AC/DC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"
Ok, the band is idiotic, the fans are insipid when they’re not retarded, God knows what the lyrics are about and I’m not even sure I want to find out, but hey, admit it, come on, you that against your better judgement, you really do love this band. It goes straight to your limbic system, your lizard brain, and it bypasses all rational thought. The songs, the rhythms, even the midget lead singer’s antics, they’re all great. Too much man, too much. They were bad! And on top of all that, they’re from Australia of all places, mate!
Rock and roll forever!

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9 thoughts on “AC/DC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"”

    1. Or ..
      listen to the ‘High Voltage’ and ” If You Want Blood You Got It’ albums.
      Magnificent. Bon Scott was the best.

  1. Robert
    We can never be snobs when the music appeals to our animal, juvenile, superficial senses. Its entertainment! Listening to AC/DC transports me back to my teenage years: but with my current awareness. The days I listen to “Back in Black”, I feel like I can take on anybody and talk about anything in a more than aggressive manner. I can fuck any chick or fight any mofo on those days which bring out the beast in me.
    I personally find Brian Johnson to be an even impressive screamer than Bon Scott.
    On a side note, what do you think about Jethro Tull? Aqualung, Thick as a Brick and (to a much lesser extent) Crest of a Knave give me the chills.
    Here is “Budapest” for you:

  2. My mum knew the singer here in Australia, he died from too much booze one night 🙁 This song is fictional tale about him being a sort of hit man, as in “dirty deeds” being the deed to get rid of someone!!
    He sure was a character and wrote some of the band’s best stuff!

  3. Oh and another funny story is that people actually called the number he sings about in this song! Apparently it belonged to an old wealthy woman who was very upset about having phone calls at all hours!!

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