Interesting South Asian Phenotypes

This young woman or teenage girl is named Amoolya. She is a South Indian.
This young woman or teenage girl is named Amoolya. She is a South Indian.
As you can see, Amoolya is very much a Caucasoid, although her rather Indian looks would prevent most from thinking she is a European Caucasoid. Clearly there are a lot of Caucasoid genes in South India; not all of South India is Australoid.
A South Indian bride all dolled out in her bridal garb.
A South Indian bride all dolled out in her bridal garb.
She is extremely beautiful. Her features remind me of Raquel Welch. She also has a very exotic phenotype. She could be a Latin American or certainly an Arab. She is probably out of the range of most European women due to her exotic features, but there are definitely some Italian women who look like this. Her genes and phenotype are also primarily Caucasoid.

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55 thoughts on “Interesting South Asian Phenotypes”

  1. Is there a lot of Indian woman / White man action going on anywhere in this country, Robert? We have a fairly large Indian population where I live but they all seem to stick close to each other and all the Indian women here are unapproachable.

    1. There are a lot of Punjabis around here, and we also have a few Gujaratis. The Punjabis are not approachable at all. They are for Punjabi guys only, and don’t look like they put out anyway. The Gujarati women are casteist Hindus and there is no way you are going to get anywhere with them either, though they are a bit friendlier. You can’t even talk to those Punjabi women. They are impossible.

      1. Both of those girls could pass for Thai or Khmer actually. Several Thai girls have this phenotype. Havent you seen this phenotype in those groups Robert?

        1. you nuts? South Indians look nothing like Thai or Khmer. Genetically there is very little in common. Stop running riot with your imagination

      2. I don’t know why it is like that with Punjabi immigrant women in the US but over here in India, they are the most friendliest and sluttiest. There’s a standing joke that once a Punjabi woman crosses her mid 30s, she develops a voracious sexual appetite and most men can’t match it. If you’re the kind of stud who can please a woman endlessly, these Punjabi mid-range women are waiting for you.
        One reason why these Indian women in the US aren’t very approachable could be due to a lack of fluency in English especially with the first-generation Indians. While most Indians claim to speak a smattering of English and appear to be very confident in projecting themselves as native speakers, deep down they’re not very confident. So when an American or an Englishman approaches them in fluent English, it gives them an inferiority complex which stalls conversation.
        Only Indian Christians from places like Mumbai, Goa and Kerala or Bengali Indians have verbal fluency in English and can hold their own in a conversation with Westerners.

        1. I believe that for many of them, their English is quite good actually. Seems like they only associate with their own kind. If you see them with any guys at all, it’s with Punjabi guys. Virtually none of them seem to be marrying out or even socializing outside of their group. Very insular.

    2. There are severe consequences for marrying out of religion. Even within religion, several castes are not acceptable by their families. Besides this, it is required that the bride be a virgin, Your best bet is to try an Indian christian church. They might accept you

  2. Never liked those English-world terms Caucasian or Caucasoid. They are stupid. If you came from the Caucasus just because of some German guy from the 19th century who has said that, so be it about you. My recent ancestors have not come from the Caucasus.

  3. Amoolya is a Kerala Syrian Christian, they have part-descent from Persian christians ; the bride looks like a Tamil Brahmin ( Aryan migrants from North India ), ( as is Padma Lakshmi ), else a very high ranking Dravidian non-brahmin caste, ( Aiswarya Rai is a Bunt, a v.high ranked Dravidian caste ) . That phenotype is very rare among most Dravidian castes. South East Asia was colonised by South Indians and have about 5% to 10% Indian genes. Sanskrit inscriptions discovered as far away as Philippines.

    1. Hey Rec1man you are a legend. I really respect you for your work 🙂 Especially on clearing doubts regarding caste and IQ. I was interested how the Indians out of India would fare in terms of IQ. By the way, why haven’t you updated your statuses yet? It seemed like you disappeared for a while and then re-emerged.
      Aside from the above, is it true the Chola Empire used force to convert South East Asian or was it of free will? I have heard Kampucheans and other South Easterners converted to Hinduism of their own free will.
      Aiswarya is pretty, but she definitely has mixed heritage. The average Dravidian is generally dark, but have sharp features.

