Jim Carroll Band, People Who Died

This song is so good! Great punk rock from around 1980. The album is called Catholic Boy and it is highly recommended. And even though the song is about the dead, it’s even better live:

If anyone was around LA about this time, perhaps you remember Rodney Bingenheimer and K-ROQ. I actually like Rodney, though a lot of people hate him. I saw him once at the Whiskey a Go Go (one of my favorite hangouts) in West Hollywood on the Sunset Strip once. He came in very late to the show, maybe 1 AM, with a few people in tow. He’s not gay like some say, he just has a glam era Bowie voice and he’s somewhat androgynous like many notorious players. It was long rumored that he not only liked girls, but he liked em young, as in underage teenage girls, 14-17 or thereabouts. I don’t think he ever got caught and back then, so many adult men were doing such things, you would not even believe it. It was illegal, but it wasn’t enforced very much. About the song: no one here is getting out alive. We’re all just buying time.

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0 thoughts on “Jim Carroll Band, People Who Died”

  1. Wow.
    Been looking for this tune for sometime. Timely, as I lost 2 peeps over the last weekend and I have 2 more on the way out. I have had the chorus rattling in my bean for a good decade and a half.

  2. Speaking of people that die, a man in my hometown hit a cow on the interstate. I suppose a farmer neglected to fix his fence. Imagine going at night on an interstate at 70 miles an hour, and hitting a cow!

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