Indian Supreme Court Rules That Sharia Courts Have No Legal Authority in India

Here. This is a good, reasonable decision. The petitioner filed suit nine years ago (See how long it takes for a case to wind its way through India’s broken legal system) asking to dismantle India’s Sharia courts since they set up a parallel legal system next to the official one. He said that people in Muslim areas often felt powerless to go against the decisions of the Sharia court even if they opposed those decisions. The court ruled that since no one had to obey the Sharia courts’ ruling, there was no reason to shut down the courts, and an individual was always free to seek a ruling from the courts if he so wished. Of course, India’s Muslim leaders denounced the decision. These stupid Sharia courts are now spreading in the UK. I do not believe that the UK should give these courts the sanction of legal authority in the UK.

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0 thoughts on “Indian Supreme Court Rules That Sharia Courts Have No Legal Authority in India”

  1. Sharia in the UK would be like running Windows on VM on a Linux box.
    Sure you can install Sharia law, you’d just need to get some laws changed to accommodate it. There’d probably be a Sharia Law Act to accommodate it. That would be an act of UK law, which would continue to cradle Sharia like a baby. Then like the teenager that knows everything but never had to pay any serious bills.

    1. Muslims tend to riot against court judgements they dont like. Modi does not control Judiciary. But with Modi rule, the Judges probably felt that their ruling will be enforced, since muslim rioters will be handled roughly. In contrast, in 1985, the Supreme Court judgment in Shah Bano Case, which asked Muslim Husbands to pay alimony to their divorced wives. Muslims rioted all over the country and the ruling Congress passed a law in Parliament to over-rule the Supreme Court

    2. Of course this is all about Modi! The SC probably didn’t want to rule on this, but now that Modi is in, they feel that he gives them the cover that they need to make this ruling.

        1. Of course they are ALLOWED to use the decisions of the religious courts if they so wish, however, the decisions of the religious courts are not legally binding in the US and have no force of law.

      1. Beatrix, the readers of this blog know what’s wrong with India having discussed extensively in depth about Indian and its retarded culture all these years. Nobody can deny the problem persistent in India all these years. The problem is when you try to hijack every other thread by looping the problems with India and comments like the one you stated in the lasta para using your various avtars like Tamasha, Bibi in other blogs, it then goes beyond the logic and minimum decency and then it become a vicious cycle. You abuse them, they abuse you, then you become more bitter for them and it continues like an endless loop
        I had no reason to pick up a fight with you but when this cycle of abuses keep continuing I had no other choice but to respond. Thats’ what Xera has done all the time while he was here. I believe you are above him. I apologize and I take back the abuses hurled if it had offended you.

      2. Yes you have the penchant to hijack every other thread into anti indian rant and you have clearly done that in the past. I would love to take the time to point the posts where you have done that but then i dont intend to as t will serve no purpose, as you are going to follow the same indian traits which accused the indians of “Bluster, Denial & Deflection.”
        Now I do not have many avtars, Its people like you who have the itch in your ass vent their frusturations that resort to multiple identities and following the same “Bluster, Denial & Deflection.” that you acccuse others off. i can make my points honestly without any denial.

      3. Lol, Intellect and you what an oxymoron.. DOnt use heavy words that you can’t identify with? Kiddo, you want to have the last word really, don’t you? Well then take it for today, but leave soon before your kid returns home from school catching you embarrassingly defecate in your keyboard, ok? later retard!!!

      4. “You’re the Indian, defecation & reveling therein is your culture & creed.”
        Oops there you go dear!! You can’t keep India out of you, can you??
        Thanks for proving my point and keep defecating through your keyboard… I wonder how you tolerate that stench and keep typing.

  2. FYi
    The order will therefore also have a direct impact on the operation of khap panchayats and similar organisations that issue diktats and pass orders and penalties while hearing disputes. Communities, mostly Jats, who take disputes to khap panchayats are also required to subject themselves to Indian courts on all matters including those that would be covered by a “uniform civil code” — marriage, divorce, maintenance after divorce or separation, inheritance and property rights, etc.

    1. So now what? That’s our problem and things will not get done overnight. You’re happy that you mudslinged India into it right.. Now get your a** back where it belongs also remind your husband that sharia courts are banned in India…

    2. Oh my beauty, you never miss an opportunity to mudslinge us….. when the post is about Sharia where was the need to bring in Khap Panchayat,, Dont equate with a dumb hindutva, i detest them more than you do,, Now shove your hate up in your rotten canal

    3. Nice try dipsh**,
      Where is that case in the first link you’ve provided?? Now when I pointed our your hypocrisy you bring in Imrana.
      the links states
      “Soon after she was raped, a local Muslim panchayat (council of elders) asked her to treat her husband Nur Ilahi as her son and declared their marriage null and void.[3] Imrana defied the panchayat’s ruling and continued living with her husband.
      Never a word Khap panchayat was given…yes Khap Panchayat follows sharia to some extent but then it differs from state to state not every Khap panchayat deals on the same sharia codes…
      Clearly your idea is to deflect the topic from shariya and take it elsewhere and your itchy a** wants to extrapolate the problem and bring in whole of india. admit sh**head!!!

