will be regarded as diverse, even if half of those “Hispanics”can’t speak Spanish. It really is mind-boggling.
    Obama’s mother is as white as my mother and he was raised entirely by white Americans and Indonesians. The fact that this mulatto with such an untypical upbringing is called the first black President of the US demonstrates quite clearly that in racial matters Americans are still incapable of thinking in degrees. People are either white or non-white. In American thinking, there seems to be no room for half-whites, 3/4 whites, etc. One might have thought that white Americans who don’t like their black minority would be relieved that Obama is not at all a typical black American.
    Why Obama chose to create a black American identity for himself and become race-obsessed is a mystery to me. He certainly is not a man for whom race is something as unimportant as one’s blood group. Have you ever felt affinity with someone simply because he had the same blood group as you? Do you know the blood group of your friends? In a truly post-racial society, race would be like blood groups, something that is real but that nobody cares about until he needs a blood transfusion or organ transplant.
    Regards. James

    1. Maybe President Obama is trying to be who he is, an African/American.
      President Obama’s first male relative on his mother’s side, to land on the shore of the this land was an African slave or indentured servant.
      So, president Obama has a distant relative of African descent that lived
      in the United States centuries ago.

        1. About that we can agree.
          What we probably don’t agree on is my belief that it was a bad idea to elect a novelty act for a president during a very turbulent time in our country’s history.

        2. “What we probably don’t agree on is my belief that it was a bad idea to elect a novelty act for a president during a very turbulent time in our country’s history.”
          It’s a beggars can’t be choosers thing. I agree with your statement, but I think McCain would’ve taken us to war with Iran.

    2. James, I don’t see the premise for why he could not receive the Nobel Peace Prize if he were darker. If anything, that could have increased his chances at winning. Sonia Sotomayor was opposed because she was not conservative, not because of her race. Remember, the conservatives liked Clarence Thomas, and the flat-out rednecks were enthusiastic over Herman Cain. My Neandethal-ish, fair-skinned, hick, step-mother still loves Herman Cain.
      Obama on the other hand, is quite the exotic character for some. He didn’t grow up on the mainland of the United States, and a portion of his childhood was in “backward” countries, hint, hint. Also, unlike other African Americans, Obama’s ancestry is east, not west, Africa. His parents don’t have the desired pedigree for many, obviously. Jungle fever is disgusting to these “pure breeds”. Btw, what in tarnation is a community organizer? COMMUNISM!
      I forgot to mention in my other post, some “rural” step family members of mine lovingly gave my dad an Obama, pottery clay figurine. What you do is poor water on the head (waterboarding) and a green, chia pet afro grows from it! Isn’t that terrific?

      1. Back in Obama’s parent’s day mixed marriages between blacks and whites were hated. Therefore, his birth was very exotic for that time. Nowadays, such marriages are pretty much accepted by most of the population.

        1. My parents were sort of a mixed marriage between Amerindian and white, but that was far more acceptable back in those days (1960s), then black and white.

        2. Obama’s mom was a anthropology scholar and an atheist too. She was pretty unconventional and obviously very much an independent thinker.

    3. As long as his or her non-white ancestry isn’t black, someone who is three quarters white will be considered white by the majority of white people. If their non-white ancestry IS black, they will be considered mulatto, but that’s mostly because kinky hair is so strongly associated with black people and the genes for that feature are so strong that anyone with a black grandparent will have it to a very revealing degree.

      1. I have frizzy hair. Have no clue where it came from. Some say Irish, but if there was some black in the woodpile, nobody would admit it (during the Jim Crow Days).

      2. Black faces are more different to whites than hispanics, south Asians or even east Asians are so it will be more noticeable from looking at them generally. Somebody with Caucasoid features who is three quarters white will just look white Plus black people are seen more as other so it will register more too.

    4. “Why Obama chose to create a black American identity for himself and become race-obsessed is a mystery to me.”
      1) it got him elected.
      2) you yourself point out that Americans are incapable of thinking in degrees about black-white. In this case, he has probably been treated as if he’s black all his life by strangers, which would make him feel some solidarity and identity with blacks.

  2. Well said, James. I know Morris Dees has done good, essential work in his career but it is his business to see racism, that is anti black racism, everywhere. He does not see, nor do most Americans see, the racism of blacks toward everyone else. The racism of black congressmen, mayors, aldermen, preachers, ‘intellectuals’ and celebrities (The View hostesses, for example) is routinely glossed over in this country and not ever called racism. I saw first hand the reverse racism which made guilty white people (and everyone at MSNBC) giddy at the prospect of having a real black man to vote for. The gushing tsunami of white support for him was blatant, irrational and sort of disturbing…and obvious racial compensation. The jibes against him by morons like Beck and Limbaugh are absurd, but make no mistake: Obama’s skin color had very much to do with his election.

    1. That said, it does not appear that Barack would have become the nominee had Hillary voted against authorized use of force in Iraq.

    2. Obama’s race was a liability more than an asset. Anyone that believes that being black is an advantage in running for president in a majority white country is delusional. I think the irrational enthusiasm for Obama was because GWB felt like a low-point for America and Obama seemed to be the ultimate anti-Bush, at least in rhetoric. He seemed like a complete about face. Especially to many people who were embarrassed about our image in the world. Here was a man that the international community loved.

      1. I hate to say this, but you’re coming from a biased, black perspective. People were enthusiastic about Obama from the start, because he was “different”. He was “something new”. How many things could that have been? How much would he have stood out without “all that”? You should listen/watch Obama’s keynote convention speech from ’04 to see the foundation of all this.

  3. As much as I loathe Obama, race is not a reason to oppose him. There are a dozen other reasons that’ll suit. A couple other examples not listed here. Rush Limbaugh also called him a Half-rican American for a while. I suppose he could have put his money where his mouth is, and call him a mulatto.
    And who could forget this delicious story.

  4. I agree with all of Enkidu’s points. We all know the black population in the past was, (obviously), discriminated against in an extreme level with all the Jim Crow laws and slavery, etc. But in my lifetime the only racism I have seen is institutionalized racism against Whites, (mainly in the form of affirmative action). I have been the victim of this, in many career opportunities and college acceptance,etc., Many times I was told outright, ” If your a white male, you are wasting your time applying”. It cost me a lot of money when I had kids to raise.
    But more importantly on the personal level of racism, we all know but often are hesitant to say Blacks as a whole are way, way , way more openly prejudiced than others races, and also much more likely to assault others of differing races.
    Knowing the facts, ( as in FBI crime stats for example), bear this out and others, (mainly Whites, Jews, and Asians) are victims of racism from Blacks immensely more than racism is perpetrated against Blacks…..how much more of standing up against racism, ( real or imagined), toward blacks – do we need? Can anyone stand up AGAINST black racism and racial violence?

  5. And sorry if I got a little off topic, but the indelible impression of Southern racism toward blacks in Morris Dee’s mind as he grew up, has left him blind to the present reality. His cause may have been noble but he is not espousing any type of racial fairness or racial blindness by only finding racism, ( some real , some not), against the historic victims of racism, Blacks!.
    If anything is going to get better and our nation is to heal from racism, these folks like Dees need to stop and stand up for ALL
    the victims of racism. There must be no more protected classes, -we ALL need to be protected equally.

