Jeff Bezos is a Vile, Loathsome, Scum

More evidence, as if you needed anymore. Like Walmart, he’s been destroying local economies and Mom and Pop businesses all over America. How? With his sick tax scheme. Local economies and Mom and Pop businesses have to charge retail taxes, but Jeff Bezos, the Godhead, doesn’t! It always nearly made me vomit when Internet capitalist hipsters went on and on about, “No Internet sales tax!” Yeah, every other business in the US has to charge sales tax but you pieces of shit do not? How’s that fair? How’s that fair to other businesses? Personally, I like Mom and Pops, brick and mortars and local businesses way better than Internet capitalist punks. At brick and mortars, I get real customer service. Every store I walk into, I’m the king because I’m the customer. If there’s ever a problem (with few exceptions) it’s sorted out right on the spot. We can thank these glorious Internet capitalist hipsters for such things as voice mail robots that go on forever and let you never speak to a human, software patents, abandonware, Hindu 1-B scabs, the total destruction of the White American programmer as a profession to be replaced by incompetents from overseas, forcing you to buy their products, forced upgrades, the complete and total destruction of customer service, false charges, overbilling, lying sales pitches resulting in illegal oral contracts, the inability to return a product, the inability to own a product that you buy yourself, and other insanity and evil. It always disgusted me when Internet capitalist rags like Wired pitched Internet hipster capitalists as the greatest hipsters on Earth. It was forever a fraud. There was nothing hip about these Net dirtballs at all; they were simply capitalists just as nasty as any other profiteer, except that Internet hipster capitalists were often a lot worse than your ordinary capitalist! Internet hipster capitalists have set a new standard in capitalist evil. These people are not hip or cool or any of that. In fact, there some of the worst capitalists on the face of the Earth.

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  1. If possible, everyone should support small businesses over large corporations because a small business gives some individual or family a good livelihood and its more personal. Unfortunately, convenience and price usually wins out. I go to a fruit shop that is way cheaper than the supermarket though…I wish all the small sellers could be like this…it should be a social movement to circumvent the giants and support the little guys.

    1. I guess they will always tend to undercut to an extent on price- fewer overheads online, plus economies of scale. But a social movement to support the little guys- that is always welcome.

  2. Also as far as customer service goes, I prefer people to be natural than drones reading a script in a chain store. How dehumanizing.

  3. The thing is Bezos never even went into selling books out of any particular interest in books, but purely to make money. Compare to the owner of a small independent (mostly second-hand) bookstore I used to visit (and did some voluntary work for for a while) who said you only run a bookshop these days because you love books. This guy did, though hasn’t been too successful at it (and not primarily due to Amazon; another bookshop next door isn’t doing too badly and is still open).
    As for tax, as I have said before it’s not limited to your side of the Atlantic: here they allow themselves to be based in Luxembourg and due to EU rules, charge the lower Luxembourg rate of VAT (about 15% compared to Britain’s historically high 20%).
    Small independents are nice when you can support them but they are few and far between. Only second-hand stuff is really cheap and any bricks-and-mortar store is limited in its selection, making it a hit-and-miss affair especially for less popular titles. I’m not sure how much I would want to support all chains either (WHSmith over here will insist only plying you with vouchers and special offers you don’t want, for example).
    So, I think the approach for me is as follows:
    1. Continue to offer the smaller stores my custom where I can.
    2. Consider chain stores or even market stalls as an alternative to Amazon if I need to.
    3. Look for alternatives online where there is no alternative for a specific thing, preferably more ethical ones. (For books, I’ve used Waterstones, probably *the* main British bookstore chain left and one I at least know pays all its taxes, and have considered Alibris but not too sure about it. I’d go for better alternatives if I could.)
    4. Consider Amazon, eBay only for those things I can’t find elsewhere.
    Any recommendations for alternatives welcome!

    1. Not to mention he can’t even please his shareholders- he prefers Amazon to be like the Borg (i.e. assimilate everything in sight) than actually make a sizable profit.

  4. Scumbag Bezos should be in jail, and Amazon should be shut down. Boycott this piece of shit website; don’t give them a dime.

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