Beauties from Around the Globe

A beauty, Paromita Mitra. She was Miss Bangladesh. She could easily be a Med European White.

Paromita Mitra, apparently from Macedonia.
Paromita Mitra, Miss Bangladesh.

Next up, we have a Macedonian, Miss Macedonia. A Mediterranid type.
Stefani Borsova, Macedonia.
Stefani Borsova, Macedonia. Med European White.

Next up, some sort of a Miss France and its colonies competition held in the Maldive Islands.
Competitors for the title of Miss Maldives.
From France and its colonies. Left to right at top:Miss Martinique, exotic mixed race type from a Caribbean Island. Miss Limousin, from the mid-south of France. Miss French Guyana, another exotic mixed race type from South America. Miss Cote D’Azur, from the beaches of the French Riviera. L to R, bottom, Miss Franche Compte, from the region in Central France near northwestern Switzerland. Miss Languedoc, from southwest France near the border with Catalonia. Miss Lorraine, from northeastern France, near Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Miss Guadelupe, Black woman from the Caribbean.

Extremely exotic woman from Bashkortia.
Extremely exotic woman from Bashkortia, Russia.

Bashkortia is a Russian republic near Tatarstan. The people there are Turkic and speak a Turkic language. The area is located near the south end of the Ural Mountains. The Bashkirs and Tatars are mixed race Asian-Caucasoid types like many Turkic peoples. They have a very exotic beauty to them. Really much of Central Asia is made up of mixed Caucasoid-Asian types.

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0 thoughts on “Beauties from Around the Globe”

  1. Paromita Mitra is a bengali brahmin name, some bengali brahmin actresses , Rani Mukherji, Sharmila Tagore ( now old, look up her younger photos )

  2. “A beauty, Paromita Mitra. She was Miss Bangladesh. She could easily be a Med European White.”
    Not in a million years. There’s nothing Med about her at all. She has a short flat face and looks to be partly mongoloid.

        1. Bengali Brahmins are not indigenous to Bengal, they are migrants from Delhi region about 1000 years ago. And have caste system and dont marry with native bengalis. Most native bengalis look dravidian, not mongoloid

        2. The caste system didn’t prevent Indo-Aryans from mixing with natives in India, and it didn’t prevent Paromita Mitra’s ancestors from doing the same thing in Bangladesh. Google Image “Bengali people” and you’ll see plenty of mongoloid types.

  3. I see nothing exotic of the girl from Bashkortostan (that’s how to call their country right). Without knowing that she’s from there, she could go for anybody. I saw quite enough of West European girls with such a look. Quite enough for us just to know that she’s from a far away country we’ve never heard about, then the trigger “Asian” and “exotic” are immediately on. Say she’s Italian or French or German, no-one will find out the catch.

    1. She is a bengali brahmin, lots of bollywood actresses from that caste – Riya Sen, Rani Mukherji etc

  4. The Miss Universe pageant??….count me out of this celebration of anorexia. I prefer big women with shapely butts and large curvatures.
    This Paromitra Mitra does fit in that category though: she hails from Bengal and would be classified in the same ethnic group as other Bengali Brahmins. This one group in India has produced 3 Nobel Prize winners (including the first Asian to win Nobel Prize for Literature – Rabindranath Tagore in 1913, Amartya Sen, the famous economist), illustrious movie makers like Satyajit Ray, and Mrinal Sen, famous music composers and singers, artistes, courageous revolutionaries like Subhash Chandra Bose who was the only Indian political leader to have a direct audience with Adolf Hitler and admonished him for his racist views in Mein Kampf to his face.
    Bengali Indians are disproportionately represented in India’s creative, musical, literary and glamour industries. They’re well known for being highly intelligent and produced very attractive people. Bengal is the only state in India which traditionally votes liberal, abhors right wing politics and racism and even had a Communist government in power for over 30 years.
    Unfortunately, despite Bengalis being a highly creative and classy intelligent people, the state is a joke and suffers from stagnation, unemployment and gut wrenching poverty. The reason is simple: most Bengali Hindus are heavily into idol-worship especially of feminine deities like Durga and Kali. As we all know as True Christians, of all human sins, the worship of idols greatly offends the Living God. That is the reason the province of Bengal is cursed with so much affliction.

  5. How can a human even be described as ‘exotic’, anyway? Insects can look exotic, food can look exotic, plants can look exotic… humans? There’s nothing in the slightest bit ‘exotic’ about humans lol

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