  6. Left unsaid in all this hatred of Whites is. Why should we want to be diversified? Why is it only White countries that need diversified? Why not diversify Africa. Look at the size of Africa. It’s bigger than the US, China, Russia, Japan, Europe, Eastern Europe and India combined. Why should all the people of the world be crammed into White countries when Africa has all that room?
    The truth is the Jews wish to diversify (commit genocide) on the Whites. If they really wanted diversity they would call for diversity of Asia, central Asia and Africa also. They lie.
    Why shouldn’t White people be racist. When Travon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman defending himself. Blacks all over the US started attacking Whites. George Zimmerman was a stand in for Whites. What are they saying? If you try to defend yourself against criminal Blacks all Whites should be killed. Blacks are a HUGELY destructive criminal force. Everywhere they go massive crime and destruction follow.
    Black people say Detroit was ruined by the auto companies leaving Detroit. I beg to differ. When White people got to Detroit it was a field. Whites built a huge massive well run city with plentiful utilities. Water, power , streets, etc. Whites gave a fully functioning city to Blacks and they completely destroyed it. Like locust in a farmers field. They devour everything and produce nothing.
    Our schools are a tragedy. Why? We dumbed them down so Blacks wouldn’t feel bad. Blacks disrupted the schools so no one could learn anything. Any one who disagrees is an idiot or propagandist. I know. I went to school with Blacks. We had 19 year old Blacks that came to Jr. High only for the free lunch and to play basketball in the gym.
    Why shouldn’t we be anti-semitic or anti-jewish? As I pointed out earlier. Diversity is only for Whites. Israel doesn’t stand for diversity and have built a huge fence to stop it. They lie. Diversity is genocide.
    After decades of listening to Jews tell Whites they are evil, evil, evil when Whites look around at Jewish behavior they tend to be less inclined to believe their lamentations. The Jews use banks, bribery and media control to attack Whites. Remember all the junk bond take overs in the 80’s. Almost all Jews. They then laid off all the workers and moved their production to China. Now after the financial meltdown they get the taxpayers, “Whites”, to fund an even bigger take over to the tune of trillions of dollars. My bet is by now they own everything.
    To make it even worse the Jews attack the country on 9-11 and we have to fight their wars in the middle east. Don’t believe 9-11 was an inside job. Try explaining how building #7, not hit by a plane, fell at the same speed as a bowling ball dropped in the air beside it. Good luck.
    They promote sexual deviancy. Promotion of homosexuality to children, abortion, and divorce. I’m hardly a prude but complete sexual abandon is no way to keep a country running smoothly. Why shouldn’t we hate them? Only a fool would not. It’s not like the Jews haven’t done this before. Egypt, Spain, Germany, Russia,…
    You want the real truth. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. They destroy all countries they move into by deceit, allying with elites, control of information, playing one race (or economic interest) against another and racial Jewish solidarity. Any country that allows Jews into their country will be destroyed. The Jews will promote the psychopaths and criminals in that country into leadership roles and slowly hollow the country out.

    1. The typical non-racist conservative view was that labor unions ruined Detroit. The lefty view is that the corporations are a bunch of greedy cocksuckers who left Detroit, because they wouldn’t bow down to labor unions who simply wanted good wages and conditions. Either way, I don’t see how race plays into this. Hordes of whites aren’t going to leave high paying jobs in Detroit, due to blacks.
      Also the lefty view is probably right, because, as we see in third world factories, corporations have no interest in paying good wages etc.. That’s why they moved overseas to begin with.

    2. Wow Sam, I get that you think Jews are evil but you are on another level with 9/11 conspiracy theory. The need for a boogeyman is pushing you way over the edge.

      1. Don’t call me names. Explain how building #7, not hit by a plane, fell at the same speed as a bowling ball dropped in the air beside it. Maybe you should explain the molten metal steel pouring out of the trade center building while your at it or how Israeli agents were set up before the planes hit to take pictures. Plenty of stuff to work with or you can just call me names. That should convince everyone of your dying love for Amerika.

    3. Typical scapegoat theory. Look, people choose what they want. For instance, a lot of people say Jews control porn. So your saying they force millions of men to buy it against their will? Do Jews force millions of people to watch Hollywood movies and listen to popular music? People make their own decisions, and have only themselves to blame. They choose it, because like being degenerate. If someone other than Jews controlled it, they would still buy it. “The devil made me do it.” don’t cut it.

    4. Yeah, I’ll say again, the auto companies didn’t leave Detroit because blacks destroyed it. Well for one thing, if blacks did destroy Detroit, then they did it AFTER the jobs left. It makes sense, because happy people with jobs aren’t angry. In fact, a fairly stable black middle class culture was arising in Detroit before the automakers left (MOTOWN etc..)

      1. I notice none of you reply to the little fact I stated,”When Whites got to Detroit it was a field”. Why? Well all that sudo bullshit, labor unions, executives. etc… means nothing. Black people took over Detroit. They own it, they’re responsible for it. We know what it was before they had it and after we know what happened to it.
        As far as our great executive class goes. I hate them too. They complain about labor wages but I can’t blame labor. They saw the overlords jamming their pockets full of cash while they refused to invest capital in the auto companies equipment and development budgets. Labor said,” If your going to loot the company I want my share”, and they got it. Management was too greedy to say no. Management ran the companies, not labor, any failures were their responsibility. That’s what they were paid for and they dropped the ball.
        You may not be Jews but you have their argument style down pat. I post about building #7. uh… Move on. Always confuse people with bullshit and half truths. Now were talking about labor or forcing people to watch porn. Ok I covered the labor part, here’s the porn part.
        Many years ago CBS had a lot of hick shows on. HeeHaw, Green Acres, etc. VERY popular. Large rating. They cancelled all of them because they chose to change the emphasis of their channel.
        What the Jews choose makes a difference. It’s not just money as the example above shows. They LOST money by getting rid of benign programming.
        I believe people make a difference. Maybe you don’t. One of the best movies ever is “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Made by Jews when they were afraid to attack the culture. What we live in now is Potterville. Slow steady incremental attacks on a society can make it worse. Maybe you would like to promote or say all this gagging puking porno is ok? Slapping, choking? Feel free to ally yourself with this.

        1. BS. Blacks had nothing to do with Detroit. Things were improving for them, until they chose to move out. Jews had nothing to do with Detroit. What had to do with it? Profit. Greedy execs decided more profits were to be made in the third world. Sure Jews may have been among the execs but nobody put a gun to the head of the non-Jewish ones.
          I get queezy when I hear people criticize porn. All kinds of people watch it, and they are totally to blame for watching it. Nobody forced them. If people want 1950s morals, then, as a group, they have to quit watching porn. Oh, I forgot, they are so wimpy that the so called “Jewish propoganda” is just too much for them.

        2. Hick? What do you mean by that? Are you anti-white? That sounds pretty racist to me. We should all be fair and criticize racism, no matter who it’s directed against.

        3. My opinion of porn is beside the point. The point is that porn will exist as long as there is a huge market. You could eliminate all Jews tomorrow, and then Asians would be selling it. You imagine the anger is porn was banned tomorrow? You can’t ban it, cause a huge proportion of the population likes it. That isn’t the case in Iran, where despite tyrannical control, a large portion of population really is religious. As with any dictatorship, a huge portion of the population is in on it, they support the ruling leadership.