    2. Oh yes yes! Each and every good looking person in this world is from the Aryan race. Others are plain ugly and cannot have good looking people among them. Duh!

  4. Dear Robert
    The first woman wears a cross. She may be from Goa and have Portuguese ancestry, or be from Sri Lanka and have Dutch or Portuguese ancestry.

  5. I dont think the second bride could be an arab or italian.You can just google them and make the comparison.Her looks arent middle eastern and they also arent exotic but rather typical Indian.One of my south indians collegaues wife looks sort of like the second woman in the post.

  6. If i’m right the lady in the first picture is an actress from Bangalore and her roots might be in Kerala. Her looks remind me of a typical Indian Upper Caste Women’ look….Her family might have converted to christianity at some point in the past.
    The second one is simply stunning she carries herself so elegantly. She looks a lot like Freida Pinto. She could just pass off as a Dravidian, Mexican, Portugese. I doubt whether she is a brahmin, Brahmins tend to be a little more fair in complexion (though south indian brahmins are a bit dark, but still) and also bindi or pottu is missing in her forehead which is a must in the auspicious ceremony of Wedding..Also the wedding attire she is in, is not a traditional brahmin wedding attire..

    1. Just a question, Rahul.
      What do you even know about Kerala or the Dravidian people? You are not from our country. You are not one of us. You are a foreigner. So how can you talk about a subject you know nothing about? Go back to the BJP, you ignoramus.

      1. Mind you fucking moron, i am living here… This was not supposed to be addressed to you .. You assumed that i am a north indian.. that’s the way your shitty brain has been programmed to think. Moron, i am not a BJP sympathizer nor do i care whatever they are upto.. Go back to your sewer and ask how many people echoe your shitty opinion you lowlife fucktard!!! Do not pretend that you are malayalee admit you’re a tamilian… For once have the balls to speak the truth..

        1. Hey you North Indian stupid,
          Why don’t you shut the fuck up? Get the fuck out of my country you Hindi retard. Get the hell out, North Indian trash. Ugly bhaiyya monkey fuck. I’ll be laughing when you dirty North Indians get your faces kicked in. I’m a Keralite, and stand with my Dravidian brothers against Hindu garbage like you. Get lost.

      2. Dravidian, yaaravadhu unnoda karuthukku edhira karuthu kodutha avan udane north indiana ? en inga irukkura ellarum nee nenaikara madhiri thaan nenaikkanuma enna? fyi naan endha religious partykum eppavume support pannadhila,,nee oru chinna vattathukule vazhara, adha vittutu veliiya vaa appo thaan unakku unmai nilamai theriyum. Idhu kooda yaar eludhunadhunu unakku doubt varume???

        1. appane arivu sigarame dravida singame en kova padukireergal? en ungalukku unmai kasakiradha..eppozhudhavdhu unmayai pesi pazhagi irundhal adhan arumai ungalukku therindhirukkum aanal poiyaai mattume nambi puzhappai nadathum thaangalukku epdi ayya unmayin arumai puriyum?
          naalu per paarkum samooga valaithalangalail naagareegama sorkalai ubayoga paduthungal ayya. en ipadi tharakuraivana sorkalai payan paduthi ungal samoogathiye keezhe kondu varugireergal.. Neengal oru arivu pettagam ena ninathu kondirukkum ingulla medhavigalukku en ayya neengale oru komali madhiri thotram tharugireer……

      3. It is obvious, and correct me Rahul if my Tamil is not accurate, that Dravidian is a big fucking gaping thevda khuudhi.

        1. Aakash and Rahul,
          You two pieces of garbage will not stand in the way of an independent Dravida Nadu. You’d better believe that ALL Dravidians – Telugu, Malayalee, Tamil, and Kannadiga – will unite to liberate their homeland from Aryan India.
          You support Hindustani imperialism and occupation, you fucking pieces of garbage, then let me make it very clear that you are the enemy of the Dravidian people. GTFO out of Kerala if you are supporting Hindustani Imperialism. Rahul, you piece of crap. You are supporter of Hinduism and North India. You piece of garbage.

