The Future According to ISIS

ISIS 5-year expansion plan. Parts of Europe are not included on this one.
ISIS 5-year expansion plan. Parts of Europe are not included on this one.

The map below includes parts of Europe.
This map labels the various vilayets of provinces of the future ISIS Caliphate. Yaman is Greater Yemen, Hijaz includes much of Saudi Arabia. Sham is Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Sinai and parts of Arabia. Iraq includes Iraq and parts of Arabia and Kuwait. Kordistan is Greater Kurdistan, in this case extending far down into eastern Iran. Anathol is the western half of Anatolia. The Maghreb is a well known term for northwestern Africa, usually applied to North African states such as Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria but in this case, also includes all of the Sahel and West Africa.

Andalus includes all of Spain. Khurasan is an old term for Iran and Afghanistan. On this map it also includes Tajikistan,Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal at the very least. I am not familiar with the terms Alkinana (northeast Africa), Qoqzaz (apparently means the Greater Caucasus as you can see in the spelling), Orobpa (southeastern Europe) and Habasha (much of Central Africa above the Equator. There is an unnamed province in Southern Iran.

I honestly do not see how they conquer India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Armenia, Georgia, all of Eastern Europe, all of West Africa, Spain, Iran, Azerbaijan, or even Lebanon and Israel for that matter. I am just not seeing this, sorry. If I were an Indian though, I would be frightened of these maps.

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23 thoughts on “The Future According to ISIS”

  1. If I am not wrong the first map is based on some computer grand strategy game. Europa Universalis or something like that. I can see the international borders like of 1914. Really really funny.

  2. ISIS is a joke….Forget India, do they really think they can conquer even Israel? 5 million of God’s chosen can send the entire ISIS contingent to Hell judging what we are seeing in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. What next, are they going to send NUKES along Israel’s wayOMG, Apocalypse is nigh.

    1. ISIS is creation of American and israeli intelligence, much like hamas was creation of shin bet , the objective of hamas is to radicalize Palestine
      PLO of arafat is secular and is a greater threat to israel, last thing israel wants is secular arab nationalism .
      Islamism is a best tool that israel has got, you can pit one against another and recruit useless warriors ,a secular arab nationalism will be a greater threat not just to israel but entire central asian geopolitical game plan , played out by chinese,usa, british , israelis and russians, there some small parties in this game like india who are willing to latch on to left overs like hyenas they are happy to feed on remains of British,American,Russian,Israeli ,Chinese conquests

  3. They can’t conquer India because of nukes. If there is a nuclear war between Pakistan and India. it would be a major disaster for the world Eco-system, not to mention what it would do, in general, to South Asia.

    1. Nuclear war is not needed, If i were a strategist, i would train some 100000 Men in Indian religious texts and puranas, Manusmrti , these freshly trained people will become a proxy hindutva, they act as hindutva leaders and speak like hindutva leaders but their aim is to sow seeds of chaos
      In 10 years , there will be massive infiltration of these people in every indian institutions from media to politics, to temples in almost every institution they will have some presence, now these people will inturn turn against one another
      Just like muslims are killing each other on basis of the interpretation of their texts, tomorrow hindus will kill each other as one religious leader pronounces other religious swami as fraud, one temple adminstration fights with another and in both the agents will be directing the conflict, society will turn upside down, the definitions of what constitutes religion will change,Culture will be forced on people at gunpoint ,People will fight with each other over anything, even on Non-Vegetarian food and vegetarian food,they will kill each other for their ideology-This is phase of conflict,it will must be inflicted on society for 13 years so that a new generation of children will be thoroughly brainwashed
      Now the agents who mark their presence in Political and educational institutions will twist everything,society will beget useful idiots , These goals can be accomplished without much nuclear war, it needs infiltration, ideological subversion at all levels, complete dehumanization and letting people kill each other
      The great strategist accomplishes the goals without firing a single bullet.
      If your cause is religious, know that your enemy hides behind such a cause. In that case, the more powerful and cunning side will prevail.
      A war has no morals, the result of war might be destruction but Its objective must be conquering your enemy’s thought process for another 1000 years or utterly destroying your enemies existence
      If you cant ruthlessly destroy your enemy ,there is no use in fighting the war,

  4. They are effectively boxed in between Turkey, the Kurds, Iran and it’s Shia allies, the Syrian government, Hezbollah and Israel. They are stuck in a bunch of cities in the desert. Terrain does not even favor them in the long term.
    They might get really lucky and raise hell in Baghdad. The only people who ought to be worried are the Saudis. ISIS, they’re creation, could come back to haunt them very easily.
    If India got conquered by ISIS, it might actually be an improvement for them. 😀
    P.S…Nobody’s gonna “nuke” anyone, and that’s a fact.