        4. The lost money by getting rid of “family values” programming? Can you prove that? The culture was getting pretty open in the 1960s and 70s. I’m sure catering to the new culture was very profitable.
          There were family values shows like “Highway to Heaven” in the 80s, but they weren’t as profitable as others, because people like violence, tits, ass you name it. Unfortunately, people would rather watch Schwarzenegger stuff. I like it myself, cause human nature likes excitement.

        5. Also, there are plenty of people who aren’t racist who have family values. Why do WNs assume racism and moral purity go together?

        6. White Nationalism is million times more ugly and evil than porn. People into that stuff, have no right to lecture me about morals, period.

        7. CBS, like other networks, operate according to ratings. If the people would have objected to the new programming (as opposed to family shows like Green Acres etc..) they would have protested. I mean, look how many people got angry about “Duck Dynasty”. However, they didn’t protest, which shows they liked it.

        8. Excellent Jewish argumentation. Forget the main point and throw chaff in the air.
          “My opinion of porn is beside the point”
          You’re defending it not me.
          “I get queezy when I hear people criticize porn”
          So choking doesn’t make you queezy.
          “Blacks had nothing to do with Detroit”
          Really…you can’t possibly think you can get away with that line can you?
          “That sounds pretty racist to me”
          That’s right. I said before I’m a racist. and asked,”Why shouldn’t I be?”. Why not?
          “We should all be fair”
          Unless we’re attacking White people and their racism then facts no longer matter. Also Jews should not be held to stupid facts, cause…that’s anti-semitic!
          crickets……….The single greatest piece of evidence for the Jews being responsible for 9-11 is the miraculous, unbelievable, impossible, collapse of building#7. Greatest news story EVER and the completely controlled Jewish press says…nothing.
          “Asians would be selling it”
          We’ll deal with that when the situation presents itself. Irrelevant now. More chaff.
          More chaff and smoke in the air. Lies, cover up, distortion, distraction, typical Jewish conversation. No essence, just verbal diarrhea. I hope people will begin to recognize this liberal jewish style argumentation. Where they blather on and on and say nothing. Just spew out cliches that they pound into us with their media. Over and over and over and over. It becomes tiresome. I rarely watch the boob tube it’s just more of what Jason Y is putting out.

        9. WNs are full of half truths and downright lies. They accuse their opponents of such behavior, when they do it themselves. For instance, saying Jews controlled the slave trade is one example.

  7. I rule out the criticism of most of the celebrities mentioned, as they were pro-Bush as much as anti-Obama, and Bush was as much an enemy of the White working class as Obama.
    Show me a White socialist-nationalist who disdains Obama, as he should, who also disdained Bush and his Iraq War (which Obama justified in the end by the way) who also disdains the traitorous anglo plutocracy which has outsourced white jobs by the millions and promoted non-white integration for cheap labor at the same time, and which has worked with Israel and the m-i complex to kill off White blood and drain White treasure in nations which do not threaten the White way of life one iota.
    I will stand with this White socialist against degenerate Dees anytime.
    The others can join him in the collapsing and soon bloodied American runway capitalist “Dream.”

  8. Just til you wait when the Jews are through with the white countries, their next sights are on the the East Asia countries, where the countries of Japan,China & Korea have managed to keep ethnic integrity together up to now. But now with those nations starting to suffer from demographic imbalance due to various causes, The Jewish elite that controls America’s economy & foreign policy will try to ply open their borders, either as a divide & conquer strategy for the native labor force, or to send all those refugees that come to Israel to those lands. Also part of a broader cultural Marxist strategy of bringing those countries into a 1-world degenerate MTV/Facebook/Google dominated ‘culture’, where everyone is a consumer of junk entertainment, commercial sports & ugly fashion!

    1. Fuck Asia and their ethnic integrity. There the biggest douches on Earth, especially how Asian men whine about how Asian women are supposed to bow down to them, even though they won’t go to the gym, or do any other self improvement.

    2. A lot of far right wing propaganda is being spread by Facebook posters. It might be friend to racists rather than foe.

    3. The Jews never brought down a healthy country, a country or entity which wasn’t already sick, But they are, as a group most corrosively capable of
      sharply exacerbating the frailities of such. But when they are “though” with the US they won’t have the power to do as you suggest to the Orient because they will be through as well.

      1. No, the Jews aren’t bringing down anything. The so called “devil” doesn’t make anybody do anything. People make their own bed, and must lay in it.

      2. Lets have a test. Deport all the Jews, since I’m a Zionist, and we’ll see if the society is better in twenty years. If it’s not then we’ll let them back in. Of course when this was tried before England, Spain, etc it was a GREAT success for all these societies. Unfortunately the Jews came back.

        1. If that’s true then fuck personal responsibility. I can do whatever I want: If the Jews are here I can blame them. On the other hand, if they’re not, I’ll come out OK, simply cause Jews are gone.
          This WN crap is no different then blacks blaming whitey. It’s two sides of the same coin.

  9. It use to be that when a President took the oath of office, he said his full name. For some reason that ended with Carter. So, Barack just said “Barack Obama”, but I wish he had said, “I Barack HUSSEIN Obama”, with lots of emphasis and audibly louder on the Hussein part, just to drive them heartland Americans ccrrrraazzzy!

  10. The first time I heard about colonialism was in South Korea. As soon as I got off the plane, a my Korean co-teacher was expressing sympathy for 9/11. I was shocked. The nerve of that guy. However, I know one thing for sure nobody gives a shit about imperialism or the non-white struggle in Tennessee. I guess that’s why it was such a shock hearing it over there, not only hearing it, but it being shoved down throat like a big dick 24/7.
    Anyhow, yeah it’s clear from all the “good ole boy” posts I see from high school classmates, my hometown is the most reactionary place on Earth. As Robert said, all this anti-Obama (despite that Obama is an imperialist also) stuff is just recycled 1960s era Cracker bullshit, no doubt.

    1. Sorry for mistake. I meant to say my Korean co-teacher was expressing sympathy for the 9/11 terrorists (not the American victims), a common thing over there.

  11. I would like to “live an let live” (co-exist) with these rednecks, but ultimately a left wing view like what Robert says, will lead to conflict. It’s inevitable because their so so called “anti-PC” (which they hold up as heroic) free speech leads to violent harassment. I’m surprised any non-whites would want to live in Tennessee, considering Facebook is filled with hateful posts shouting how the locals really feel about things.

    1. I agree with you. All non-Whites should move from Tennessee.
      I’ve been all over the US and I’ve noticed that the people who are all for diversity have…no diversity. Maybe we should have a rule that those of you with less than 30% diversity should stop telling the ones with over 30% diversity how to think or live.
      I myself would never be happier for diversity if it all moved to the un-diverse areas where they cherish it so much. We could both be happy then.

      1. That’s not true, people have always been racist here, even before there was a lot of diversity (lately a lot of Mexicans have moved in). Yeah, I sort of get what your saying though, the PC liberal types hide away in clean safe neighborhoods away from diversity. However, you have to include poor white people too, the liberals also hide away from them.

        1. That’s not how their representatives vote. They always vote for more diversity. I want diversity in their neighborhoods so they will stop.

      2. I now live in Tennessee, I have no idea what you are talking about. I lived in California my whole life and I don’t think it’s any more racist here than in California. And where do you get this crazy idea that TN has no diversity? Memphis is majority black. Nashville is 25% black and 10% Hispanic. I’m not sure about Knoxville.