      4. ENna machan Dravidian epdi ikura??? Otha solla marandhutten da naan kochi varen adutha maasam. Mapla enna airportla pick up pannika, oora suthi kaatura Mapla..

  7. It seemed to me the top woman happens to have some East Asian features, certainly Thai like characteristics.

  8. @Historia Nerd, the first Indian Kingdoms in SE asia date to about 200 BC, Funan and Chen-la and were already hinduised. Raja Raja Chola reigned during 1000 AD, and more of looting an already Indianised region. SE asia alphabets and civilization come from India. If you look at National Merit Semifinalists, some castes have lots of winners,; some very few, like Patels despite being in large numbers, and many castes never show up at all. Aiswarya Rai is a Bunt, the ruling caste of Vijayanagar empire, and they imported thousands of foreign women as concubines. Average dravidian looks like MIA or Mindy Kaling

    1. Ah thank you Rec1man. So basically South East Asia has had a lot of contact with India for a while. I see more of the Mindy Kaling and MIA phenotype at UCLA.
      Even though I despise caste, we can see the more Aryanized castes have higher IQs and Brahmin Dravidians have high IQs, versus other Indians. Thank you for the response though 😀

      1. So one should expect the Pathans , Tajik and upper caste Pakistanis to be more successful than upper caste North Indians and South Indians but this is not the case. How is it that Indians and especially South Indians are more successful than Tajiks,Pashtuns and upper caste Pakistanis.
        Even accounting for the fact that South Indian Brahmins are not real Dravidians (they are mixed North Indian and South Indian), they are still much more native Indian than Pathans and Tajik and have much less Indo-Iranian genetic ancestry than Tajik and Pashtuns.
        So why aren’t the groups with the most Indo-Iranian and Indo-Aryan ancestry like Tajiks,Pashtuns and upper caste Pakistanis far more successful than South Indians. Britain has a lot of Pakistanis and Kashmiris and the lowest castes in Pakistan did not go to Britain. Yet Pakistani Brits are notorious for Islamic militancy and sex crimes.

        1. Even accounting for the fact that South Indian Brahmins are not real Dravidians
          Therinja pesu illana sootha moodu.. South INdian brahmins are also dravidians. There are many many dark brahmins ven darker than your average lower caste man

  9. @Historia Nerd, There are low IQ Aryan castes and low IQ dravidian castes. and there are Hi IQ castes in both. There is a huge IQ variation from region to region and from caste to caste ,as measured by California National Merit Semifinalists – The most Aryanised Segment is the Punjabis and they have a middling IQ. There is a whole genre of dumb Sardarji ( Punjabi Sikh ) jokes. Among brahmins, the more Aryanised North Indian brahmins seriously lag behind South Indian brahmins ( Ramanujam, Vishwanath Anand ) who have some dravidian admixture. Among merchants, the Aryanised North Indian merchants have a huge lead over dravidian South Indian merchants and are even ahead of North Indian brahmins . The California National Merit Semifinalist list is like a large scale IQ test of the 5000 Indian students who took the test. Caste is tribalism . Even Christians have caste. South east Asian history starts with Indian contact, they were non-literate before that.

    1. Yes I’ve had experiences with Tamils and Telegus (?). In Toronto, I’ve heard opinions of them are quite mixed. The second generation have integrated well and have been known to occupy a lot of spaces within certain universities, but the first generation aren’t as well integrated and participate in white collar crime. Them participating in white collar crime, means that they have a reasonable level of intelligence. In the California region, Southern Indians aren’t that noticeable, but are quite intelligent.

