White Slavery

This site is extremely NSFW!
White Domestic Slave for Blacks

I am a white male in Northern California, and I believe that Blacks are superior. I am available to become the property of a Black Family, a Black Woman, or a Black Community in order to fulfill my duties as a slave. I am obedient. I am open to being trained by each Black Person so that I can fulfill my duties are clearly as possible for them. I understand each Black Person has different demands and needs and that therefore each Black Family or Person will need to train me so that I can adequately honor them as my masters. While I believe in the superiority of the Black Race; I do NOT think of myself as worthless. I think I have value to the Black Race as a slave in many ways.

Are you kidding? Good God, that is so weird! He isn’t the only one. I have seen a number of guys like this on Tumblr.
Here are some of his captions:

Every Black Household in America should have at least five chairs in their homes with us whites tied, blindfolded and gagged and waiting to serve. Us whites are here in America to serve, honor and obey Black People.
Us whites must always offer our bodies to Black Men and Black Women. And all us whites can ever say is oh god oh god oh god because Black Men and Black Women are our gods, and we whites are their property.
This White makes me so proud to be White!!!!! This White is a credit to our White race in the way she serves her superiors!!!!! Yea for being White and knowing our place.
When a Black Woman or a Black Man or a Black Child tells you to dance and you are white like me, you dance. Us whites must always do as we are told by the Black Race.
We are White. We are here to honor, respect, and serve all Black People. Even if you are straight, like me, us Whites must do as we are told no matter how humiliated it makes us feel. The first time I sucked a Black cock, I was surprised that I did not feel humiliated. I felt proud to be serving the Black Community in new ways.
This is one of those moments when it is truly wonderful to be white and to be owned. All of us whites aspire to this moment when we are owned and possessed by Black Men and Black Women.

And check out this very NSFW poster of a pathetic White man, his wife, and her Black lover. That is so ridiculous! This is how these guys “serve the Black community?” Good God, dude. If you want to serve the Black community, give $20 to the NAACP. Don’t do this!
I can see why Black guys could get off on this as a control thing, but for the White man, this is ridiculous!
Also the whole cuckolding scene is about wimpy White males being denied the right to have sex with their wives (to the extent that she locks up his penis in a little cage LOL) while the wife has sex with one or more Black men, often in front of the pathetic husband in order to humiliate him, which he gets off on. While the Blacks have sex with the woman, they make humiliating, insulting and degrading comments to her man, which is apparently enjoys. The man is usually heterosexual, but the Blacks having sex with the woman often force the man to perform fellatio on the Black guys LOL. He gets off on this too because it is totally humiliating.
A large part of the scene is talking about how inferior Whites are, especially for sex, and how superior Black men are, especially for sex. The woman often state that they have gone “Black men only” and a lot of times they write phrases like that on her body. Many of these women say, {“I will never have sex with a pathetic White man again. I am surrendering myself to the superior Black race. In addition, the woman often tries to get pregnant by one or more of these Black guys. The idea that she is carrying a Black man’s baby in her belly is apparently particularly humiliating to these ridiculous White men.
There are many websites set up for people with this ridiculous fetish. One of the more notable ones was called Dark Cavern. I spent some time on the free areas a while back. I absolutely do not get off on the idea of being cuckolded, but I do get off seeing White men sexed by Black guys. That part of it was pretty hot. Also the idea that some of these White women were going “Black only” was sort of hot (because it is so perverted), but it made me mad when they said, “I will never touch a White man ever again.”
I could never do anything like this as I am not submissive at all, and I would certainly never serve Black folks in any way, shape or form. That’s absolutely ridiculous.
You would be amazed at how perverted regular people are. There are so many bizarre and weird perversions and fetishes out there that you would not even believe it.
Most of these fetishes just make me laugh because they are so absurd, pathetic, ridiculous or idiotic. I also have a hard time understanding how people can be this perverted. I am pretty perverted myself, but come on now, let’s set some limits on this sort of thing people!

