World War 2 Rebooted

Two visions of the Donbass - the Ukie one on the left, and the Novorussian one on the right.
Two visions of the Donbass – the Ukie one on the left, and the Novorussian one on the right.
See that Nazi looking symbol at the upper left? That is one of the favorite symbols of the Ukie fascists, as is the fascist-like shield symbol at the lower left. While the Ukies are not precisely Nazis, they are fascists indeed. They are Russiaphobic fascists, to be precise, and they are just as dangerous as any ultranationalists anywhere on Earth.

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18 thoughts on “World War 2 Rebooted”

  1. The war now remains me more Russian-Polish wars of the 17th century, than WWII. Novorossia may be Social populist but not Communist, strictly speaking. Many Novorossians are firmly anti-Soviet but pro-Imperial. The USSR and its anti-Russian borders in fact the cause of all the problems.

  2. Ukraine is run by Jews. No amount of fascist talk will change the genetic make up of the people in charge. Simple enough to google the names of the people in charge and find out their background.
    Very likely the Jews destroyed this plane to blame it on the Russians. Which is what they’ll do. Who benefits? The Russians would send up fighters to check it out before destroying it. They didn’t. There’s no benefit for Russia or the break away sections of Ukraine to down this plane. None whatsoever.
    The Jews are a different story. The Jews hate the Malaysians because they see the Jews as malevolent psychopaths, as they are, so it’s a twofer. Kill Malaysians and blame the Russians. Sick people.

  3. Boreionotios,
    Novorossian leaders can be and some are both pro-Soviet and pro-Empire, taking the best aspects of Tsar-Stalin-Church in panoramic synthesis.

    1. Yes. I agree, everything is a mess there. But it’s just because of the inertness of mind of many Russians, especially older ones. They have a sentimental nostalgia for their youth which went during the relatively carefree Brezhnev’s time and they extrapolate these sentiments into the harsh Russophobic Lenin’s and Stalin’s time. They are lazy to think a little and understand what was the real cause of the problems in Ukraine. If not the Bolsheviks and their anti-Russian national politics (get everything from Russians and give to non-Russians, “divide them and rule”), Ukraine would have never existed. Russia and Russian mentality need de-sovietisation. Strictly speaking, the anti-Ukrainian rebellion as well as anti-Ukrainian sentiments are clear signs of anti-Sovietism. Those who oppose these and defend the existence of “made in the USSR” countries and their “holy” Soviet borders are pro-Soviet even if they claim to be the opposite.

  4. Jesus Christ…did the Ukies just blow up a passenger plane loaded with Dutch citizens and AIDS researchers? Or is this a giant CIA cover-up to destroy the permanent knowledge of AIDS. Or was it the Russian separatists. This shit is bad.

      1. There still doesn’t seem to be a strong motive though. The SAMs were 16 feet in height weighing 1500 lbs each and could have been only deployed by highly professional army units who would have experience in guiding the missile along a trajectory 30000 feet high up. The Ukies wouldn’t do it as this would mean losing sympathy of the West, the Russian separatists wouldn’t have the necessary expertise as they’re armed with submachineguns at the most which have limited range targeting low-flying aircraft. What would Putin gain from killing a bunch of Dutch passengers? Besides, modern radar technologies make it easier for trigger pullers to read situations and mix-ups of fighter aircraft with commercial airlines are rare. This whole episode looks very deliberate and pre-planned. Some sort of secret society based in Washington or London could have arranged this as a trigger to slowly pull nations into a major war.

        1. The Ukies got away with at least two false flags already. The US and much of the West is going to back them up no matter what they do and how many false flags they do. They won’t lose support because no one is going to call them on it.
          Your last sentence is on the button. It’s an attempt to start a war with Russia.

        2. A war with Russia…This is insanity. Pure, unequivocal insanity. The Western world, i.e the U.S, truly is run by retards and hubris.

        In short, the Ukries did a video of Donbass “terrorists” where the “terrorists” were allegedly talking about the plane which they’ve allegedly shot down. But the video metadata shows that the video was made in 16 July. That’s really a cheap fake for idiots. But I won’t be surprised if this video will be represented as a evidence against Novorossia and Russia in the UN (a bunch of idiots).
        As I said, “Ukrainian” and “lie” are two synonyms. You shouldn’t believe a word from them. They are the liars of all liars. Even there is one Russian saying “When Ukrainians were born, Jews were crying”.

        1. Saying are always difficult to translate, as you know. I might translate not entirely correct. The original is “Когда украинец/хохол родился, еврей/жид заплакал”. I suppose you know a little bit of Russian and understand. The sense is that Ukrainians are more sly and tricky than Jews (which are renown for these qualities) and Jews cannot compete with Ukrainians on one ground, so when a new Ukrainian is born it causes a “grief” to a Jew and hence he is crying from annoyance.
          But the other important side of this “Ukrainian trickery”, that they are not simply tricky but a sort of “tricky fools”. They always try to outsmart and outlie everybody at everything, and that usually results in their failure. All their lies become obvious. Yanukovich is one good example. His problem was he tried to outsmart all sides of the conflict but failed and as a result was overthrown by his enemies and betrayed by his supporters. Or the junta tries to fabricate evidences against Russia and the rebels but always ends up in obvious lies and fakes.

  5. It`s hard to believe this will happen, since this is suicide for the elite`s. But more and more, WW3 sounds like it will happen. Also interesting if you look at apocalyptic prophecy`s. That they said it will start in the places where civilization began
    Iraq, Egypt, Greece, Mexico, Syria, Thailand maybe also China and India (not sure).

  6. On the front page of one of the most popular tabloids in Britain (a leftist tabloid) it says PUTINS VICTIMS and has pictures of people who died in the plane crash.

    1. Yes and they haven’t proven it at all. The best we can say so far is we do not know. I would say 90% chance it’s a Ukie false flag, 10% chance it’s a Novorussian mistake.

      1. I think we can raise this to 99%. As there is a lot of indirect evidences of the Ukies’ guilt:
        1) Immediately after the crash the US officials did not blame the rebels instantly. If they were sure they wouldn’t hesitate in doing this. Then this was their Kiev puppets and the US was thinking what to do with the failure.
        2) Then a suspiciously unanimous campaign by Western Free Press(TM) began to slander and blame Russia and personally Putin.
        3) The Ukrie officials said that the rebels has not captured an AAG “Buk” from the Ukrie Army.
        4) Then, their next turn, they began to blame Russia for the delivery of Buks to the rebels (see p.3).
        Though, no trace of these alleged Buks was found anyway.
        5) The Russian intelligence service set a rumour that they have been watching the entire war territory, they know the entire story and have definite evidences. I’m sure they do.
        6) The West slowed down with the accusation, but the Russian reputation in this crash has been already ruined anyway (as planned I think).
        7) There is some rumour that the plane was hit twice with a Buk then finished off with a fighter. The Russian intelligence should know.
        8) The plane was followed by two Ukrie fighters (why the heck?).
        9) One interesting fact: the Putin’s plane was flying from Brazil to Moscow above the same territory one hour before the crash and the both planes look very alike.
        But I fear that the real truth will never come to light in any case. The perpetrator (Russia and Putin) has been already set, now just the accusatory trial is going on.

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