  12. Spock used to say “there are always alternatives”. So, I think an alternative argument could be made that opposition to BO is not at all based on race at all..but rather incompetence. When he was in the Illinois legislature, he didn’t accomplish much, nor did he in the US senate. To all of the folks calling racism, where in his resume has he ever shown himself to be competent to run the greatest country in the world? It’s a legitimate alternative explanation. Forget race and skin color…..show me the qualifications and work experience.

    1. The only qualification to be president is to be a US citizen and 35 years or older. What the hell were Bush’s accomplishments?

  13. Half Black BO could never, never, ever had any serious backing at all as a presidential candidate if he were not black ……because no one with so little experience, so little accomplishments, and lack of a legislative voting record – has ever has been considered. (It is almost as if it is a bad joke to do so).
    But the powers that be knew it would bring out the black vote like never before and that his lack of experience, different racial makeup, and exotic upbringing would bring out a populist urge in many whites to bring in an outsider into the oval office.( Even some lifelong conservatives voted for the man against their belief system rather than oppose the first black man).
    Of course this ‘positive’ racial prejudice, ( or pro-black prejudice), that indeed was the biggest factor that got him elected is a way more powerful force than any anti- black racism in his opposition.
    Rather, being black, gives him, ( or usually not him but others on his side), the opportunity to brand his opponents as “racist”. Such an unfounded branding of his opponents has worked well in BO’s favor, causing his opposition to give in way more than they would if he were white, rather than be branded a racist.

    1. On the flipside, if Obama was 100% black like Wesley Snipes, no way in hell he’d have won the presidency. Believe it or not that makes a difference, being light-skinned versus African in looks. And having been raised by white grandparents in the midwest made him seem more relatable to some extent.

      1. Yeah people talk about it being a big deal that Obama was elected (and it was) but imagine how big of a deal it would be if a full black man was elected. Also, I bet the people who don’t like Obama cos he’s black would take it even worse.

        1. A full dark skinned black as president, now that would be something.
          Now everybody says that the blacks all voted Obama because he’s black, and im sure there is plenty of truth to that. But would they have all voted a republican black candidate? Would they have elected Herman Cain? If not, they wouldn’t vote for somebody unconditionally because they are black.

        2. A black Republican is antithetical to black identity – like log cabin Republicans. To willfully be a battered wife is a disorder which does not reflect the interests of blacks, and the black experience anymore than a gay Republican reflects the interests of life as a fag, and the gay movement for equalitiy. 99% of blacks at this point vote Democrat. The aberration of blacks who vote Republican are just that – an aberration.

        3. To me, a mixed black like Halle Berry is just as legitimate as a darker one. But Obama is of east African ancestry, not west African like all the other blacks of America. Obama was also spared the black experience of life in America. He did not grow up on the mainland of the United States, and where he didn’t was spent in other countries which were not even westernized. All in all, he grew up with very few other blacks, in a different culture, which was white and that he largely embraced. His father, who also was apart from the American experience, was a foreigner who Obama only saw once or twice in his life. Obama’s relation to family were whites from Kansas, and a white mother.
          Obama has never been black to me. He is an island to himself, and his political affilation reflects this as well. For a democrat, he doesn’t have the classic loyalty to the Democratic party, and is more just his own brand. He sold himself as a brand in the disguise of a Democrat, but the democrats on capital hill do not quite feel like he is one of their own, but more to himself, with his own flawed agenda. The following link is a dime a dozen. http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/ken-walshs-washington/2014/02/04/democrats-obama-at-odds-on-key-issues
          Just type in, for example “obama at odds with democratic party”, in a web search, and you’ll see what I mean.

        4. I doubt most blacks would vote republican, even with a black candidate, because they’d be voting against their own interests.
          Herman Cain was a rich guy who stood for the interests of the rich so in that sense he wasn’t going against his own personal interests.

  14. Bob, if Morris Dees is aware of your blog, I’m sure he thinks you’re a racist. I wouldn’t compliment him if I were you. Your face will probably grace the cover of Intelligence Report.
    Why should anyone feel sad because prejudiced whites don’t like Obama? Who cares? He was, after all, elected mostly because he’s black. And Holder ought to know racial animus when he sees it. He feels plenty of it himself. He’s an embarrassment, regardless of his race. Even if many or most of his critics are racist, much of their criticism is valid.
    As I stated above, Obama is a hood ornament who was elected because he was the first black candidate to come along who wasn’t a complete joke, a woman, or both. He’s also the worst sort of self-worshipping narcissist. I’m sure that only added to his appeal in the minds of the average rich or upper-middle class liberals. He would be just as bad as Bush or maybe even worse.

    1. “He’s also the worst sort of self-worshipping narcissist. I’m sure that only added to his appeal in the minds of the average rich or upper-middle class liberals.”
      I hated that speech he gave at the ’04 convention which made him a star, for this reason.

    2. Man, it makes me so sick to think that there are whites who think blacks are ADVANTAGED in America. The depth of ignorance shows such an ingrained solipsism that I don’t even know how I effectively communicate with you. Do you guys know nothing of the history of this country, what blacks face on a daily basis? Have you guys never read the experiments where they send out job applications with equally qualified candidates one black and one white and the white usually gets the job? Have people learned NOTHING from history??

      1. I didn’t say blacks have it better than whites. I said Obama was elected mostly because he’s a black, which is the truth. Maybe it was overcompensation, but that’s why he got the job. That doesn’t have anything to do with the everyday lives of black Americans, almost all of whom are of a very different background than Obama. Nowhere in my reply was there any mention of affirmative action, welfare, SNAP, EBT, or any of that other stuff that uninformed Republicans never stop talking about.
        There have been other black candidates, but they had drawbacks. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were both a little too colorful and tacky to be taken seriously. Sharpton himself is idiotic (and probably criminal) scum, plain and simple. Carol Braun, a cut above both of those two, to say the least, is a woman, and Democrats probably considered her unelectable on that alone. Obama, on the other hand, is an articulate and intellectual man with an Ivy League education. He met the requirements.
        I wasn’t trying to use him as an example of any “extras” that black people supposedly get; this is unrelated.
        I have my complaints about black people, but most of them arise from the friction that is bound to occur when two vastly different peoples inhabit the same space. Quite frankly, I think everything would be better if we could all just be honest race instead of constantly saying things we don’t mean.

        1. By the way, I rewrote one of my sentences, which always leads to errors in my writing for some reason. I meant to change “he’s a black man” to “he’s black.” The result was the far more racist 😉 sounding “he’s a black,” as if a person can be a color.

        2. “I said Obama was elected mostly because he’s a black, which is the truth.”
          I don’t agree with this. Remember that he had to fight his way through the primaries. Initially it seemed like Hillary was the shoe-in. But in the end she had too much baggage, too much history of supporting the wrong things. Obama was a fresh face. He was opposed to an unpopular war from the very beginning. Back when it was seen as treasonous to do so. He was an soaring speaking. To many he felt like a hybrid of JFK and Martin Luther King. The more he spoke, the more people liked him. It’s said that he had little experience, but that can also be a plus because little experience also means little baggage and no scandals(unlike Hillary). If anything I think if Obama were white and nothing else about him had changed, he’d have won the election in a landslide. Let’s not forget that many Democratic whites in south of the mason-dixie line who wanted to vote for Hillary said they’d vote for McCain rather than Obama. Even though on matters of policy there’s virtually no major difference between Obama and Hillary. You tell me why they defected. I have an idea…

      2. In this day and age, black people face obstacles, but I do think many of you exaggerate about a few things. If it’s to white people’s advantage to deny the effects of racism, doesn’t it also stand to reason that such exaggeration would benefit black people? I don’t know if the studies you mentioned were valid or not. They might be a lot like those opinion polls designed to get a particular result. I don’t trust fully trust endeavors such as that when it’s related to a hot-button cultural issue.
        The term “oppression” is certainly overkill. I’ve observed a lot living in a largely black area my whole life, and much of it suggests that our discussion of race relations leaves a lot of things out. To be an oppressed minority, black people sure aren’t all that afraid of white people. They walk through white neighborhoods at all hours seemingly unafraid of being beset by “concerned” citizens or the police. They make spectacles of themselves in public places. I just witnessed such a scene TODAY.

