Personality Styles in High IQ Versus Low IQ Towns

Jason Y writes:

It’s hard to tell if resentment, backstabbing, and hate is IQ related or not. It would surprise the amount of evil that comes from normal or above average IQ people. Even assuming your moderately pissing people off, is the extreme hate encountered really justified? I think non-genetic factors like culture and politics motivate a lot of this hate.

Resentment, backstabbing and petty hatred are run of the mill emotions found in most if not all humans of any intelligence level. As opposed to being a serious problem, this is mostly just an issue that most of us will have to deal with in one way or the other most of the time, unfortunately. These background emotions are simply part of the unfortunate fabric of ordinary life for most of us.
Resentment is associated with narcissism and competitive, aggressive personality types. Backstabbing and petty hatred are associated with femininity and a female style of thinking. These things are not associated with intelligence so much as personality styles and gender.
Generally speaking, if you live in a community of higher IQ folks, you will find that they tend to be easier to get along with. A higher IQ town will have residents that are more peaceable minded, agreeable, easy-going, nice, polite etc. They might also be rather non-aggressive and wimpy. The higher the IQ, the less people like to fight, verbally, physically or otherwise. On the down side, high IQ is associated with passivity and wimpiness.
Now if you move to a lower IQ town, there will still be a lot of nice people there, but you also find less politeness, more hotheadedness, more fights (especially impulsive fights), more threatening and menacing people, etc. Lower IQ people are not typically wimpy and passive, though some are. They tend to be pretty proactive, stand up for what they believe in, and are often ready to fight in some way or another to defend themselves or their rights.

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0 thoughts on “Personality Styles in High IQ Versus Low IQ Towns”

  1. This above only happen in USA and in USA culture context. In East Asia, the high IQ workplace are full of office politics. The East Asian office politics are brutal and terrible.
    In Muslim countries where people generally have low IQ, you will find a lot of hospitable people, if you visit them as a solo tourist and if you are non American.
    But if you live side by side with a Muslim neighborhood, they will take whatever opportunity to accuse you of discrimination and anti Islam, in order to justify their violence against you.
    Also if you live in a neighborhood full of business suite type, they are probably higher IQ than average but you can be assured they are the most ruthless bastards.

    1. Muslims once had high IQs, as they were the progenitor of civilization itself (Persians, Phonecians, Egyptians, Mesopotamians,Assyrians, etc) but consanguineous marriages have destroyed their IQ. Many now have average IQ around high 80s to mid 90s. I hope they understand this and start marrying outside of the family.

      1. Is there evidence for that? I know that children of cousin marriages have deformities at double the ordinary rate, but its still only about 3 or 4%.

        1. Apparently Phillipe Rushton mentioned this. One questioner asked regarding Muslim IQ and he mentioned that their past counterparts were smarter than the modern ones, since cousin marriage in the past wasn’t practised as much. I’m not sure on the deformity rates though, but it would start to accumulate if generations were cousin marrying no?

        2. With the internet and mass transit, the age of marrying your cousin is practically over for most of the world.

        3. Historia Nerd,
          I’m guessing deleterious mutations would accumulate but if the really deformed people don’t breed, those real bad things wont get passed on. They would just keep having more deformed babies though.
          Beatrix, thanks.
          This says “Marriages between first and second cousins account for over 20% of marriages worldwide. They are particularly common in the Middle East, where in some nations they account for over half of all marriages.”

          This says that 70% of marriages in Pakistan are consanguineous and 55% of Pakistani-britons marry first cousins.
          “Statistics on the danger of ingrown genetics were publicized in 2005 when a BBC report claimed Pakistani-Britons produce 33% of the nation’s children with genetic illnesses, even though they account for only 3% of the births. (55% of Pakistani-Britons marry first cousins.) 10% of these newborns either die in infancy, or endure a serious disability. Pakistani-Britons who are first cousins are, claimed the report, 13X more likely to have children with recessive disorders than the general population.”
          They really need to stop that shit.

      2. The Arabs conquered the high civilisations of the Eastern Mediterranean, Persia, and India, forcing many of the inhabitants to convert. This probably inflated the average Muslim IQ temporarily.

        1. Unfortunately, these great civilizations later collapsed. We see Persia, Egypt, Assyria, India and Mesopotamia paying the price of bending to Arabic rule.

  2. In case you’re wondering how to objectively gauge if you live in a low-IQ town, you must merely note the presence of 3 types of business:
    -Hometown Buffet
    -rent-a-rim businesses
    -check-cashing businesses
    High IQ?
    -Peet’s Coffee
    -Whole Earth Foods or Sprouts (Trader Joe’s, to a lesser extent)
    -Noah’s Bagels

      1. Wouldn’t Starbucks fit the middle upper class folks, who have the money to blow? I seriously cannot afford much in Starbucks lol 🙂 And my family income is $52,560. I prefer purchasing dark grade beans in bulk, as it saves money.

      2. Starbucks is ideally suited for people who like coffee/tea/hot chocolate and have some disposable income. In England there are coffee shops like starbucks everywhere. I don’t think its that selective. But there will probably be more where there is more affluence and where there is more affluence people will tend to have somewhat higher iqs on average (but only on average).

        1. I do not know. We have no less than TWO Starbucks in this town, and this is considered to be a poor town. However, the Starbucks are both located in the wealthier parts of this town. This town has a LOT of rich people too, and they are quite smart, so it is sort of hard to call it a poor dumb town. It is just very much class and IQ segregated.

      3. In Los Angeles, Starbucks has become a commoner commodity. Starbucks means little now, at least in this town. I singled out Peet’s because it is rare (ie, more exclusive) and can only be found in heavily White/Asian neighborhoods.

  3. High IQ people show a lot of aggression, if it’s politically motivated. For instance, look at all the Anti-American hatred present when Bush was in office. It makes for a harsh experience, because you can’t control the situation. For instance, say your in Europe, Japan, or Korea. You think “When is the army (or the US government) going to fuck up again, and then the corresponding backlash from locals?” Something happens like clockwork every few years.
    It’s just the way the world is, but a lot of people aren’t used it. Funny, there were some people in my gym bitching because Mexicans were coming in, and they couldn’t understand what they were saying (because they assumed they might say bad things about them). Really, these guys can’t even handle a few foreigners much less being in some places like I’ve described.

  4. You don’t see any resentment from poor nations many times, but you see plenty from competing first world nations like Korea or some European nation. As you said, resentment stems from narcissism. Extremely poor nations have little to be proud about. In fact, all pride is broken in them it seems. For instance, in the Philippines, people do get angry at America, but only after some extreme thing like rape.

    1. I think what the 3rd world feels isn’t resentment, it’s something else. It’s not love though. The 3rd world feels the harshest pain from the US world system. The 1st world are mostly competitors with the US, and hence resentment, because they want to be # 1.

  5. Very good post. You are very much on target with your ananlysis. I have been living many type of communities and moving around world. I know how ghetto people (no body going to college) behave. Also know how colleagues from Ivy graduates behave.
    There is a Chinese saying:” When scholars meet soldiers, no reasoning will work”

  6. “He who possesses intelligence is strong; how can the man that is unintelligent be powerful? The elephant of the forest having lost his senses by intoxication was tricked into a lake by a small rabbit.” – Chanakya (I think that’s his name. He’s like the Machiavelli of Asia) Lol

  7. I hate to sound like a right winger, but some poor people are stingy. If they’re not willing to give, then why should they get? Some poor people never go to any restaurant where they have to tip somebody, ever.

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