  5. Robert, bad news for Baghdad today: From the noted Middle East/Iran military author Tom Cooper:
    <Following a siege of nearly a month, ISIS claims to have overrun Speicher AB, to have destroyed seven aircraft on the tarmac, air defences, and shot down two aircraft (thought to be helicopters, actually).
    Baghdad denied this, but several citizens of Tikrit have confirmed that about 200 captured Iraqi Army troops and IRGC-QF troops – or Shi'a troops run by the IRGC-QF – were paraded through the city. It's unclear if they belonged to the garrison of Speicher AB (reportedly consisting of 700 Iraqi Army and about 150 IRGC-QF troops), or if they were captured during the last Iraqi Army attempt to liberate Tikrit.
    Namely, the Iraqi Army attempt to recover Tikrit, launched about a week ago, was initially successful, but spoiled by a series of ambushes and IEDs. After suffering heavy losses, the Army withdrew on 16 July.
    If this really happened, at least some of the Mi-35s, perhaps even a few Su-25s are now 'out'.

    If this is true, then this is a disaster for the Iraqi government…Not to mention those IRGC who surrendered are sure to have their heaps chopped off.

    1. ISIS is entirely creation of Intelligence services , i believe british intelligence services play a great role to creating these surrogate armies
      The war in 21 century will be fought using surrogate armies with different names and different ideologies but the purpose is to destabilize the society
      The state of india is an artificial entity, Indian republic will cease to exist once there are alternative options for regional political elite and if there is conflict between political elite at state and at centre
      The geographical boundaries of a nation state always change either due to war or due to internal civil strife
      Indian republic will continue to exist as long as the union enriches business and political elite in the country, once some ideological differences emerge then the union will split
      Instead of orchestrating balkanization in Middle east, CIA, MI6 and other agents must try to subvert india and try to balkanize south asian nation
      Entire South Asia viz, India,pakistan,nepal,bangladesh,srilanka,burma,bhutan comprise of over 1.7 Billion people , they contribute absolutely nothing ,most of the population lives in misery and filth
      A war in absolutely necessary in south asia, much like there is a war in middle east
      I would love to see another 15 year conflict in middle east and 30 year civil conflict in South asia, this will reduce much of the population and society will be normalized, if these conflicts involve nuclear exchange, then its a fair game as long as People in South asian countries like pakistan and india or Arabs die
      There is an absolute necessity to reduce the numbers of arab population along with indians and other south asian population, a civil war or religious war will solve lot of problems, only thing that needs to be taken care is immigration policy of west
      It would be better for west to provoke a 4 year war or 3 year short war between india and pakistan or between arab nations that will involve some medium amount death toll and less immigration and refugees
      War is absolute necessity in Arab world and in south asia, if proxies and surrogate entities like ISIS will accomplish the goals set out to reduce the population and balkanize much of arab societies,so be it,
      What i fear is massive shift in american and Western foreign policy,
      Those who hate west and think if western powers cease to exist there will some mythical peace and shiny rainbows are idiots.
      If you think US and EU nations are bad, let me assure you that world would be far more worse if nations like india or china or mongol russians or perhaps lunatic muslims becoming strong and powerful entities.
      Geopolitics is a game of chess,only morality is complete annihilation of your enemy and his existence, anything short is a defeat.

      1. Wars never control the population grows. Especially small ones which you are advocating. If a war cause massive depopulation of South Asia then it will be a real catastrophe on a global scale, everybody will suffer in different degrees. The only way to stop overpopulation is to develop a country to the post-industrial level.

