Ukraine War Update July 14, 2014

Everything you see in this video is 100 Why do Babylon, the Nazis, and the whores – all together the Three Horsemen – want to draw Russia into a war? Once Russia invades Ukraine, the Three Horsemen will blame all of Ukraine’s massive problems on the Russian invasion. The Nazis also want to actually go to war with Russia because they hate the Russians that much. They want to see Russia destroyed, badly wounded, or broken into pieces. The Three Horsemen, ferocious haters of Mother Russia for many years, all share this flinty-eyed goal. If Russia imposes a no-fly zone, which they should do, the West will probably impose its own no-fly zone. Soon the planes will be shooting each other down which is that the Three Horsemen want. Then the Three Horseman can have the war with Russia that they so crave. In addition, once Russia attacks, Babylon will fall over itself screaming and yelling that Russia is the new Third Reich and Putin is the new Hitler. They will call for more sanctions. Also Babylon will use that to say that Russia is a violent, aggressive, expansionist state that is a menace to Europe and is too irrational to do business with. The goal of Babylon is to destroy the growing commercial and diplomatic cooperation between the whores and Russia. The first blow here was stricken by the new Nazi regime. Russia has a gas pipeline running through the Ukraine that goes to Europe. Europe gets 30 The Nazis have attacked Russia many times in the past two months. About every week, they attack Russia again, usually firing on or shelling border posts, or sometimes shelling inland. Those attacks are no mistake. The Nazis are doing it on purpose. Of course, these deliberate attacks on Russia are legally a cause for war, and Russia would be fully within its rights to attack the Nazis for the repeated deliberate attacks on its territory. In the most recent attack, the Nazis deliberately shelled a Russian village near the border. 1 Russian was killed and 2 were wounded. This is obviously a casus bellus for war. You are hearing nothing about all of these deliberate attacks on Russia because the Free Press (TM) is a state propaganda machine and is refusing to report on them. However, Russia may have fired a missile at a Nazi plane yesterday, downing it,  or perhaps the Donbass Army downed the plane. No one knows for sure who shot it down. The media of the whores, including the biggest whore of all, the UK, has gone crazy over this, almost threatening Russia with war by saying that they downed this plane. There are more lies. The media of Babylon and its whores have been insisting for a while that there are Russian troops fighting alongside the rebels in the east, and that the Russian state is providing weaponry and troops to the Donbass Army. This is not true at all, and they have never presented any evidence. However, many Russian volunteers (and that is exactly what they are – volunteers) are flooding across the border to fight the Ukies. These people are mostly Russian nationalists, but there are also Communists, nonprofits, Orthodox religious organizations, etc. that are sending forces. They are acquiring their own uniforms and weapons somehow. They are also acquiring a lot of military hardware. It is uncertain where this hardware is coming from. Babylon and the whores’ media keep saying that Russia is sending armored vehicles and weaponry to the rebels. However no evidence has yet been presented. One accusation was that three tanks were sent in. One problem with this is that three tanks is not nearly enough to do anything. If Russia were going to send in weapons and armor, wouldn’t it be sending more than something useless and meager? It makes no sense. Russia is providing food, medical care and humanitarian aid to the 160,000 refugees now in Russia and also to the civilians in the Donbass. A charge has been made that Russia is fomenting this rebellion. Obviously Russia is not happy with a psychotic Russiaphobic Nazi state on its borders. The Nazis will also probably align with NATO, in which case a virulently hostile enemy state will be swarming with NATO bases, menacing Russia right on its borders. Obviously, Russia cannot tolerate the existence of this regime, and I do not blame them. However, Russia wants regime change more than anything else in Ukraine. Russia had to grab the Crimea because it was about to lose its only southern naval base as the Nazis ended the contract with Russia and ordered the Russians to close the base. The Nazis also said that they were going to put a NATO naval base in Crimea where the Russian base was. This could not be tolerated at all, hence, Putin took back the Crimea which was always a part of Russia anyway. It is was 100 The accusation is that Russia is behind the unrest in the East, supported the secession vote, and cheered on the arming of the East and the fighting of the Nazis so Russia can annex the east. None of this is true. Russia did not particularly like the East arming themselves. And Russia was not happy at all when Donbass declared its independence. Russia definitely does not want to annex the east, however, if the Donbass insists on independence, Russia will back them on that. The independence vote was the rebels’ idea, and they are the ones who want to join Russia. What Russia wants for the East is a federalized Ukraine with autonomy for the East. That’s all they have ever wanted, and it is very reasonable. Saying that Russia wanted anything more than that is nothing but a lie. It is true that Russia is building up its forces on the border, which is a good idea. At some point, they are going to need to go in there to stop this stupid slaughter. If you read the media of Babylon and the whores, you see that the Western media have been cheering on this sickening slaughter all the way. Much of the Nazi activity in terms of shelling and bombing has been directed at infrastructure of the East. The first thing they destroy is the water plant, then the electricity plant, then the sewage treatment plant. Then they attack the factories and the enterprises. The idea is to destroy the entire economy of the Donbass. No doubt the Nazis are following the orders of Babylon when they do this. After that, the Nazis target residential areas, especially high rise apartments. They put snipers in and on the edges of cities. These snipers simply attack random people who are walking around. They idea is to terrorize people. The Nazis also target random vehicles, shooting them up and killing everyone inside. The purpose here is also to terrorize. The citizens of the East hate the Nazis, and they do not want to live under their rule. When the Nazis took over Slavyansk, people came out into the streets and shouted, “Nazis! Fascists!” at the Ukie Nazis. The Nazis are absolutely hated here, and it will be hard to govern a region that hates you. A supposed Rand Corporation (CIA) memo to the Nazis surfaced the other day. It had many recommendations for the Nazis. It recommended concentration camps or “filtration camps” for all able bodied Eastern males. All males in every conquered town should be put in these camps. For anyone suspected of fighting for or helping the rebels, the memo recommends immediate execution. This memo is said to be a fake, but soon after it appeared, the Nazis took over Slavyansk. They rounded up all males aged 18-65 and put them in concentration camps (filtration camps). They arrested a number of men and took them away, apparently on suspicion of being rebels or fighting with the rebels. Residents of Slavyansk said that these men are being executed. So you see, whether the memo was real or not, the Nazis are doing exactly what the memo recommends, which suggests it might have been real.

