Jews Lie, Part 1,530,961

Yes, Jews lie. They do it a lot. I don’t necessarily hate Jews. They have a good side and a down side. The down side is the lying, among other things. A lot of times, I think the good side outweighs the bad side, and a recent long-term girlfriend was Jewish. I do not think being a liar per se makes you a bad person. It has to be weighed against the good side of the person to see how it all balances out.
Jews mostly lie about themselves. They are not capable of being objective about themselves, hence, anytime Jews are saying anything relating to themselves as a group, you need to be careful, because they lie constantly about this sort of thing. This is unfortunate as a lot of our sources about the Jewish people and especially their conflicts with others were written by Jews, hence they are very suspect.
For instance, most work on “anti-Semitism” is written by Jews. A lot of this work is complete garbage. In fact there is a whole institute set up in Israel that does nothing more than study anti-Semitism. I think it is called the Steven Roth Institute. Almost nothing they write can be trusted. Anti-Semitism is a complex phenomenon and it would be better if disinterested parties wrote about it.
The biggest Jewish liars of all are Jewish nationalists – Zionists. The problem with Jews is that almost all Jews are Jewish nationalists or Jewish ultranationalists. Nationalist lie. Ultranationalists lie. Not just Jewish nationalists and ultranationalists, but all of them.
Jews have a great deal of power in US media. This is not necessarily a horrible problem except that having one ethnic group have so much power over one’s media is always troubling, whether they are Jewish-Americans, Swedish-Americans or whatever. It is not exactly democratic to have one ethnic control so much of a nation’s propaganda network.
Jewish media power is not as important as most make it out to be. Jewish media barons are simply US imperialists who work in tandem with large corporations, the Pentagon and the State Department exactly as their Gentile colleagues do.
If anything, Jewish media barons are a better class of the 1% as they tend to be fairly progressive for rich people. If we tossed out all the media Jews and replaced them with media Gentile moguls, the media would not be much better. In fact, it might be worse because Gentile 1%ers are very reactionary and they are not nearly as progressive as Jewish 1%’ers. Furthermore, Gentile 1%’ers might not differ much from Jewish 1%’ers on the Israel Question.
However, on the subject of Israel and US support for Israel, Jewish media power is a very bad thing for America and this is where the lying comes in.
Jewish nationalists have been very active lately screaming and yelling about “growing anti-Semitism” in Europe and the West. There really isn’t any growing anti-Semitism in the West. There is growing sentiment against Jewish nationalism – Zionism and Israel – but beyond that, anti-Semitism is not very high. Jewish nationalists need to do this because they have an extreme hatred for White Christians and especially White European Christians.
Lamentably, White European Christians do have a long tradition of anti-Semitism. The subject is extremely complex and the reasons for it go beyond the scope of this essay. This phenomenon culminated in the Holocaust, in which the Germans received a lot of assistance in the Jew-killing from European Christians, primarily in Eastern Europe. On the other hand, many European Christians saved Jews and many others effectively laid down their lives to save the Jews by fighting the Nazis. Tarring all European Christians with the Nazi brush is ridiculous, but Jews, especially Jewish nationalists, have been doing this ever since the 1940’s.
Jewish nationalists need to do this since Zionism is predicated on the notion that Gentile (especially European Christian Gentile) anti-Semitism is perennial and eternal in that it will never go away.