  10. Yes, this south asian phenotype you are referring to is the dravidian phenotype, or “mediterranean”. It is racial base for all indians, but the south stayed more pure. Taken from wikipedia:
    A page that actually talks about the racial groups of kerala (south india) and origins of dravidians. You have the negritos, who are remainders of the onge (unrelated to indians). You have the proto australoids, who make up the tribals and some lower caste; they are at least more advanced than negritos. The dravidian race is called “mediterraneans”:
    “These people perhaps came to India from the Mediterranean fearing Greeks in three distinct waves, one of which settled in Western India, another in North India, and a third in South India. With the beginning of the increased Aryan settlements in north-western India, the Mediterranean population settled there probably migrated to South India to join with the first wave of migrants”
    Excluding tamil nadu (australoid), dravidians are the main racial make up of south india, including syrian christians. While north india was invaded by aryans, some north indians today could be descendants of the dravidians since they settled there as well. Brahmins are a mix of aryan-dravidian. Here are some indian dravidians:×0/20967-parveen-babi.jpg

    1. I like the sharp features. Surprisingly, from what I’ve seen, the more South you go, the more genetic variance. I need to keep up to date on this stuff. Understanding the genetic profile of South, Central and West Asia, may hold the answer to the why there is so much genetic diversity in those regions.

    2. Tamil Nadu is the most Dravidian part of India. Tamil is the oldest and most uncorrupted of the Dravidian languages. This is why when linguistics and Indologists try to decipher the Indus Script using Dravidian as a base, they always use ancient Tamil.
      Most recently, the team led by Rajesh Rao and Tata institute of Fundemantel Science tried to ascertain whether the Indus Script denoted a language or not. They used old Tamil , Sumerian and Sanskrit , as examples of languages to compare the Indus Script to. The Indus script according to Rao et all most closely resembles a language and most closely resembled Tamil.
      Now let me state that I am agnostic on Rao’s findings .
      The other Dravidian speaking states have more non Dravidian influence than Tamil Nadu, no doubt due to geography.

  11. Mr Dravidian you are one low life 2 cent son of a Whore,You definitely are a fucking pislamist terrorist or a dog who convert to Christianity after selling your mother and daughter to foreigners for sex.
    Bark as much as you want. Try as hard as you may try to divide India but you just can’t change the fact that you and I are a hybrid of ancient Aryan and ancient dravidian people.
    Jai Hind,
    Proud to be an admixture of Aryan and Dravidian
    N.B: Up yours you fag Mr Dravidian
    A pure dravidian looks like the Andaman tribes. You dimwit Onge

  12. Mr Dravidian you are not a piece of shit but a bloody shit hogging swine. You are the ungrateful son of your Hindu ForeFathers. Ask your mommy who your real father is? or are you result of Arabi
    First go take an autosomal dna test. The results may shackle all your myths and Truth will enlighten you and you would realize that your forefathers were Hindus.

    1. Dravidian South wasn’t raped by Arabs or Turko-Mongols or Pashtuns like North India. Dravidian South was relatively unmolested by invaders, including Aryans. The South especially the deep South is culturally the most indigenous part of India, having resisted Aryans and many other barbarian invaders.

      1. What about the British. Did they welcome the british with a red carpet and did their women open their thighs asking them to be raped by british. While it is true they were not invaded by foreign forces till the 15th century. because they were constantlly warring with each other. Chera Chola Pandyas. whiole christianity could be understood due to How come some people are muslim? when was no conquest. Also there have been stories of wide buddhist influence in places like Tamil Nadu, Kerala during the 3rd-5 bc and kings eliminating buddhsim completely to remploy saivism cult. But credit given to tamils because their languge remained uncorrupted for most part

        1. British did not rape Tamils or South Indians.
          Islam in South India started with Arab merchants who settled along the South West Indian coast, in places like modern day Kerala, and then mixed with the natives.
          Tamil Nadu was never conquered until the British created the nation called India,

  13. south-indians are pure degenerates. just like african-americans, they are filthy mutts. From ancient arab/syrian-talmudic jews upto goa/portugese migration, they mixed thoroughly as well as with indo-aryans coming from north. Even DNA test found jewish /arab genes in them.Pure south-indians are austro-asiatics(black skin, curly hairs,baggy lips,fat-snub nose,unibrow/devil looking creatures. They are now massively mongrelizing own genepool by marrying beautiful north-indians,western girls,arabs/muslims girls.(just like this slumdog-nigger A.R Rahman)

