Fiat Currency Does Not Last Forever

Reserve currency doesn't last forever.
Reserve currency doesn’t last forever.
Much of the US position as World Hegemon, World Dictator, and King of the Unipolar World rests on the dollar being the world’s reserve currency or fiat currency. In fact, one of the reasons Iraq was attacked was because Saddam was threatening to go off the dollar and instead transact his oil sales in another currency. Iran already does so. Soon after regime change, one of the first things the US imperialists did was to reverse Saddam’s decision to go off the dollar and put all of Iraq’s oil sales back on the dollar. So much for the humanitarian mission of the sickening, Nazi like war of aggression known as the Iraq War (I prefer to call The War on the Iraqi People). No fiat currency lasts forever, as you can see above. America can bully, bluster and threaten away, but some day, the sun will set on the dollar as world fiat currency.

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0 thoughts on “Fiat Currency Does Not Last Forever”

  1. What would you say would be the approximate average for all of these nation’s currency’s “time in the sun” as the world reserve currency? From this chart it is a little hard for me to tell but is it maybe around 100 years on average?

  2. With China and Russia as well as Iran and others quite interested in and actively working on a replacement to he dollar, I doubt we can last a whole lot longer. They just have to come up with a viable replacement.

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