Russia and China Unite Against America

Here. Good! It’s about time! No country is responsible enough to run a unipolar world, and obviously this is one of the last countries you would pick for the job. Let’s go back to bipolarity, tripolarity, anything but this. Washington’s had its day in the sun. Back to reality now!  

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7 thoughts on “Russia and China Unite Against America”

  1. Quess what – both Russia and China could not fight any type of real war today – their equipment is so junky and falls apart after a few months, they just throw it away and manufacture more junk. We may not make much anymore in America but our Military has the best equipment on the planet!

  2. Not true. Russian equipment is great, and Chinese stuff is not bad. Russia exports all over the world. A non-nuclear war between the US and either Russia or China would be a very bad idea for the US.

  3. Why, oh why, was it left to Pat Buchanan to say that the interests of the US and Russia are aligned? Of course that’s assuming the US foregoes an interest in global imperial dominance, which is looking doubtful at this point.

  4. The US is exhausting itself via neo-imperial overreach, spend trillions of dollars of Chinese bought US bonds to fight 3 simultaneous wars in Syria, Afghanistan, & Ukraine. When we have lost all 3 wars, with nothing to show, that’s when the Chinese will sell out @ last then.

  5. May I ask you a question? I cannot define your political views, it’s your business, but why many (Leftist, Communist, Liberal or whatever) Americans like when their country is becoming more weak and when other country make anti-American counter-alliances? Because if we look into the essence, the prosperity of America and each American citizen are based exactly on this imperialistic aggressive foreign politics. She not just “makes wars”, but controls and exploits the world markets with both hard and soft powers. I can understand non-Americans dislike America, but Americans themselves? Why? If not that policy you’ll end up a northern somewhat better variant of Mexico or Brazil. The two world wars were the turning points in the American prosperity, America thrives on wars and conflicts.

    1. The US does not need imperialism. We used to be isolationists and we were rich then. I do not believe that if we give up imperialism, we will become a 3rd World country.

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