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11 thoughts on “Ukraine War Update July 14, 2014”

  1. Robert I don’t know what or who to believe anymore, I don’t trust the governments and the different medias from around the world at all anymore, each side shows what suits them and they are all liars, though I do think Russia might be more right than the west in this scenario.

    1. Funny enough but Poroshenko is an Orthodox Christian and a parishioner of the Ukrainian branch of the Moscovite Patriarchate. The Moscovite Patriarch was one of the first who congratulated Poroshenko on his win in the elections. Obviously, the Bloody Chocolate Hetman has “donated” a lot into the Church which in turn likes him a lot.

  2. But what do you offer then? Wait and watch how people are being killed? Already three Russians killed on the Russian territory itself. Ukraine must be destroyed, parted and the friendly part (Novorossia) rejoined and the hostile one (Banderastan) subjugated to never raise again. It is the question of no less than Russia’s future and existence. If not, Russia will get one of the most Russophobic, most hostile enemy in its history, and it will not be far away but at the borders. It is more like destroying the Golden Horde or the 3rd Reich. If you just defend, not stepping out of “limits” no-one cares about and did not counter-attack you’ll have lost your entire country. Imagine Taliban Afghanistan in the place of Texas, which humiliates its remaining American non-Muslim population (and Ukrainism is very close to Wahhabism)? How would you react?
    I’d be happy if all this Novorossian stuff be a cunning plot by the Kremlin and if the Russian government indeed help them, but in fact they are doing the contrary. They are doing everything to destroy Novorossia and help their Ukrainian “friends”. They eased gas prices for Ukraine, they continue to finance and keep up their ruining economy, they returned the military equipment (including airplanes, tanks and rocket launchers) from the Crimea to Ukraine just for the Ukries use that armour to kill people in the Donbass, a Russian state bank (Sberbank) is even selling Ukrainian war bonds! When three Russians have been killed on the Russian territory, the Russian MFA just “expressed their concerns”. They are total suckers and wimps!
    They care about nothing but their bank accounts in Switzerland. They do not care about neither the country nor the people. If tomorrow the Ukries begin to bomb Rostov they would just “express concerns” and fly to relax in their villas in Spain and Miami.

