Why Are Racial Differences in Intelligence Important?

Justin asks:

Why does it matter so much if a race is superior?

If one race is more intelligent than another race, this has profound implications for society, politics, education, economics, race relations, law, criminology, sociology and even medical epidemiology and public health. This is especially true when two races which differ significantly in intelligence are present in one country.

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40 thoughts on “Why Are Racial Differences in Intelligence Important?”

    1. Maybe you just have some autocorrect that corrects your typos to the wrong word. Clue: you meant intelligent, not important, in the first sentence.
      also the last sentence of your latest post makes no sense at all.
      Apologies if you don’t give a shit. Just trying to be helpful.

  1. Robert, I think it is an unfortunate description to use the terminology “more important”. Society is the sum total of it’s parts. A small cog in a machine is just as important as a large cog. But that said, it can be beneficial for a society to recognise different issues and needs from it’s different component parts. Different types of cogs might need oiling more often, or might need more frequent maintenance for society as a whole to achieve the best performance.

  2. Plenty of people with normal or above average IQs (at least in the US) with ruined lives due to non IQ related choices. Often people are over-sensitive, can’t deal with peer pressure, and this leads them down bad paths. For instance, I have two relatives: a brother and sister. One makes over 100,000 a year, and the other is a drug user who barely makes anything. How could that be genetic?

    1. It doesn’t really matter because if you take two groups in society that differ by say 15 IQ points, the people in the group with the lower IQ are going to be much more likely to go down bad paths, make bad decisions, get arrested, go to jail or prison, be unemployed, beat their wives and gf’s, drink and use drugs, not pay their bills, die or get injured due to “accidents,” injur various physical diseases and have a worse outcome from those diseases, drop out of school, get fired, on and on.
      The neighborhood where the lower IQ group lives will probably look a lot more shoddy and downtrodden than the one where the higher IQ group lives.
      This is why these things are important.

      1. I still say that hanging with a bad crowd will ruin a person far more than their IQ. I can also say that past child abuse would ruin someone far worse than their IQ. Race does matter, but always runs second in line.

        1. The race with 15 points lower IQ will be far more likely to have its members ending up hanging out with the wrong crowd and also people from that race will be much more likely to be abused as children.

        2. Jason, hanging with a bad crowd is a stupid thing to do so stupider people are more likely to do it. More intelligent people are more likely to see it for what it is and what it will lead to and avoid it.
          That doesn’t mean all stupid people will do it (they wont) or all intelligent people wont (some will). Average differences, probabilities.

        3. There are average iq differences between socio-economic strata…so you might say lower iq people get exposed to bad situations more. but even within each social class, higher iq people tend will make better choices and improve their situation.

        4. I live in what might be called a ghetto or a slum. Really it’s just a barrio. A lot of kids around here get on the wrong track. Many are associated with gangs and end up committing crimes of various types. They knock up their gf’s at age 18 with no job to support her.
          I certainly have not been caught up in any of this bullshit around here although I have had some opportunities for sure (people have asked me to help them commit crimes of various types).

        5. Its not just IQ, Racial groups have different average behaviors, High IQ blacks are still more likely to be criminals than low IQ Asians.

        6. Actually, Richie, if you set IQ at 113, Blacks have the same crime rate as Whites. That is, Blacks with 113 (and probably above) IQ’s commit no more crime than Whites.
          I do think there is a genetic tendency towards criminal behavior in the Black group, but it looks like intelligence attenuates it or even wipes it out altogether, which is hopeful.

      2. Robert, you use a cognitive error in your evaluation. Instead of assessing the individuals, you assess the collective of the individuals. This is similar to racism, but I am not calling you a racist. Please evaluate your reason and logic when it comes to genetics and intelligence. Not only are IQ tests ineffective and biased, genetics do not determine the outcome of someone’s life. Instead, it is the environment of the individual. The main difference that propels your biased evaluation of the correlation between genetics and intelligence among ethnicity/race is the amount of melanin in the skin. It is illogical to evaluate a collective group of individuals of a particular ethnicity and give that ethnicity merit and the title of superiority. This is a bias based on race, and I suggest you evaluate yourself. Have you heard of Dunning Kruger Effect?
        I can see that you aren’t so bright yourself, but you probably believe that you have more merit than all individuals of a non-white ethnicity. One can say that whites are dominant in intelligence, but he must realize that intelligence and merit in any category is based off the cultural and social architecture. Then again, I suggest you look up the Dunning Kruger effect.
        (By the way, in no way is this hateful. As a black male, born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, I had to adjust to a different style of culture when I came to America. My family adopted the American culture, not the African American culture. So I can tell you that I see major difference in why there is a strong bias against African Americans. But you must remember that an individual of a certain group can’t represent an entire group. And there is stupidity and ignorance everywhere and within us all. The dumbest white person cannot be superior to the smartest black person.)

        1. Yeah you sound really hateful, Voodoo Priest.
          I only say that IQ tests indicate that the Black group is less intelligent than the White group. I am not saying it is due to genes. It could be due to any number of things. I am agnostic on what is causing it. I only say that the difference is real.
          And didn’t I already ban your Black ass? Back to the land of voudun!

  3. Intelligence resides in the individual. Individual intelligence of someone from a given group does not in any way depend on the distribution of intelligence levels within that group.
    I completely disagree about differences being more important in a mixed society. A high intelligence person from a low intelligence group has more opportunity to develop their talents if they are nurtured by social policy, so race-differentiated assumptions that may deny those opportunities are a waste of social resources. Likewise, low intelligence people who capitalize on their association with a high intelligence group are often in positions where they are incompetent.

  4. It’s all a matter of which comes first. What causes what? Does IQ cause bad choices, or (as I claim) people make bad choices, and a low IQ makes it harder for them to dig out of their situation?