    4. Sorry fat a** babe, Its not necessary for me to know about sultana, gultana you should be better endowed with all the statistics and knowledge since you’re so deliberate to trash us,, but you failed to provide that and you needed a search to find something of relevance and get on with your Pschizhophrenic ad hominem rants.
      Its you that’s constantly bothered by our country more than the Indians in here, that you can’t pass a day without deepthroating one everyday. You’re not the only jackass we encounter in these kinds of blogs. Inspite of all the adjectives you used to refer us, we are far far better than a hate mongering, incorrigible, despicable scum like you.

  3. My question is who voted for Modi? There are lot of Christian, Muslims, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists and Saivists who would have been against his vote no?

    1. Dumbest of the dumb who believed the media propaganda that he was a kind of savior who could work wonders and could take us to phoenix like glory would have voted… Moreover, his lower caste and anti-incumbency factor towards the ruling congress was really instrumental behind the reason for his astounding success

      1. I know the low caste are 600 million strong, so they could have easily not voted for Modi. Pranav were they coerced into voting or was this of their free will?

        1. Lol,
          Modi himself is a low caste guy,It is mostly the low caste people who voted him even the untouchable christians and muslims had no difficulty electing him as he apparently stood fot their causes promising them all massive refroms if he were to be elected and you know the stupidity of the Indians.They easily get caught on by emotions which was Modis primary weapon in his speeches otherwise I dont see why would anyonw want to eleact a moron and a murderer who promotes hindutva shit.

        2. Most vote on the caste basis, they are not bothered by the ideologies. I dont know how many are even aware of the shenanigans of these politicians. But one has to remember BJP’s vote share is considerably less for the thumping number of seats it secured. So its pretty clear that there are numerous skeptics among the huge vote base who went for alternate choices.. Like I said anti incumbency factor against the ruling congress and lack of a strong third leadership worked in BJP’s favour

    2. Google ‘India demographics’ and look on the wiki article at the religions. You’ll probably find a large majority of Hindus. You’re welcome.

    3. Since I like finding shit out, I did it for you:
      % total of population 2001
      Hindus 80.5%
      Muslims 13.4%
      Christians 2.3%
      Sikhs 1.9%
      Jains 0.8%
      Other 0.6%
      That’s what you do to find out if you have a point.

        1. Lol thanks Steven :). I realized that Hindus were a whopping huge percentage of people in India. I thought there were at least some huge amount of Muslims, considering he jump in conversion rates.

  4. The Modi government is about to collapse and soon the anti-corruption and idealistic AAP government will rise and its just a matter of time before it turns India into a heaven,yes Robert!!!you heard it right!!!India will soon be the heaven of earth and 10 years from now you would be praising India on this blog and pointing at it as an example of an ideal society.

    1. Yes I know all this is going to happen, and I am very excited about it. But I do not want to give it away too soon, so I am going to wait until it happens to make it more of a surprise.

      1. I know 🙂 I can feel change. It’s not just happening in India, its also going to happen in Greece. Hunger strikes are increasing and soon Golden Dawn will consolidate power. Likewise, Modi and his thugs will be kicked out soon and a stronger government awaits. Robert I personally think the key to India are the youth (I know it sounds cliche). I hope change happens.

  5. 9% of Indian muslims voted for him, thats a record for muslim votes for BJP
    Among Shia muslims, 35% voted for him, thats bcos BJP protects Shia from Sunni rioters
    25% of Gujurat muslims voted for him, bcos, despite 2002 riots and stern action against muslim rioters and terrorists, he has provided a regime that is relatively clean and efficient and has provided 12% growth in Gujurat and non-jihadist muslims are happy
    8% of Indian christians voted for him, including 30% of Goa christians, where a BJP+catholic alliance rules the state of Goa
    25% of Sikhs voted for him in Punjab where a BJP+Sikh alliance rules
    The BJP campaign leader, Amit Shah is a Jain and 85% of Jains voted for Modi
    75% of Upper castes voted for him
    35% of Dalits and tribals voted for him. The only dalit voters against Modi are the Jatav sub-caste of Dalits who voted for a Jatav party which allies with muslims
    50% of mid-level backward castes voted for him.
    The only mid-level backward castes who voted against him were Yadavs, a caste of milk-men who ally with muslims
    Modi is himself a backward caste, but strongly supported by Upper caste Hindus
    BJP accepts all Indian origin religions, such as buddhists and Jains and Sikhs and non-proselytising foreign religions like Jews and Zorastrians.
    Previous BJP regime, had as a VP- Gen Jacob, an Indian jew, who masterminded Pakistan defeat in 1971 Bangladesh war. Modi is very kind to Zorastrian businessmen like Tata
    The BJP won Ladakh seat, with Buddhist voting unitedly for BJP against Congress supported muslim candidate
    In Mumbai area, BJP is in alliance with Buddhist-Dalit party and they won 44 / 48 seats

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