    1. Russia did not give back Ukrainian equipment in Crimea. They recently said they would not give it back.
      It really is starting to look like Russia is supplying the Donbass Army with some war material. Also the US is starting to supply the Ukies.
      Who are the 3 Russians who got killed on Russian territory?

  3. While the Western media cannot be trusted to give the accurate picture, there seems to be more than meets the eye in reporting the Ukraine events. At your socialist blog, you have taken a pro-Russia stance but they rest on unconfirmed reports.
    I just read this pro-Ukraine article appearing on the capitalist media source – Forbes which are diametrically opposite to what you’ve written
    1. Certainly, Ukrainians do not hate Russians the way Bosnians hate Serbs or Palestinians hate Israelis. These are a fraternal people and Russian happens to be the first language for most native Ukrainians. The current crisis in Ukraine clearly didn’t begin as an ethnic strife but political differences over who gets to control Crimea’s strategic naval base, whether Ukraine can decide on its own future within NATO and EU through a free and fair referendum. Of course, Russia’s interests are at stake and it will react in a hostile manner.
    2. A professional Ukrainian poll shows an overwhelming majority of Ukrainian citizens want Russia only as a friendly neighbor with open borders and no visas.
    3. The last fact that all these demonstrators at Euromaidan are vile, extreme nationalists, anti Semites, and Nazis. Surely some of them must be from the far right but there are also ordinary people who want Russia to stay out of their lands.
    This whole Ukraine episode is a propaganda game where Russia is scoring more because of its political and financial muscle. The West, while officially endorsing Ukraine, is shying away from offending Russia and couldn’t care less whether Russia takes over an insignificant country.

    1. Most of that is just not true.
      The Russiaphobia of the Ukrainists is a form of fascism. Their hero is Bandera, a Nazi collaborator. They fly the Nazi flag of the independent Ukraine at their protests. They like the Nazis because the Nazis liberated the Ukraine from the USSR (Russian occupation) and gave them freedom. The Nazis were great for Ukrainian nationalism.
      Russia is not winning this propaganda game. They are losing it.
      The author is a Ukrainian nationalist from Kiev.
      The leaders of the Ukrainian government share the Russiaphobic views of the hardline Nazi groups. There really is no difference. The leaders use the Nazis as shock troops and support all of their atrocities. They give them backup support for their atrocities and arrest the victims of their atrocities. The Nazis are the heroes of independent Ukraine. Many of the leaders have made wild Russiaphobic statements that are very similar in content to what the Nazi groups say.
      The Nazi groups are not so much Nazis per se as they are extreme Russiaphobic fascists. That is a better description.
      Most Western Ukrainians are indeed crazy Russiaphobes. The views of Ukrainians in the rest of the Ukraine are more nuanced. They do not want to be partners with Russia.
      There was no call for a referendum on a deal with the EU. Only 40% of the population supported that deal anyway, and it was a disaster for the country.
      The government that was overthrown was corrupt, but the new government was even worse. The demonstrators were violent from the start. The police treated them with kid gloves, went easier on them than anyone else would have.
      The100 people shot dead by the sniper were shot by the Nazis. The Nazis shot their own people, and they also shot some cops.
      Nobody ever called for a referendum on joining NATO or the EU and it would have lost anyway.
      Russia could not put up with losing its naval base in Crimea. That is something it could not tolerate and I do not blame them.

    2. Crimea and other chunks of eastern Ukraine are not historically Ukrainian, but were put under the control of the Ukrainian SSR as a result of bureaucratic horse trading in the mid 1950s. Legitimizing Ukraine’s boundary as a national, rather than administrative, boundary has deferred business for over 20 years.

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