Two Basic Cluster B Personality Types

Third Eye writes:

I suspect that there’s some significant gender bias as to who gets diagnosed sociopathic and who gets diagnosed borderline. Both types are manipulative, and a calculated display of emotional instability often provides a ready-made excuse for sociopathic behavior. Some “borderlines” (particularly female ones) seem to be sociopaths with a superficial emotional veneer for manipulating others and avoiding accountability.

Really what it seems is that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the male component to Borderline Personality Disorder. The females get Borderline; the males get Narcissistic. On the other hand, Borderlines and narcissists do tend to act quite a bit differently. I think narcissists are a lot more functional. Quite a few borderlines are so nuts that they are pretty much disabled and can hardly even work. I have never heard of a narcissist disabled like that. Calculated emotional displays seem more in line with the sociopath and the narcissist. Borderlines can be calculating and wicked, but their emotional stuff mostly seems genuine and not faked. They truly are emotionally out of control, and this is the way they like to be. I think borderlines and narcissists are one condition that simply manifests differently in the two genders due to gender differences, some of them biological. That said, there are female narcissists (very annoying and some are even evil), and there are definitely male borderlines. Male borderlines are very bad. Many are in jail or prison. They have a high rate of homosexuality and bisexuality, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, etc. They can be quite violent and out of control. You really do not want to meet a male borderline. They are no good. Yes, there are more male sociopaths than female sociopaths. I am not sure what a female sociopath even looks like, but I have seen some online, and they seem pretty evil. They are probably not as dangerous as the males. The true component of male sociopathy would be Histrionic Personality Disorder. HPD is the female version of the sociopath. It is pretty common, but I am not sure if I ever met one. They are very abusive. The classic HPD personality is “the whore.” Prostitutes, porn stars, strippers, etc. have high rates of HPD. The HPD archetype is the “femme fatale.” The spy Mata Hari was the classic femme fatale and a possible HPD. Male histrionics are not common, but as you might guess, they have very high rates of homosexuality and bisexuality. This is the dramatic, flamboyant, manipulative, crafty, shallow, promiscuous, gaudy, showy, greedy homosexual type we all know well. Not that all gay men are like this; of course they are not, but most of us would recognize the “type” above as a well-known gay male “type” along the gay male personality spectrum. Histrionics and narcissists are quite common in the acting profession as you might guess, especially narcissists. Hollywood probably has more narcissists per capita than anywhere else on Earth. In fact, I think most actors and rock star types (especially lead singers) tend to be narcissistic. Their narcissism is often the reason for their oft-noted screwed up lives. A Hollywood marriage is often two narcissistic actors. Narcissists love themselves only. These marriages do not have a long life expectancy. There is a joke where the journalist is interviewing an actor, and the actor says, “Well! Enough about me. Let’s talk about you. What did you think of my last movie?” See? What you have here is two basic personality types: A Borderline/Narcissistic type which will manifest as borderline in the female and narcissist in the male. A Sociopath/Histrionic type which will manifest as sociopath in the male and histrionic in the female.

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18 thoughts on “Two Basic Cluster B Personality Types”

  1. American protestantism appeals heavily to narcissism. The worst example of this genre is Joel Osteen. There is an idea in this movement, that people are special. However, in reality, people don’t need to be told they’re special.

  2. I know a female narcissist – she’s beyond belief (and seems to have a bit of histrionic personality disorder thrown in too for good measure), and i’ve met a good few female sociopaths – it’s quite depressing, not sure if it’s a sign of the times or something… 😉

    1. Women and girls are mean. They like to bully and make fun of misfits, male and female. They have almost no pity for failure.

      1. I see what you are getting at and I agree, but women do have a capacity for pity, much more than men do. Quite a few women have taken pity on me. And sometimes they pity the bad parts of you. I had a Master Teacher once who pitied me because she thought I was icy. “He’s cooold,” she said, and there was a lot of sadness in her voice. She thought it was sad and pitiful and rather tragic that I had turned into such a cold person.

      2. Jason Y,
        Actually one thing i’ve noticed is that those that have always had it pretty easy in life can be a bit inconsiderate, but they often don’t seem to go out their way to be nasty or bully they way so people that are having a bit of a no to good time themselves do.
        The Narcissistic woman I know is a misfit herself – hence the need for all the lies, bragging and pretence. Both her parents and her children hate her and she seems to have no idea why, when it should be blatantly obvious…

    2. That is sad, and yet disturbing. To witness evil in people, can be quite life changing to say the least!

  3. I’ve observed that most people who are labelled narcissists are at the root completely self-centered, and consequently immature. Like most “cons” they can be quite charming, fun etc, but there is little substance.

  4. This is not about doing too many selfies, it is at heart self loathing and the hatred of all humanity. Cluster B personalities don’t know who they are really so they can be Bi sexual or whatever, it means nothing to them because it has no internal value, no bonding, no empathy. People to them are fiction as are their wafer thin ‘False Selves’.

    1. I am a bisexual female sociopath. Doesn’t that say I know who I am? Not all Cluster B individuals are confused on their identity. Some are very smart, educated and have very successful careers.

  5. I don’t understand how u can 2rite something like this without referring your sources. I am dx w/Borderline personality disorder, Complex PTSD, Bipolar 2. Only a few of my closest friends know this. And every time I choose to tell someone, they get surprised, because I have (finally, at Close to 40) become a cool, calm and collected person. Rarely do I engage in high intensity conflicts, manipulation, cruel behavior and everything else you’ve written.
    Yes, it is possible to change – even from typical Cluster B behavior. It has taken me years, lots of education, hard work and dedication – but finally my brain and emotions work more like a “normal” person than how it did while I wrecked havoc upon anyone unfortunate enough to know me. For example, 20 years ago. Hurt people hurt people. Strengthen Mental Health field instead of stigmatizing mentally ill People!

  6. A borderline person SUFFERS from very strong, uncontrolled emotions. They try to either get help to control these states or committ suicide because the constant roller coaster of feelings coupled with a pathological fear of abandonment is a hell we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. We also have a conscious, feel remorse and I personally would never humiliate or betray someone for the thrill of it. Please don’t lump me in with these spiritless, controlling, parasitic shells that derive pleasure from tricking someone into caring for them so they can better destroy them with the inevitable llies, betrayals, humiliations, etc.

  7. It almost seems like sociopaths are feminine in nature because they are not abrasive/manipulative like only a woman can be.
    But I don’t know much about sociopathy in general…

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