    1. Have you spent a lot of time around dumb people? I have been hanging around with dumb people most of my life. The Bell Curve makes it clear that smarter people simply make more intelligent decisions period. And sure it’s possible that once they get in a rut, they can get out of it easier.
      Let me tell you something about dumb people. I am a little scared of dumb people. You know why? Dumb people are sort of DANGEROUS, that’s why. Not necessarily physically dangerous, but they can be dangerous in a lot of other ways. Mostly because they just don’t understand. And mostly they don’t understand ME so they are always making wrong assumptions. Be CAREFUL around dumb people. They can cause you a whole mess of trouble. Complain about you, go to their boss and bitch about you, try to get you fired, try to get you thrown out of the store, call the police on you, try to start a fistfight with you, start and perpetuate stupid rumors about you…Why? All because they are STUPID and they don’t understand.
      I am glad that cops have to be smart because they have a lot of potential to cause problems. If cops were stupid they would cause way more problems than they already do. With a reasonably intelligent cop, he can figure out if you are actually really and truly doing something wrong or not, and if you are not, he will just let you go.
      Giving dumb people positions of POWER where they can lord it over others and punish them in various is extremely STUPID.

        1. Here in California, they have to pass a pretty rigorous exam to get in. It is for all intents and purposes an intelligence test. A lot of Black and Hispanic would-be cops can’t pass the test. That is why there are relatively few Hispanic and Black cops. This town is 67% Hispanic, but most of the cops are White.

        2. I have dealt with a lot of cops, including in the worst situations you could imagine, such as being arrested, being handcuffed and being thrown in jail where you see them at their worst. Other than that, I have dealt with them quite a bit anyway.
          I have hardly ever met a stupid cop. I sure have met a lot of asshole cops though. Sometimes I wonder if there is any other kind.

        3. “I have hardly ever met a stupid cop. I sure have met a lot of asshole cops though. Sometimes I wonder if there is any other kind.”
          That police brutality thing reflects stupidity to me.

        4. Not at all. Mean cops are damn smart. The thing is the real asshole cops I have run into were actual sadists. They really and truly do get off on threatening, menacing, insulting, beating, tossing around, slamming and challenging people.

      1. It’s hard to tell if resentment, backstabbing, and hate is IQ related or not. It would surprise the amount of evil that comes from normal or above average IQ people. Even assuming your moderately pissing people off, is the extreme hate encountered really justified? I think non-genetic factors like culture and politics motivate a lot of this hate.

        1. A lot of times people will give “fuck ups” a slap on the wrist, that is if they come from a place they like, are one of the tribe, or they’re a member of their family. When the outsider fucks up, the first thing mentioned is the particular place they come from, and how they hate that place.

  5. A lot of this stuff about IQ could morph into theological arguments. For instance, if man is highly inferior to God, then shouldn’t he be resentful of his position, or should he just accept it? If I were a retarded person, would that give some sadist the natural right to enslave me?

  6. I disagree that this issue is important. The iq of groups like races are not so different from each other that they will ever be acknowledged as such by society at large, and by the scientific community. The glaring issue is the cycle of poverty and violence in the urban communities, which mostly effect blacks. They are different from “us” (whatever that means), because they live in a different world than we do. It’s literally like a different country in many of these urban areas, from what my white suburban ass has known throughout my life.
    The viewpoint that race alone is responsible for the range of one’s iq, is a belief that harkens back to the age of segregation. “They are different from us”. The whole thing reeks of White Nationalism, and reminds me of this:

    1. Mexican cities are on average fugly, specially compared to first world cities, most Third World cities are ugly, if you appreciate beauty you would hate to live in them, what they can’t do better than that? i don’t think you even need a high IQ to have a beautiful and clean place, yet it seems difficult for them to achieve it

      1. You ignore major environmental factors like free trade. The third world is full of slums? Really? How did that happen?

        1. That sound like excuses to me Lol C: Mexicans for sure have ugly houses and buildings ! only the upper class neighbourhoods look well, but most of their cities, yuck! If IQ differences are not that big, why Mexican or every other third world places look much uglier! xD i guess lower IQ mean they have less intelligence for building something better, plus that affects their capacity to see things like i do

  7. Yes, I have much experience with low IQ people in my hometown. They are narrow minded, racist, and homophobic. They hate anyone who tries hard at anything, labeling them a “cocksucker”. Yes, I know them well. With such people around, it’s difficult to succeed at anything.
    However, on the other hand, high IQ can be annoying pricks. Such people need to humbled. So I guess high IQ is as bad as low IQ. In fact, I can understand resentment against the high IQ. So when I hear stories about Hitler, I am appalled at what he did, but I realize that high IQ groups are very arrogant.

    1. I’ll give you an example of low IQ people. When I was in high school I was just carrying a book one day, and some guy started mocking me calling me a “cocksucker”. Why? Just cause I have a book in my hand? No wonder, America’s education is going downhill. All people wanted when I was in school, was just something to laugh at. You couldn’t get any real respect from anyone, unless people knew you could kick their ass.

  8. I get really sick of parents smoking around kids, even babies. Is it low IQ causing this? It’s total child abuse. Now, if people want to light up among other adults, then that’s their right, and I’m not particularly paranoid of 2nd hand smoke.
    Have you ever tried to confront a parent who smokes around their kids. Probably, you would be ignored, or it would be some aggressive confrontation. Ultimately, they don’t care, cause they don’t have any standards. They think what they are doing is totally normal.

  9. I hate to sound like a Nazi prick, and I don’t mean to. However, I think some people shouldn’t breed, simply cause they give inferior care to their children. The children suffer by being born into these really lazy families. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not for eugenics, but I think certain people, because of their low standards (which they chose out of a free will) shouldn’t have babies.

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