Aging Has a Regressing Effect on Objects

Historia Nerd (19 year old woman) writes:

Thank you 🙂 . It seems the teen community these day are getting sillier and sillier, as you say. Many teens prefer music that doesn’t have any substance and enjoy hurting themselves, than furthering themselves. I’m afraid I am part of the lost generation; a generation that cannot be saved.

I doubt if we were any more sensible. This is an unfortunate aspect of getting older. I used to love to look at teenage girls. They still look good but not as good as they used to. And with each passing year, they are looking younger and younger (regressing). Even 16-17 year old girls now look way too young. I look at them and wonder if they are 13 or 14 year olds. I met a girl the other day, and I asked her if she was in junior high. She got offended and told me she was 16 and a junior in high school. I saw some girls in the local store, and I ask the worker if those are high school or junior high girls because I can hardly tell the difference anymore. He said high school girls, and I believe they were sophomores. But honestly I could not tell them apart from 8th graders. Even college girls seem silly to me these days, including some that are very bright. I have loved college girls my whole life, so that is a weird and somewhat depressing and distressing experience. As you get older, younger people aged 13-22 or so start seeming younger and more immature (regressing) with each passing year. I would go out with a college girl nowadays, but to be completely honest, 98

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0 thoughts on “Aging Has a Regressing Effect on Objects”

  1. If you wanted to be really mean and dirty, you could hook 18-19 year olds on pills to get sex. Of course, only scumbags would do that. However, you would get all you want, all the time.

  2. In psychology, everything external to the self is referred as an object. I could not really think of another way to phrase it. Basically the people other than you are more or less objects. Aging has a regressive effect on the younger persons that the aging person views is what I meant, but it’s hard to put that in a title.

    1. Psychopaths see other people as objects so it sounds a bit psychopathic. You could simply have said other people. It’s true though. I was still around campus in my mid twenties and the ‘freshmen’ as you say we’re looking a bit younger every year. Fifteen year olds look like kids, 13 or something. I’m only thirty.
      From the title I thought you meant people who start out above average regress to the mean as they age. Think height and iq.

      1. When I started uni at nineteen I thought everyone looked really mature and grown up. By twenty five the first years were looking like kids.

      2. Aging Has a Regressing Effect on Other People? Does not sound good.
        Have you studied psychology? Ever heard of Object Relations? Everyone in your life in an object, as in external object.

        1. I looked it up. I see where you are coming from now. Still seems a bit strange to talk about others as objects when recognising them as subjects is an essential part of your experience of them and way of relating to them (unless maybe you are a psycho). Anyway, just because some theory is in psychology doesn’t mean it isn’t bullshit. See Freud.

        2. They are objects because they are external to the self, assuming that the self is the only subject obviously. Object Relations makes sense in that their definition of objects is rational. As far as the rest of the theory, not sure, but I rather like it.

        3. From the point of view of the ego or the self, there is only one subject and that is you. Everything external to the ego or the self is an object (external object).

      3. Yeah I met a 14 yr old girl the other day, and I was certain she was no more than 12. And she was incredibly immature and girlish.
        I was looking for a word that means to become younger, the antonym of to age. There really was none and to regress was the best antonym for to age. We do not have a verb meaning “to become younger.”

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