This can be seen in the preposterous Jewish nationalist saying that begins, “Every generation they rise up to kill us all…” The Zionists need to see the Gentile World as full of raving, genocidal anti-Semites, and they are always working on this propaganda meme. All nations in the Diaspora must be seen as savagely anti-Semitic and not safe for Jews. In order to be safe, all Jews must go to Israel (except don’t hitchhike and watch out for missiles landing on your head). Hence every anti-Semitic incident in the Diaspora receives breathtaking coverage in the Israeli media. Leading Israeli politicians then go on TV and urge the Jews of the nation where the incident occurred to high-tail it to Israel right this minute.
In the Jewish nationalist media in both Israel and in the US (including huge media networks like CNN that have been effectively taken over by Jewish nationalists) a recent meme is that the Jews of Europe are no longer safe due to rising anti-Semitism in Europe. They single out Sweden, France and the UK for particular abuse. This is a clever lie since like most propaganda, it’s not completely false. In fact, there is rising anti-Semitism in Europe, including the three nations listed above.
However, the problem is in how the story is told. Jewish nationalists tell the story as if Sweden, France and the UK have been raving Nazi countries full of White Christian Nazis ready to kill all the Jews at any moment. All of these reports also conflate the anti-Israel movement in Europe (often a project of the Left) with the rising anti-Semitism. In fact, the Left anti-Israel groups are committing few if any anti-Semitic acts. Beyond that, White Christians are committing few if any of the grotesque anti-Semitic attacks in Western Europe. Nevertheless, Jews are in danger in these nations, but it’s not from Nazi Whites.
Who are they in danger from? Simple. Arabs. Arabs and other Muslims, such as Pakistanis and Iranians. There are indeed quite a few very ugly anti-Semitic attacks occurring in France. Jews are assaulted on the streets, synagogues are attacked and there was recently an anti-Semitic murder at a Jewish Museum.
The US media cleverly lies about all of these attacks to make it look like evil, Nazi anti-Zionist leftwing French Whites are doing this vile things. But it’s not true. Almost 100% of the anti-Semitic attacks in France are being done by North African Muslim Frenchmen, immigrants and sons of immigrants. These people come from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. The recent homicide at the Jewish Museum was by an Arab member of the ISIS group in Mesopotamia.
There are some anti-Semitic attacks in the UK, but not many. Almost all of these are being done by Pakistani Muslims. None or almost none are being done by White Britons.
Sweden is becoming a dangerous place to be Jewish due to an increasing number of frightening anti-Semitic attacks. All or almost all of these assaults and threats are being committed by Arab and Iranian Muslims, particularly in Malmo, where many of them reside. White Swedes are committing few to no anti-Semitic attacks.
In conflating European White Left anti-Zionism with White neo-Nazis and Muslim anti-Semites, Jewish nationalist liars create an effective yet devious propaganda piece.
In suggesting that White European countries are “turning Nazi” by suggesting that Muslim anti-Semitic attacks are actually being by White Nazis, Jewish nationalists get to lie about ancient enemies (White Christians) and modern ones (Left anti-Zionists), resurrect the hoary image of the Holocaust as an eternal part of White Europe’s personality, and bash innocent White European nations as Nazi countries (such as “Nazi France”).
The most troublesome part of the equation is the notion of anti-Semitism itself.