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14 thoughts on “White Slavery”

  1. um nope. I am a proud white male with an 18 inch cock, thicker than a gallon milk can. I have a pedigree going back 10 thousand years to the Aryan-Teutonics of Asgard and Atlantis, and the government is so frightened of my innate caucasoid potential that they made me file a non disclosure agreement of my superior white male dna supreme genetics.
    You see white men are actually from the distant island of atlantis which was floating in the tuberclizician Stratosphere of Earth, which Gulliver christened as Laputa. We were a race of megalithic giantoids with red hair, the conqueror race. We were sentenced to sexual death because of the Ebonoid and Citrusoid races. The Citrusoid, or yellow Asiatic barbaric monghoulic species was jealous of our huge cocks-the average pureblood Nordid Halstett-Corded Aryan Anglo White man has a 20 inch cock. The Asiatic Yiddishazim-Ashkenazim-Judeoids were a race of hybrid daemons who assisted these evilistic Asiatics.
    The Eboniods, or black negaroids, were covetators of our white women who were bred from eagles and doves to be the ultimate submissive-masochistic-subservile-Yin to the white males Yang-dominant-bodylikespiritualism. The white woman’s queen Mother Yggdrassil was having an affair with the negaroid slave and therefore she aided the Negars and Negaroids in killing white males.
    L Ron Hubbard discovered this plot during a pineal gland decalcification session but ended up being destroyed by telepathic cryonic warfare which freezes the neuronic synpatic connection between the pineal gland and the chakra center in the cingulate cortex. The third eye of the white dieties were obfuscated by the evil left reptilian draco, which subversed the Jewish media control over us.
    The media such as CNN and other leftwings use a broadcast frequency of 1666 hertz by an amplitude of 616 mm. This is why 666 and 616 were numbers of the devil in Revelation. The frequencies activate the submissive part of the brain in White Male DNA brains by enlarging the medulla oblongata to three times its original size. Righteous Christian anti Zionist news media like Fox and David Duke attempt to combat this by equilibriumization of the frequencies through ultraviolet subsonarization of liquid hydrogen particles in CNN and MSNBC copper wiring composed of the unique formula C2FH1P2 molar mass 16.44 density 44mol/g.
    The doublement of 44 is 88 which corresponds to H in the Englican-Phoenician alphabetization of language. HH is Heil Hitler. This is why true proud Aryans must wear 14/88 on the base of their skull, blocking intereference transmissions aimed at tge medulla oblongata.
    Wake up noble Aryan men. Take our women back.

  2. Stupid – every day more and more black women are turning to white men – the media and white liberal women do not understand why. I do~

  3. Those games seem quite fun, especially since I’ve been working out at the gym, and my body is becoming more developed.

  4. There are cuckolds in every race, country and culture. While there is a scientific explanation to their masochistic tendencies, these people do come across as a bit desperate and silly. It’s one thing to have D/s fantasies but there are sickos out there who imagine themselves bound 24×7 to a Gorean lifestyle and their entire lives revolve around sexual pleasure. No other hobbies or interests – that’s really a one-dimensional way to spend your only life. Life is God’s gift – it’s meant to be beautiful and abundant and there’s a very thin line between the sacred and the profane.
    The only relationship between a man and a woman should be built on LOVE…everything else is just a tool. I believe most people in the BDSM scene are simply FAKING it, stupid trolls is all that comes to mind. Even the most Satanic pervert has to work for a living, pay bills and needs long breaks an their imaginary state of constant arousal to pursue other things that matter. The Total Power Exchange (TPE) concept is a big pile of bullshit.
    God gave us sexuality to enjoy with it not abuse it like a commodity. The Bible isn’t really very prude. One just needs to look into erotic passages from the Songs of Solomon: obviously God designed HETEROSEXUAL sex to make it pleasurable.

  5. Speaking of BDSM, one of the most trollish community sites of the so-called Gorean community – COLLARME.com has shut down because of a legal spat between the domain co-owners.
    Just go through the comments section where the desperate boneheads rue about being being deprived of their addiction: beyond hilarious.
    I wouldn’t deny I was a member too and I even met individuals who are a part of this lifestyle. But towards the end, I would only log in to trolls the desperados for laughter. This was supposedly the largest gathering of BDSM community worldwide. Left to their own devices, people can really come up with rare twisted behavior.
    For some reasons, the most serious BDSM members were from the United Kingdom, American visitors were the highest but the Brits certainly outdid everyone else when it comes to behaving like sex-crazed monsters. There were a hell lot of Indians too who usually wanted filthy chat but phone/cam sex, sharing nude pics and acting like complete dickwads was what really drove them. I hardly saw any Pakistanis, is it possible as a nation they are better behaved and maturer compared to Indians???

  6. Often you encounter so many psychos in real life, there’s no time for “make believe” ones, lol.

  7. Of course, the fun would be gone once your deflated. Unless there might be some fun standing around nude, and then it comes back.

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