Female Prisoner Too Violent to Ever Be Let Out

Here. She obviously gets some sort of a DSM diagnosis. So what do we give her? Antisocial Personality Disorder (sociopath)? I am not so sure about that due to all the self-harm, although she is vicious. Since when do sociopaths display all this self harm? Sociopaths hurt others, not themselves, and they only kill themselves when the jig is up. They commit suicide to avoid arrest or in prison to avoid the pain of imprisonment, but only rarely in other cases, though some get alcoholic, depressed and suicidal in middle age as the sociopathy starts to burn itself out. I think she has some psychopathic traits though and would score fairly high on Hare PC-L test. She mostly looks like a Borderline. Borderlines can be quite violent, even female borderlines. And borderlines are notorious for horrific self-harm, suicide threats and suicide attempts. They are not usually this violent though. This crazy bitch has murdered a fellow inmate and attacked guards several times, carving up one’s cheek. Is there a syndrome called Borderline-Sociopath or Sociopathic Borderline? If there is, she might be something like that. Whatever she is, she sure is awful evil for a female. Females are not usually this bad. Females can be evil, but their evil is more annoying and infuriating than dangerous. Male evil is much worse because it is menacing, violent, dangerous and homicidal. I have dealt with some evil females in my life and while I wanted to kill most of them at the time, obviously I never did it or even tried or plotted. On the other hand, none of them were really dangerous to me. They were just trying to be as infuriating as possible to provoke the maximum possible violent and crazed reaction from me. I call it “trying to get murdered.” I will take female evil over male evil any day though. Evil men are terrifying. Evil men have tried to kill me, and I say that with all seriousness. I have had scenes with evil males where it was literally kill or be killed. “I either try to kill these guys, or do nothing and let them kill me.” Others have not tried to kill me but instead beat me very badly, even with heavy objects. As long as humans are not physically dangerous, they can sort of be tolerated no matter how wicked they are. But violence and the threat of injury or death via attack is a whole other matter.  

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0 thoughts on “Female Prisoner Too Violent to Ever Be Let Out”

  1. It’s hard to tell for certain by the photo, but it appears she is a fairly large so she is probably hard to control regardless of her gender. Reading the article it’s stated that she is often rotated to give guards a break. For her sake, it’s probably good that she is in a country like Australia- I have a feeling that elsewhere she would be regarded as too much trouble to keep locked up.

  2. I lived with a woman who was a borderline for five years. Even though she did not try a kill me with her own bare hands, she was the most evil manipulative bitch on the face of the Earth, and at one point tried to manipulate OTHER MEN into killing me.

    1. Borderlines are diabolical. Basically she-devils! I have had three borderline gf’s, two of whom were insanely, head over heels in love with me. They were Satanic nightmares in the flesh.

  3. This is the part that makes me think she is not a sociopath. A guy raped her, then beat the rap, and then she goes nuts and becomes an antisocial criminal. Sounds more Borderline than sociopathic. Sociopaths are bad news from teenage onwards. They don’t act nice and then suddenly turn criminal after some event.

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