  1. Jews (especially Jewish nationalists) act terrible.
  2. Good people notice Jews acting horrible, get upset at their bad behavior and protest it.
  3. Good people protesting bad behavior are called evil. They become evil people – anti-Semites, Nazis, etc. – merely by being good people protesting bad behavior.

It seems there is no way out of the rigged anti-Semitism game that the Jewish nationalists have set up.

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0 thoughts on “Jews Lie, Part 1,530,961”

  1. About Anti-Semitism in Europe:
    I cannot speak for each single European country as you can imagine it is impossible to keep up to date on internal affair of each of the 27 EU countries (plus non-member countries). But it is true that Jews are feeling less and less safe in Europe. However, when you read interviews with them or ask them personally, they mostly say that it’s above all Muslim/islamist violence and harrassment that they fear, not the right extremist one. Also, many right-wing and right extremist movements and parties don’t complain much about the Jews any more and prefer to concentrate on muslims. Don’t know if it’s also the case of Neo-Nazi parties such as the Greek Golden Dawn and the Hungarian Jobbik though (both of which got amazingly good results in the elections for the European Parliament in May – yes, right extremism is on the rise in Europe, even in its most old-fashioned flavors. Wonder where that’s going to lead us in the next couple of years.
    When attacks on Jews happen, some media but not all write whether it was an islamist attack, a right extremist attack or at least they write the name of the aggressors which gives a good hint if their name is e. g. Muhammad something. However, there are a number of countries where it is forbidden to the media to give a hint that an attack occurred by a foreigner or someone with foreigner background unless it is proven that this played a central role for the attack, sometimes forcing the press to withhold the name of the aggressor because it’s a foreigner name. So the first reports about an attack in European media that you might get to read in the USA may leave you clueless in this matter therefore giving the false impression that it was a right extremist attack. Not sure, but this might in part explain why anti-semitic attacks are sometimes wrongly attributed by Jews and the general public in the USA?
    I could observe this, e. g., with the killings in the Jewish museum (which by the way occurred in Brussels, Belgium – not in France). Even after it became clear that it was an islamist terror attack, many media did not write this but just wrote that a Frenchman killed Jews in Brussels in an anti-semitic terror attack. The German media were generally more keen on concealing the islamist background than the French ones.
    Apart from islamism, right extremism and extremist attacks, it seems to me that there has been also a certain rise of anti-semitic conspiracy theories in Europe since the new World Economy Crisis 2008/2009, the crisis being in part or mostly attributed to “greedish Jews in leading positions in the financial sector” or even suspecting that a Jewish complot lead purposefully to the economy crisis in an attempt to take over the world or rebuy for cheap as much stuff as possible sold for cheap by bankrupt people. I don’t know however to which degree in everyday life this translates into negative attitudes and behaviors towards your Jewish family next door, resp. to which degree the Jewish family next door is also suspected by these conspiracy fans to be part of the complot. I’ve also heard a couple of times the complaint that it was “US-american Jewish finance capitalism” who caused or fostered the economy crisis – in this version of the complot conspiracy theory, European Jews are not under suspicion.

    1. Correction:
      >However, when you read interviews with them or ask them personally, they mostly say that it’s above all Muslim/islamist violence and harrassment that they fear, not the right extremist one.
      should read:
      … MORE THAN the right extremist one.

  2. Before I used to hate ethnic minorities, but later realized the Jews are responsible for the flooding of our Western nations. They have programmed the minorities to behave in a certain way. Watch television and you start to notice the following archetypes:
    Chinese male is presented as socially awkward, intelligent, lacks full grasp of the English language and ogles over women.
    Chinese female is presented as passive-aggressive, intelligent, cunning and mistrusting and overly sexualized.
    Indian male is presented as the ultimate beta male. He is intelligent, but goofy and clumsy, struggles to speak English and is generally the comic relief, because his behavior is considered weird for the Western world.
    Indian female is generally a doctor or in some medical position, quite intelligent, barely noticeable accent and is reserved. Unlike her male counterpart, she isn’t as clumsy and integrates well into society.
    Black male is generally portrayed as strong, masculine and friendly. Unfortunately in real life this is far from truth.
    Black female is portrayed as sassy, aggressive and generally either skinny or obese. They always choose extremes in television.
    The White male is attacked the most by Zionist media. We see the white male either as a person from the back waters of the Appalachian mountains and has a hillbilly personality and is generally stupid or they are presented as that racist neighbor, who harbors hatred for all.
    The White female is presented in a better light and is seen as a liberator, a young and free woman and is the Jewish ideal for pushing race mixing and ultra feminism.
    The Jews have created these archetypes and may change them with ease. Watch films and television and you’ll catch on that they try actively pushing their agenda. They want young, white females to admire Black men and hate White men. They want White men to actively pursue Indian women or Chinese women. The Jews are the most dangerous, parasitic and evil group of people that have lived on this planet.
    Sorry guys for my rant 😀

  3. I’m with Historia Nerd. I used to have ZERO hate for the Jews. I was pro-Israel. The above patterns stated by Historia Nerd and 9-11 completely changed my beliefs. The mere fact that they keep having the same problem over and over and over anywhere they go should tell you something. It’s not just Whites that hate them. Anywhere they go they destroy, lie and attempt to control everyone. They suck. They are a tribe of psychopaths. Not all Jews are psychopaths but a very large percentage are.
    The reason they are smarter is simple. A child could understand. Robert you’re a person with empathy. Have you ever been severely distressed by others suffering? I have. It can cause intense emotions. Very strong. Now, how much brain matter does it take to cause such a powerful complicated emotion? A lot. Hmm… maybe enough that if you didn’t have it and just had more brain you could be 10 I.Q. points smarter? The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Psychopaths cannot be trusted in any way. Which Jews are psychopaths. I don’t know so I trust none of them.