    1. North Indians are mostly barbaric rapists who made a worldwide name for themselves during the infamous Delhi rape in 2012 . Most are illiterate and they are jealous of the more civilized south Indians who are far far more intelligent then the bloody rapist north Indians. Just like the world is jealous of Jews by going to the extent of saying they are ugly when they are clearly not. Even Bill Gates said the 3 smartest people in the world are the Chinese, Jews and South Indians. North Indians are just flushed down the toilet, probably raping someone out there. South Indians are of a Caucasoid race, close to the Semitic race except for the aboriginal people who stay in South India.

      1. JEW
        Any merchant-caste Gujarati businessman would give the average Jew or Chinese a hard-run for the bottom line. Sad to say the same Anglo-Saxons who made Nair Malabar folks fetch their tea still live in the countries that have the highest standard of living and Bangalore people do IT work instead of carrying water on the Indian railroad but they are still sort of servile.
        Syrian Christians in Cochin and a handful of Yemini Jews around the Cochin harbor are the only Malayalam people who look Semitic.
        True enough, Aryans came down from Russia or Iran or Central Asia to steal Dravidian hotties and create the race of Baniya caste North Indians running the place. Sikhs are probably Arabs from who knows where.
        Gujarati and Parsi and Sikhs are not being exploited in the Middle East, South Indians are. You will not find any Sikh, for example, doing the kind of slave labor somebody from Chennai is doing.
        Cochin Nair have managed to throw of the yoke of Aryans to an extent and are better off for it, thought.
        North Indians still run India and I am sure you Tamils and Dravidian people below the Hindi-line would LOVE to have your own country but they just wield so much political and military power for you to leave India.
        I can spot a Kerala worker in Dubai miles away. You can pick out a Syrian Christian easily in Cochin.
        Dravidian people do not look terribly Middle Eastern to me. I’m a Gora but spent years in Arab Gulf and some time in India.

      2. those north-indians are same mongrel race of adivashi australoid dravidians /negritos. Dont make me post pictures. A negro living in England never becomes an English. Northern-part of India is now full of those ape-races, the same way

    2. INDIA REAL HISTORY True, but only on the Malabar coast where Portuguese or Yemeni Jews or ancient Syrian Christians got a foothold. All three got their ASSES kicked in the interior (Portuguese in Karnataka especially).
      North Indians are just bigger and tougher: Portuguese were not going to defeating Sikhs so they never tried. Greeks got their asses handed to them on the Punjab. Dravidian soldiers get wasted in Kashmir.
      Whites and Arabs who came down from Asia into North India had to be tough to survive and breed with North Indians. North India has a cutthroat aspect to it missing from the mellow soft white beaches of Chennai.

      1. Punjabis or Sikhs or North Indinas are certainly not Arabs. Arabs are Semitic People and Punjabis or North Indians are of Aryan stock. Most probably of Persian descent who are Aryans.

        1. If North Indians are so tough and running their country, why is India still poor unlike China or Japan? Japan even survived nuclear bombs and earthquakes to become one of the richest countries in the world. Where is India, i.e, which is being run by the so called tough and smart North Indians, compare to these countries? The Gujerati businessman can’t do anything about it? Or is it better to still sit around and bitch about so called ugly and stupid South Indians instead of co-operating and developing India? South Indians are better off and have become successful in countries such as SIngapore and Malaysia. The Former PM of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamed, i.e., was of SOUTH Indian descent and the former Presidents of Singapore, SR Nathan and Devan Nair were all SOUTH Indians. Just to name a few. They have contributed so much to develop these nations which are far more developed than India of course. Now if, only India let these so called stupid dumb ugly South Indians run the country…

  14. A Kerala Muslim or Syrian Christian is instantly recognizable along the Malabar Coast.
    British actually did not intermingle to a great degree with Indian women. Portuguese in Goa and Sri Lanka did, Latin lovers that they were.

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