      3. Yes we have learned from history. Don’t let Black people live anywhere near you. Don’t hang out with Black people. When large groups of Black people gather, get away from them. Don’t hire them they may kill you and say you’re racist. Yes we’ve learned.
        I believe it was Derbyshire who said that Whites have about 15% of their population who are no good. Drunks, wife beaters, thieves, etc.. but the percentage of Black no goods is much higher. May be as high as 50% certainly 40% would not be unrealistic. White society can handle the 15%. Troublesome, it can be controlled, but 50%. It’s too much. Society breaks down. There are many good black folks but they have children and their children have that 50% no good. Better to just keep them away. The risk is just too great. The decent Black people are not so special that Whites wish to risk their lives if the Blacks their hanging with turns out to be on the bad side of the 50%.
        My take on slavery. White people were enslaved for 500 years in Muslim countries. Well where’s my affirmative action? Shouldn’t I get free oil? Notice Whites were enslaved and they…disappeared. Blacks…well there’s plenty of them around. If they would have stayed in Africa they would have been killed. You exist in America because we saved you and were not as ruthless as the Blacks who sold you. Black people were FORCED to stop slavery when Europeans ruled them.
        And if that won’t suite you. I no longer care what Blacks think. I don’t care if you suffer. I don’t care if you don’t have jobs. Make your own. Take care of yourselves. We’ve done all we’re going to do for you. Take care of your own kids. Slavery, discrimination…doesn’t move me. Stop acting like animals.

        1. “I no longer care what Blacks think. I don’t care if you suffer. I don’t care if you don’t have jobs. Make your own. Take care of yourselves. We’ve done all we’re going to do for you. Take care of your own kids. Slavery, discrimination…doesn’t move me.”
          Earlier generations of Black people were familiar with this sentiment, too. They managed.

        2. Look, I don’t give a flying fuck about you, or what you think of black people. You can fall off a cliff for all I give a care about you.
          What I took issue with is this specifically:
          “He was, after all, elected mostly because he’s black.”
          Now when someone implies that it’s an *advantage* to be black when running for president, I’m calling that out, because it’s complete and utter bullshit. Robert made an excellent post that outlines the onslaught of bigotry Obama had to endure before and after the election. Something a white candidate would not have to go though. No white candidate has ever had his “American-ness” questioned or told he must be related to terrorists because of his name. I’m glad it was a white person that pointed these out because if it was a black, it would just be dismissed as whining.
          I don’t care if you hate black people to the core and wished us dead, that’s your right. Stay away from us, and I sure as hell want nothing to do with you either. But I’m not going to let you get away with claiming that he was elected due to his race. He won the election *DESPITE* being black, not *because* of it.

        3. I never said,”…“He was, after all, elected mostly because he’s black.”…”
          I would have stated it differently. He was elected because the Jews thought he would be easy to control. With his homo background they thought they could tell him to do anything they asked. I must admit I admire his resistance to war in Iran. Don’t like anything else about him but keeping us out of Iran is a biggie. Beats that Madman McCain any day.

  15. The Communist charge of civil rights workers was sort of true. Back in those days, the only people who stood up for civil rights were Jews and Communists. Of course, they may have been doing that for selfish reasons. Nonetheless, they did a lot of the work involved.

  16. In regards to anti-black posts, some things should be addressed. For one thing, as Robert has discussed, public schools aren’t funded, medical care isn’t funded, black neighborhoods are swamped with drugs which some conspiracy theorists claim the CIA planted.
    Anyhow, the pathetic shit welfare that most people get isn’t of much concern. For instance, the typical SSI payment is around 300 dollars a month and a month’s rent. Who can live on that? Actually, a lot of poor people of any race can’t even get welfare. Some can’t because they have criminal conviction, or others because they were blessed (sarcasm) with NO disability.

    1. The SSI is pretty cool though, cause you can get all your college tuition payed. However, it isn’t fair, cause only those with medical disabilities can get it. Other people have to rely on scholarships and whatnot. Of course, if your raised in the ghetto or some trailer park, the environment is so bad, it’s unlikely you would make high enough grades in high school to go to college.

      1. A white man duplicated this experiment in the mid 90s in Georgia and not much had changed.
        He didn’t last more than a few days before breaking into tears as he couldn’t handle being black. All these clowns claiming blacks have the advantage in society need to go and do an experiment like this. They are so utterly clueless.

        1. Obviously blacks have to ignore a lot of stuff in order to be sane. I doubt if a lot of these white racists (or whites in general) could handle the shit they dish out.

        2. Fabricated? I doubt it. It’s tough being a minority, in any situation. WNs ought to understand that. That’s why WNs want to separate.

        3. Jason:
          I don’t question this just because radical left-wingers have a bad habit of carrying out hoaxes or excusing them when they happen. I say it because when I look up the term “Psoralen,” I can’t find any reference to the drug causing a white person’s skin to become black. Don’t you think that would come up at some point? If someone has more information on this subject, please tell me. I don’t buy his claim that he used UV therapy to achieve the effect, which casts doubt on the entire story. In the photos, he might have been wearing brown makeup, for all we know.
          There is only one photo I can find of the transformed Josh Solomon, and he doesn’t look even look like a black person. He was a college student at the time, which only makes the entire situation even more suspicious. Have you ever read anything he wrote about his experience? It sounds like utter bullshit to me:
          Lerner was surprisingly nonchalant. Unlike others I’d told, he didn’t dismiss me. Instead he explained that Griffin had used a derivative of the drug Psorlen to change his skin from white to brown. He also explained that it was suspected that Griffin’s early death in 1980 was partially due to liver damage caused by the medication. I told the doctor that I’d had a heart condition since birth, that I was used to the dangers of potent medication and to life-and-death choices. “Why,” Lerner asked. “Why are you doing this?”
          How heroic.

        4. His story might have been fake, but it doesn’t mean it’s not tough to be black. I grew up in the south, and people were constantly using the n word all the time. In fact, people would mock anything black, period. If Stealth is implying that being black isn’t tough, then he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Well, for one thing, he isn’t from the southern United States.
          Well things aren’t so bad here now, if your in the city, and not certain counties, but it gets progressively worse as you go back in time toward Jim Crow.

    1. I’ve read “Black Like Me”. Believe it or not I used to be a liberal. Believed in affirmative action all that crap. Believed in giving Blacks a benefit of doubt. Reality ensued. I no longer believe in any of this. History happened. If Blacks don’t like being around Whites Africa has enormous vast territory. They should go there. All of those who say Whites should go to our homeland should realize that we have none. Blacks, Arabs, Hindus’ etc… are all moving into White countries. We have no place to go. As much as I hate the Jews they have the right idea. It would not be inaccurate to call me a Zionist. Whites need a place just for them. We’re a small minority.