  4. Your opinions regarding Jews contradict that of most Americans, most Americans support Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, even with the outrageously high body count among the Palestinians. The latest Israeli actions in Gaza confirm what many suspected about Israel, that Israelis despise their Arab neighbors and view them with total contempt, including women and children. The latest Gaza attack has killed over 2000 people most of them women and children. Of course the Gazans do not have fighter jets and gunships like the Israelis. Imagine how different the outcome would be if they did, but alas America provided those weapons to Israel.
    The Jews today have complete dominance over American society. The US used to be Anglo Saxon dominated many years ago, but the increasing emphasis on multiculturalism has created a “diverse” America. In reality its very divided as the events in Missouri prove. Of course the Jewish media is overplaying those events to increase bad will among Black and White Americans.
    The Jews have control over American media, finance, education, the legal system, they pretty much control everything that matters in America. On a list of 100 of the most powerful people on Earth, 50 of them are Jews. The Jews are the big swinging dick of America and the world.
    The interesting thing about Jewish power is that Jews are predominantly a white skinned European origin people but are able to use the race card when things do not work their way. In fact, they have used it even more effectively than Black Americans in the USA. Despite being white themselves they play the race card shamelessly.
    Even among the more right wing and conservative Americans, they believe the Jews are some kind of chosen people of God. And they condone the actions of the Jews, regardless of how questionable they are, alas Jews pretty much run America and the world.

  5. Robert,
    Is not suggesting that all Jews lie a form of anti-semitism itself? I mean, I grew up surrounded by Jews, and while my assessment is that most – not all – Jews lie, I think about how most of the non-Jews I’ve known in life are liars too. Do Jews, as a bloc in all 50 states, lie more than their Gentile counterparts? I’m not so sure. My experience tells me that most people generally are liars. I, like you, have a low opinion of mankind, not just of Americans. I don’t neccessarily hate them, but I don’t hate any one specific group, necesarily or otherwise. I think that’s dangerous. The reasons are obvious.
    Jews are people. A lot of them are good people. If you’re not around a decent demographic of them, you wouldn’t be guaranteed to know that.
    People have brought up for decades how Jews control Hollywood, that they monopolize medicine and law, etc. And they always bring this up as if the Jews should rather instead, shun the opportunity to advance. A Jew shouldn’t think, “I don’t want to be seen as a money-grubbing opportunist, so I’m not going to become a doctor or lawyer, and I’m definitely not going to enter the entertainment business!”
    If you were to entitle this post, “Zionists Lie, Part 1,530,961” and to use the word Zionist instead of Jew throughout the rest of the piece, that would have an entirely less inflammatory air about it. But even then, why single them out? Most Jews are like most Americans – they support the Zionist power structure in DC, and Israel. We are a nation of Israeli supporters. If you have to hate someone, why not hate all the politicians who vote to send money and weapons to Israel? Why not hate all the people who vote these politicians into office, and who continually reelect them? They are Democrats and Republicans who come in all shades and cultures.

    1. I am not saying that all Jews lie, so it’s not anti-Semitism. However, a lot of them do. But I have known a number of Jews in my life who are as honest as the average Gentile and quite a few who are more honest than your average Gentile.
      Jews have developed a reputation for being huge liars over centuries. The root is in the Talmud, which can be seen as a Lying Manual for Jews.
      I am not sure if your average Jew lies more than your average Gentile, but on the subject of the Jews themselves or anything involving the Jews, Jews are some of the most proficient liars on Earth. I would say that Jews are very good liars. All races lie. For instance, Arabs lie a lot and so do religious groups like Muslims. I always thought that Arabs and Muslims were pretty lousy liars though. Jews are much better liars than Arabs or Muslims. No one believes the Arabs when they lie, and Jewish lies have many hundreds of millions of fanatical believers.
      They didn’t get that reputation over centuries for no reason.
      The state of Israel and its supporters have gained a reputation for being some of the biggest liars on the face of the Earth. The problem once again is that no one believes this so people think a Jewish nationalist’s word is gold. It isn’t. It’s mud.
      In the Jewish religion, it is mandatory that Jews lie whenever there is a threat to the Jews. Jews must lie to protect other Jews at all costs. The sin of the lie is considered to be much less than the sin of betraying the tribe.
      There was a book written in the 1930’s by an Orthodox Jew. I think it was called Jews Must Live! He writes about growing up in an Orthodox Jewish family. He said in his family and culture everyone was lying so much of the time that you could hardly tell fact from falsehood and further all of this dishonesty caused a lot of problems.
      Christians think lying is a sin. Lying is no sin at all in Judaism. Maybe lying to another Jew is. But lying to the Gentiles? No way.