        1. Exactly. ILOR is a sick man. Rather than using war as a political tool and rather than destabilizing West and South Asia, Western ideas should be introduced into these regions. Contraceptives, progressive feminism and such should be introduced into these regions. These countries still have ancient civilizations that many, such as my self want to learn about. I’m very interested in the Mesopotamian society, Persian Society and the Indus and Mohenjo-Daro civilization and Gupta and Chola dynasty. War will destroy these sites.
          I do agree with you though. A world ruled by Chinese, Indians or Muslims would be a dark, callous world. A world where love isn’t reciprocated; everyone would either wear headbags or get executed.

        2. I do believe ILOR is wrong on a lot of counts like advocating Genocide and the constant war mongering tone he uses in each of his posts. But then Historia, Modernizing the primitives like Indians, Arabs is not such an easy task especially the way they cling on to their religions, emphasize on primitive values and the extreme chauvinistic mentality their society is in. World would be an interesting place in the next few years when Arab nations run out of oil, When Interstate conflicts reaches its maximum in India and where China’s exploding growth growth and imperialistic adventures leads them into, I have high hopes on Iran. The more I read about Iran, the more I am impressed.

        3. ILOR is a perfectly sane guy, introducing western ideas is a stupid fucking idea and completely dumb seeing as how these ideas won’t work or be feasible when you are trying to modernize backwards dumb savages with equally dumb backward subhuman cultures. I agree with contraceptives and feminism b/c it would lower the birth rate of these countries which would mean less of these unintelligent backwards fucks in the world in totality. However it can backfire b/c Western ideas has essentially over-populated the world and succumbed the Western world to multi-kultirism.
          The Ancient Mesopotamians and Persians don’t exist any more. Their modern day residents are not of the same genetic stock as their historical progenitors via mass movement/displacement/mixing. Bedouin and Peninsular Arabs, the real Arabs, are not the real creators of these “Arab civilizations”, they were simply marauders that got lucky and looted the nearest place near them. Pockets of the real Mesopotamians still exist in the form of Christian Levantine populations and modern Iraqi/Syrian/Caucasus Christian groups like Assyrians/Armenians and with non-Muslim Persians. Christianity served as a tool to prevent racial mixing and the dissolution of ethno-racial identity in this part of the world surprisingly. These Ancient civilizations are textbook examples of why ethnic groups are important and why races/groups should not be diluted.
          Simply put Chinese and Indian civilizations are simply inferiors as well their cultures. Why people in the West are so “tolerant” of them and so curious while always adamant about protecting their feelings is something I don’t understand. These people are sub human, primitive and simply inferior to the West, so there is nothing that the West needs from them at all. They will also never change their sub human backward chauvinistic primitive tendencies and ways, at least not from the centuries to come.

      2. Is there in any way I can contact ILOR or find a contact address? His posts are always A+ and too notch while being fascinating at the same time. I want to ask him questions about history/race/politics….

        1. I have to admit He cracks me up sometimes. Some gems he often uses like “Degenerate Indians” “Parasitic Indians” ” “Decadent Hindu Society” SODOM and GOMORRAH in reference to Indian temples.. those are incredibly funny…

        2. Yes b/c these words perfectly describes what Indians are and how bad their cultures/society are! It’s funny b/c there aren’t enough euphemisms in the English dictionary and language to describe just how vile and detestable Indians are……

  6. Kashmir has always been an independent territory ,
    Today it has become indian rape territory, where horny indian soldiers can rape some women who have slightly lighter skin than average indian
    Like one reader suggested since 1965 Goa is swimming in hindu sewer, kashmir has been swimming in the sewer for over a century , to clean the filth left by india you have nuke Himalayan mountain belt
    There is no hope for kashmir and north east as long as republic of india exists,

    1. Unfortunately for you, Kashmir was Hindu till less than 400 years ago, when the murderous hordes of Aurangzeb, unfettered by ideals of democracy and equality, force the population to convert from Hinduism.
      HAHA: a large part of your Islamic people are Habshi, or black -= do you have anything good to say for them?
      In fact, all of Pakistan and Afghanistan was either Hindu or Buddhist, before they were taken over by the “religion of peace”.

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