      1. Plenty places in the world where blacks are still treated like crap, pretty much everywhere outside the west. If you travel to East Asia, they kiss the white man’s royal ass, and look at blacks with disgust. Also, Mexicans treat blacks like their from a minstrel show.
        Have you ever thought that perhaps non-whites moving into white countries is payback for the white man bombing and colonizing the third world? You reap what you sow. That might not be true, but it’s a thought.
        For instance, millions of Latinos are coming into the US, because the US supports free trade agreements which destroy jobs in Latin America. In fact, Latino immigration is needed, cause the elites know the alternative is a socialist revolution in Latin America which goes against their business interests.

        1. You can be sure this wave in the 80s was caused by imperialist economic policies of the US. NAFTA, of course, made it even worse.

        2. Something had to trigger the 80s wave, cause the post World War II US has always been prosperous. So why didn’t the Latinos come in the 70s or 60s?

        3. In fact, Latino immigration is needed, cause the elites know the alternative is a socialist revolution in Latin America which goes against their business interests.
          Couldn’t disagree more.
          Latin America has already been leaning socialist in spite of the way Latin America’s elites export poor people to the U.S. Just think of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela or Evo Morales in Bolivia.
          Our elites support open borders because they (Democrat or Republican) want cheap labor for the major business and financial interests that dominate both parties. For the Democrats, they get the added bonus of the Latino vote, which due to the high fertility rate of Latinos will ensure that they stay in power for quite some time.

        4. In response to “Bay Area Guy” There is a lot of socialism in Latin America, but it would be a lot worse if there were no immigration.

        5. “Plenty places in the world where blacks are still treated like crap, pretty much everywhere outside the west. If you travel to East Asia, they kiss the white man’s royal ass, and look at blacks with disgust. Also, Mexicans treat blacks like their from a minstrel show.”
          Which has nothing to do with white Americans or Europeans. Why inject that into the discussion? Try living in Japan. I hear they don’t kiss too much white ass over there. Trust me, if you moved to Japan and raised children, your kids would probably tell you they get treated like shit. East Asians might think of a white celebrity as something neat and shiny, but they don’t want you threatening the purity of their gene pool.
          “Have you ever thought that perhaps non-whites moving into white countries is payback for the white man bombing and colonizing the third world? You reap what you sow. That might not be true, but it’s a thought.”
          Payback? From whom? I’ve never heard of “payback” being stated by new arrivals as a reason to move to the United States. And who is “You?” I didn’t colonize the third world, and I had no choice in who I was born to in the United States. Mostly, they’re just running away from dysfunctional countries run by people just like them.

        6. What do you mean by payback? Is Mongolia, Turkey, Japan. Saudi Arabia, accepting millions of immigrants from their former colonies or paying reparations from their past conquests? Why are these countries not being opened up for mass immigration as “payback” for their colonialism?
          Also why should countries like Hungary, Poland, Norway face the burden of “payback” and colonialism, when they never had any past history of colonialism? Why should someone from these countries be forced to “pay back”?

        7. Stealth wants to ignore the main fact. Being black is tough in most parts of the world. Only in the PC USA (and some other western nations) could you even suggest that blacks have won all their rights or see a large portion of the population who actually has any sympathy for blacks. In South Korea and the Philippines where I was, people referred to blacks as niggers and constantly mocked everything black just like back home the south USA. In fact, it was more shocking there because I didn’t expect it, and it was much more brutal.
          I suppose most of this hate is from ignorance, seeing that these Asian people have never traveled outside their home and have refused to learn about other cultures and don’t care about other cultures, especially Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese.

        8. QUOTE”Which has nothing to do with white Americans or Europeans. Why inject that into the discussion? Try living in Japan. I hear they don’t kiss too much white ass over there. Trust me, if you moved to Japan and raised children, your kids would probably tell you they get treated like shit. East Asians might think of a white celebrity as something neat and shiny, but they don’t want you threatening the purity of their gene pool.”
          Right, I agree, somewhat. I don’t go on about this, because I don’t want to sound wimpy. However, yes, East Asians do treat whites (who live in their nation) like shit, even if they’re getting paid a good salary.
          But then again, for a lot of people being treated this way isn’t a big deal. They ignore it, act all tough, and go about their business.
          Now, anyhow, despite the bad treatment, the treatment for southeast Asians, blacks, and others is still far worse (on a shocking scale). You can go on any Asian forum to confirm this.

      2. Also plenty of people hate blacks and Mexicans in the US at a Jim Crow level. This isn’t exaggerated, or some relic from the past, as some Republicans claim. You might have to go outside of a city or town to find these haters, but there are plenty of them.

  17. I agree with the post, Robert. Of course it’s always important to remember that criticizing Obama on policy matters is fair game. But the Southern Strategy is definitely still alive and kicking. It’s obvious as day to anyone that is paying attention.
    One thing though:
    ” The North rearranged Southern politics, threw out most of the racist Whites in power, and instated Black political power over Southern Whites.”
    When did blacks have power over whites in the south? I’m not aware of this.

    1. There are pockets of the south in which most elected officials are indeed black, including judges, supervisors, mayors, etc. But, of course, the states are mostly run by Republicans because those states are still majority (some barely) white.

    2. Any one who fought for the South wasn’t allowed to vote. Which was most all White Men. Reconstruction lasted about ten years. Blacks and Northerners, called carpet baggers, ran the South. Wide spread corruption ensued. This stopped when the KKK commenced guerrilla war against the Blacks and carpet baggers. The guerrilla became more and more intense until the North decided to cut it’s losses and leave political control to the Southern States.

      1. Yes this is exactly what happened.
        Tulio, I am amazed you haven’t heard of it, but to be honest, I only learned the details of this in the last decade. It’s not like they teach it to you in school. You really ought to check it out Tulio. It is an essential part of your Black History.

        1. I’ll look into it. I guess it makes sense. If the north wanted to humiliate the south, putting blacks into positions of power would certainly accomplish that. I don’t know what these positions were, Obviously they couldn’t have powerful positions like mayors, state senators and governors. I’ll have to research this.

          1. Yes, indeed. During Reconstruction the state of Mississippi twice elected Black men to the United States Senate. Just a couple of examples.

  18. The early days of Reconstruction! Know your Black history. Not that it lasted very long. The intent was to punish the South. Not sure if Blacks actually lorded it over Whites during this period, but a lot of Blacks were put into positions of power in White cities, towns and counties. It was NOT popular and it didn’t last long.
    There is a great American Heritage article out there about it. I think it was written in 1965. I can’t remember the title of it, but it’s really GOOD. You can find it online.

    1. It wasn’t a good idea to put blacks into power after the Civil War. They didn’t have a lot of education. Of course, that wasn’t their fault as education was banned during slavery. Anyhow, it simply lead to more resentment. However, the black code law (made by white southerners) about legally whipping black workers was obviously wrong.

      1. So was slavery. Perhaps Southerners should have thought about that before they decided to go to war to protect it.

        1. No, according to most WNs The Jews were responsible for slavery, not southerners, even though they fought for it. I guess the Jews were responsible for the Civil War, LOL

      1. Also, the north had few blacks in the 19th century. Obviously, that would make for an obvious cultural difference from the south.