      1. “I am not sure if your average Jew lies more than your average Gentile, but on the subject of the Jews themselves or anything involving the Jews, Jews are some of the most proficient liars on Earth. I would say that Jews are very good liars. All races lie. For instance, Arabs lie a lot and so do religious groups like Muslims. I always thought that Arabs and Muslims were pretty lousy liars though. Jews are much better liars than Arabs or Muslims. No one believes the Arabs when they lie, and Jewish lies have many hundreds of millions of fanatical believers.”
        I hate to say this, but I agree with you. I’d also throw the Indians into the lot with the Arabs. Very unpleasant liars.
        My reservations about your Jewy posts like this is that many will get the idea, however wrongly, that they are a wink and a nod to the anti semities, and they see them as a green light to go off and spout anti-semetic rhetoric, on RL. I shouldn’t have to feel trepidation about mentioning that I’m of Jewish heritage on this site. The only reason why I am is because I can express the following views:
        1) I’m against American govt funding to Israel. I believe they should be on their own. The extent of our engagement with them should be facilitating peace talks and agreements, as neutral arbitrators, with a sympathetic leaning towards the Palestinians, because of how their victimhood far outweights that of the Israelis, and because of how they’ve been under-represented.
        2) I am anti-nationalist, anti-colonialist, and anti-Zionist. Accordingly, I don’t believe that Israel should have ever existed, and that it should cease to exist. To make matters worst, Israel has become a flat out terrorist state, as I see it. But the difference between me and the Arabs is that I don’t wish death on, and extermination of, them. I just want them to pack their shit, and move the fuck out of there, and to resettle their Euro homelands from before WWII.
        Now, if anyone, knowing this, still has a problem with me because I have Jewish blood, then at that point, they are unworthy of me caring what they think. I mean, that’s just as dumb as being a Republican!

        1. The antisemites have been coming here forever. There are actually a lot fewer of them around than there used to be. They usually do not last real long because most antisemites are unpleasant people who troll, are highly aggressive and fight with everyone as most racists do.
          I will continue to write provocative posts about Jews, but I may attenuate them. I think I will talk about Super-Jews from now on. Those are the ones I have an issue with. A lot of regular Jews (non Super-Jews) have a sane attitude about anti-Semitism. It is the Super Jews who have the insane attitude about that subject. Among Jews, Orthodoxy in religion and hardline Zionism correlate very well with being a Super Jew. Hardline Zionism is simply a marker for Jewish nationalism, and all hardline Jewish nationalists are pretty much Super Jews.
          Nationalism sucks. Most anti-Semitism derives from annoyance and rage at Jewish nationalism and tribalism.

    2. The article is about Jews, mostly Jewish nationalists, lying about anti-Semitism. There is probably no subject about which Jews lie more than this one. Yes anti-Semitism exists and in many cases, anti-Semites are definitely not good for the Jews. Anti-Semitism can be a serious societal problem, so it’s causes should be studied. But having Jews study the causes of anti-Semitism is like letting foxes guard the chicken coop. Jews are the last people on Earth who should be studying the causes of anti-Semitism. They will never arrive at the correct conclusion because they can’t.

    3. America used to be a Christian country in which black lies were definitely viewed as a sin against the religion. This is how we evolved a relatively non-corrupt culture.
      However, we are no longer a Christian country. America is a Jewish country. We are land of 300 million Jews. Anyone can be a Jew. All you have to do is embody the Jewish spirit. Hence our Christian values of black lies being a sin have gone by the wayside and have been replaced by Jewish values that see black lies as a case of situational morality. Hence there is not a lot of difference between Gentiles and Jews in the US anymore. You point this out in your second paragraph.
      We are all Jews now.

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