  19. The Confederate flag stuff is mostly a joke. I always associated it with the “Dukes of Hazzard” or “Forrest Gump”. If blacks are upset by it, then they’re being a little oversensitive.

  20. What’s the deal with Ted Nugent. I don’t understand whites like him. Maybe someone can explain. He can talk openly about how much blacks have influenced him in music, then turn around and say the most racist shit:
    “What musician influenced you most?
    Ted Nugent: Those original, black, spirited, defiant, rebellious musical masters. Chuck Berry was one of the first masters of Les Paul’s new electric guitar; he pretty much laid down the gauntlet, and I don’t think anybody’s ever beat him since. Way before the British Invasion, I was tuned into the black guys that created the British Invasion. Without Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry and the Motown hits, there would be no Beatles.
    The breaking of the slavery shackles—both literally and figuratively—gives us a little bit more velocity. I stop and think what they call “punk rock” today…give me a break! Let me know when they can walk in the vapor trail of Little Richard, which was punk. You’ve got a gay black guy with a pompadour singing about tutti frutti with your white girl. Fuck you.”
    But then he can turn around and call Obama a subhuman mongrel and a chimpanzee:
    “I have obviously failed to galvanize and prod, if not shame enough Americans to be ever vigilant not to let a Chicago communist raised communist educated communist nurtured subhuman mongrel like the ACORN community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America. I am heartbroken but I am not giving up. I think America will be America again when Barack Obama, [Attorney General] Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, [Sen.] Dick Durbin, [former New York City Mayor] Michael Bloomberg and all of the liberal Democrats are in jail facing the just due punishment that their treasonous acts are clearly apparent.
    So a lot of people would call that inflammatory speech. Well I would call it inflammatory speech when it’s your job to protect Americans and you look into the television camera and say what difference does it make that I failed in my job to provide security and we have four dead Americans. What difference does that make? Not to a chimpanzee or Hillary Clinton, I guess it doesn’t matter.”
    I really don’t get it. How does a person walk around with such an internal contradiction? Is it like a person who hates Mexicans but loves Mexican food?

    1. There are a few possibilities that could explain Ted Nugent’s behavior. He is racist (a term I don’t throw around a lot) in the classic sense, but most racist white people aren’t assholes who go around publicly saying mean-spirited, horrible things about black people.
      The first is deep-seated emotional problems. I know a few hostile (white) people who channel their frustrations into politics. Not all of them are conservatives, but I’ll ignore the liberals because we aren’t talking about them. The ones like Ted Nugent tend to be mainstream conservatives and not “tin foil hat” types, by the way. The mostly complain about the government “taking my money and giving it to people who won’t work!” I spoke to one of them last year, and he had really changed for the worse since we were in our early twenties. I was disappointed.
      Another is that much of his persona is fake. I think American political discourse is largely just a show and that Ted Nugent might be an actor. You have to admit that he is a suspiciously absurd character. What sane people walk around in broad daylight in clothes like that, for instance? What’s his appeal? Well, a lot of “country” white people like to think of themselves as tough guys, and his bravado and mean-spirited sarcasm might appeal to them.

    2. You can like a person’s musical ability, but not their politics, as with the case of Nugent. Nugent also wussed out of Vietnam, despite the tough guy stuff.

      1. You’re crazy if you don’t think a lot of the political drama in the United States isn’t a put-on of some type.

        1. Shit, I can’t write. I mean, you’re crazy if you don’t think a lot of the political drama in the United States is a put-on of some type.

    3. His views on animals make sense though. How can you judge his hunting, when you look at how immoral our food industry is (torture, extremely unhealthy practices)? You also can’t judge him, because most people eat meat.

  21. I just wish Mr. Obama would come out and admit that Franklin M. Davis is his biological father.I’m sure he knows it and he should be proud. Communist or not Mr. Davis was an intelligent,no nonsense guy and wrote a great “porn” novel.

  22. The view expressed by Sam is common on among the WN crowd. They think non-whites should get on their knees and thank the white man for everything he gave them. This view is incredibly condescending and arrogant.
    Also, blacks are not going back to Africa, or other non-whites to non-white lands, cause the imperialist policies of the 1st world have ruined their homelands.

    1. That’s not the only reason their homelands suck, and it sure isn’t the main reason in most cases. Africa, as a matter of fact, was one of the least colonized places, and the average person of indigenous descent in the Americas is better off now than they were BEFORE colonization.
      The Indians engaged in constant warfare with each other, and torture was common. When I say torture, I don’t mean sexual humiliation or waterboarding; we’re talking about flaying, burning and cutting off extremities. The Aztecs engaged in mass human sacrifices. Who knows what else went on. There were no antibiotics or other modern medical treatments of any kind.

      1. OK then, explain to Indians (from India) how they should be grateful to the UK for bringing them into civilization, or ask the French to knock-off all the snotty comments, cause we saved their ass in World War II.
        Also, the colonization of Africa wasn’t all rosy. For instance, the King of Belgium used his colony (Zaire) for totally selfish reasons, keeping the locals in ignorance and extracting the resources. In fact, colonies around the world did much of the same thing. How do you explain that?

        1. Places like India were ginourmous shit holes of a colossal scale before the Brits started colonizing and yes “civilizing them”. Indian society and most of these colonized places were incredibly savage and backwards which they are still today. Europeans/Brits brought civilization to them or tried to while they tried to colonize them yes, I mean just look at how prestigious and sought after private European started Catholic schools are in these countries! It’s considered upper class in these countries to be able to attend some of these schools! Shows the power of European influence and culture!
          Infact I wouldn’t even say that India was occupied in any way by the British, the British only had a couple thousand troops while the rest were natives acting as proxy soldiers. Why would the Natives be so eager to serve as proxy soldiers for an outside incursor? Its because Indian civilization was so inherently shitty and backwards that a civilizing outside force easily took control of the place by bribery and select deployment of only portions of their ground troops while bribing the natives into serving them. Also yes Brits were civilizing the backwards Indians and yes India was the cleanest most organized under British rule in it’s entire history.
          Colonization or not they would have not changed, and Africans are incapable of constructing first world societies no matter how much outside input they get. Africans had plenty of output to make first world civilizations starting with the Semites but failed to do anything remarkable.
          Blacks are incapable of constructing technologically advanced first world societies without someone else’s (other higher cognitive races) help or guidance. Just look at what the Chinese in Africa are saying about them now that they are colonizing Africa, and this won’t change in the near future. This even applies to African Americans too btw….
          Slavery was the best thing that could ever happened to African-Americans, otherwise they would be pretty helpless without all the welfare aid and civilizing force of modern education and modern infrastructure granted to Africans-Americans by generous European Americans at their expense. Africans have a tendency to destroy any civilization they get their hands on, because they are low IQ backwards primitive animals in general and they don’t really have a real history of civilization!
          Also European colonization was not nearly as worse as the colonization process underwent by others such as the Turko-Mongols and Arabids, whom were far far more brutal and violent then Europeans. Even better is that they don’t even want to apologize or even acknowledge their past actions and slavery practices, possess no morals, while still retaining a racially centered cultural chauvinist complex! Europeans acknowledged their past history at least!
          I mean after all, why are we communicating in English and why are we using the internet which was developed entirely by Europeans which again is penetrating every race and culture worldwide in usage?
          The thing is that Europeans/Caucasians of other stripes are basically a superior race to all other races on planet Earth, from looks to everything else and the WN’s are basically right at this point. They create things and civilizations that encompasses everyone and is coveted/copied by everyone one else. They are so superior that I don’t think they are even from planet earth!
          Sometimes I am of the opinion that Europeans are some sort of a alien race that were the result of some sort of alien hybridization program (Annunaki etc) to mine gold and their rich complex history provides proof of that combined with their creative energy and sophisticated use of their immediate surroundings like Earth’s elements. They have this innate socio-cultural aesthetic superiority and other worldliness to all the other races, and acknowledged so by the other races, on Earth that the only explanation is that they are not from this planet and are remnants of some of alien human experiment on Earth!

        2. “For instance, the King of Belgium used his colony (Zaire) for totally selfish reasons, keeping the locals in ignorance and extracting the resources”
          The Belgians were one of the worst and most brutal colonial masters.

      2. QUOTE “the average person of indigenous descent in the Americas is better off now than they were BEFORE colonization.”
        That’s an incredibly condescending, arrogant comment. Also, it isn’t always the case. For instance, are Sioux living in trailer parks (and prone to alcoholism) better off than before the white man?
        A lot of these people who claim everyone owes the white man something have no experience with non-whites. If they traveled to a non-white place and spouted this stuff, they would hear stuff like “Get out of town!”, “Really?”, or the locals could become very rude or violent. In fact, some non-whites already assume whites are arrogant, and they don’t even have to say anything at all!

        1. As opposed to what? Living outside in a hut made of sticks and animal skins? If that really were better, I’m sure they would ditch the trailers and air conditioners and return to their traditional lives, which were probably a lot more harsh and violent than we imagine. I’ve heard that torturing people for hours and days was common among natives. Is that better?
          Still, I wasn’t referring specifically to Indians of the US and Canada. I was talking about indigenous Latin Americans.
          I live in a non-white place. I don’t approach strangers of any race to talk about political or cultural issues, which is more than a little inappropriate. I certainly wouldn’t travel to do such a thing.

        2. QUOTE “I live in a non-white place. I don’t approach strangers of any race to talk about political or cultural issues, which is more than a little inappropriate. I certainly wouldn’t travel to do such a thing.”
          Why not? What’s the big deal? However, a lot of times they shove politics in your face, and then you have to respond, or you can ignore it, but it’s tough.

        3. The big deal is there’s a time and place for everything. When I’m shopping at the grocery store after work is a perfect example of the wrong time and place.

        4. What do you mean when you ask what’s the big deal? Are you saying I deserve to be beaten for holding that opinion or something?

      3. The Aztecs engaged in human sacrifice? Well, the Europeans at the time burned witches and non-believers. Who were the barbarians?

        1. Hanged is more like it, and they didn’t do it by the thousands at one time. The Indians are worse because that sort of thing was much more common among them.

      4. “the average person of indigenous descent in the Americas is better off now than they were BEFORE colonization.”
        Pity so many of them get killed then.

    2. The opposite view is just as bad. Blaming all of the world’s problems on white people is no less morally repugnant.

      1. In a lot of places I’ve been,Americans, not whites in general have been hated.
        Anyhow, blaming everything on whites is wrong, but actually I think few do that. On the other hand, blaming things on imperialism is justified, and millions of people do that. However, all imperialism doesn’t emanate from the West, any nation which forces it’s will on others is in the club.

  23. The best deal for blacks is to unite and serve their own community, as Tulio once said. It doesn’t have to be a totally racist thing like Malcolm X would promote, but just a realization that whites are becoming increasingly hostile, and Mexicans are even worse.

    1. I wouldn’t say whites are becoming increasingly hostile. I think a certain segment of right-wingers is in siege mode because of a black president and feel like they are “losing” their country. But as a black I can’t say I feel any increase in racism in the offline world in the last ten years. 99% of the racism I see is entirely online. As for Mexicans, I get along with them just fine. I know many Mexican-Americans in California have issues with blacks. Much of this stems from gang-rivalries. I’ve heard Texas Mexicans don’t have the same anti-black hostilities as the Mexicans in L.A. Maybe because of fewer gangs there? I didn’t encounter any racism from Mexicans inside Mexico. I’m not all that worried about them. If they ever take over America I’ll probably move to Puerto Vallarta.
      Of course I’m just talking from my own personal perspective. Everyone else will have their own.

  24. QUOTE: “Places like India were ginourmous shit holes of a colossal scale before the Brits started colonizing and yes “civilizing them”. Indian society and most of these colonized places were incredibly savage and backwards which they are still today. Europeans/Brits brought civilization to them or tried to while they tried to colonize them yes, I mean just look at how prestigious and sought after private European started Catholic schools are in these countries! It’s considered upper class in these countries to be able to attend some of these schools! Shows the power of European influence and culture!”
    Again, anyone who makes comments like this, feel free to tell an Indian. He should appreciate your opinion, NOT.

    1. If he asked me, I would. Do you go around preaching your political opinions on the street corner or something?

    2. Hi Jason, the man who made this comment is himself an extremely intelligent Indian Hindu expat, a Brahmin, with an illustrious family line including Indians so famous that they have Wikipedia entries.

      1. I guess it depends on the person. Generally speaking, it isn’t good diplomacy to be condescending.

        1. Look I was in South Korea, many locals considered Americans arrogant. The non-American teachers, especially from Europe, thought my people were arrogant. So I got the general conclusion that Americans were arrogant, and probably also whites since they’ve done most of the colonization. These people blab this stuff night and say, it never stops. I’m a gentle, live and let live kind of guy, but they push you to the limit.

  25. QUOTE”The Indians engaged in constant warfare with each other, and torture was common. When I say torture, I don’t mean sexual humiliation or waterboarding; we’re talking about flaying, burning and cutting off extremities. ”
    Didn’t the Europeans burn witches, and unbelievers? Didn’t slave-owners cut off the balls of slaves (and freed blacks up to 1960) who rebelled? Again, this is a case of “the pot calling the kettle black”.
    Constant warfare? Yeah, like Europe hasn’t always been in constant warfare.

    1. I wasn’t saying one is better than the other, just that the idea of the noble savage is very inaccurate and that European derived peoples are not bad in any particular way. At least Europeans gave the world cars, telephony, air conditioning, television, etc.

      1. I can’t say any certain race gave anybody anything. They simply were the first to invent these things Eventually somebody would have invented this stuff. By saying one race invented things, a person is implying the other races, given time, could never have invented them. Of course, White Nationalists want to get off on being the “saviors of mankind”.

      2. I have lived in some non-white nations and I was repulsed by their racism, irrational hatred, and cruelty to the handicapped. Of course, I’m glad the west isn’t like them. However, I have to be objective. I have to look out for hypocritical thinking on my part.

  26. Who cares what white Americans think. Just look at the list of the conservative commentators and politicians mentioned in this post. Obama is much more intelligent than all those men. I am not black by the way. America is so childish when it comes to race. Who cares what one’s ethnic/racial background is?

    1. Incase you haven’t looked around, the modern world was pretty much built and created by “whites”, as well as most of the high cultures of the world. White/Europeans also look the most diverse (eye/hair color) and better then most other races on planet Earth. Most of modern technology was created by White Europeans and most space exploration, even modern exploration was started and is mostly undertaken by White Europeans.
      So yes it matters a lot that Western civilization continues which is copied by every other race on Earth. It is mainly a creation of White Europeans and nobody else!

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