US Liberal-Left Switching Sides on the Ukraine Issue

The nonstop corporate media propaganda vilifying Russia and supporting the Ukrainian Nazis has had a profound effect. Large numbers of the US and British publics now support the Nazis, even as they slaughter Eastern Ukrainians and level cities in the heart of Europe. As I have reported before, US support for the Nazis has been across the board, from the Hard Left all the way to the Hard Right. However, that seems to be falling apart. I did an impressionistic survey of comments on articles dealing with the Ukraine on Daily Kos and Alternet. Daily Kos is the website of the base of the Democratic Party, which is really the left wing of the Democratic Party. Although some in this group are critical of Obama, most of them pretty much support all Democrats against all Republicans in a partisan manner. A man named Markos runs the site, and he is a big Democratic Party insider. Alternet is to the left of the Democratic Party base. These are folks who are attacking Obama from the left and saying they will vote 3rd party. Results were that on Daily Kos: 55 45 In other words, the base of the Democratic Party is now evenly split, 50-50 on Ukraine. That’s not good news for Obama. I feel that this 50-50 split will widen in the coming days and more of the base goes over to the pro-Russian side. The Alternet results were: 77 23 So the US Left now strongly supports Russia and opposes the Ukraine. It took them a while to come around, but come around they did. What is fascinating is that huge numbers of Americans on the liberal-Left have managed to avoid being brainwashed by the constant anti-Russia, pro-Ukraine propaganda flooding out of the entire US corporate media with no exception. These people also had knowledge of many events that were never reported or reported falsely by the US media. Probably the only way they could have gotten those facts was via the Internet. So it turns out that many folks are getting their news from the Internet via non-MSM corporate sites (like this one)! This bodes very ill for the US Deep State, both parties, the US corporate media and the US corporate-imperialist elite. This elite stays in power in part via continuous brainwashing propaganda using the corporate media that they control. However, this media monopoly is now gone and Americans are no longer subject to brainwash and only brainwash. They have a media source that is completely out of the control of the US elite, running wild and exposing these American scums for exactly what they are. In other words, the elite is losing their control over us. Good news. However, expect to see some major initiatives by the US corporate-imperialist elite to deal with this problem by somehow taking over the Internet or censoring it somehow. We may even see arrests and harassment of journalists and DOS attacks on non-MSM news sites.

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  1. But why does it matter? The people have little influence on politics anyway. In your so called elections you just choose one wing of the same Democratic-Republican Party of America. I wonder how do you, Americans, make the difference and pick up the “right” one. Ask any non-American and he’ll hardly name the difference between Democrats and Republicans. They are too close.

  2. And one other thing. You and many others like Saker name the Ukries as “Nazis”. But it is a very rude terminological mistake. They have very little to do with those old true German Nazis. The Ukries can use 3rd Reich symbols and praise Ukrainian collaborators, but it is just outward resemblance. The inside, the ideology, the core is very different. In the Western general opinion the word “Nazi” has quite definite connotations. Ask a Westerner why Nazis were bad and the most probable (if not only) answer will be “they hated Jews and killed 6 million of them,” that’s all. Maybe the Nazis also killed some other dozen million of Soviet people, but who knows and who cares? Naming the Ukries “Nazi” is wrong as the Ukries’ enemy is not Jews nor their Ukrainian failed-state resembles in any way the 3rd Reich which could conquer entire Europe (but failed in the USSR). The Ukrie bosses Poroshenko and Kolomoysky and many others are themselves ethnic (Ukrainian) Jews and their “glorious” army of genocidists could not conquer just one small town of Slavyansk for 3 months. The only things they hate are Russia, Russians and any trait of Russianness. This is why they’re killing people in Donbass with fury, as this is the most Russian region of Ukraine (apart from the Crimea).
    The best word for them is not “Nazism” but “Ukrainism”. I’m not sure what word to use for the bearers of this ideology. There have been coined Banderites or Banderistas, though Stepan Bandera himself has not invented Ukrainism ideology, nor he was the real leader and ideologist. He was just a mediocre collaborator who spent most of the war under arrest in a Gestapo prison (the Germans did not trust him). His cult is a curious incident. I think the better is Ukrainisators or shortly Ukries. There are some good works about Ukrainism, if you know Russian you can read “The origin of the Ukrainian separatism” (Происхождение украинского сепаратизма) by a White Russian émigré Nikolay Ulyanov (not a relative of Lenin!) or “Ukrainisators and us” (Украинствующие и мы) by Vasily Shulgin.
    So it is no wonder why nobody in the West sees the problems in Ukraine. If the West hates Russia for a long time, why do they oppose those who also hates Russians? Yes, the Ukries also began killing Russians during their “anti-terrorist operation”, but isn’t this a dream of the Western political establishment to kill Russians and subdue Russia? Who cares about those Russians? The less of them alive, the better!

    1. Yes they are anti-Russian fascists. I am going to keep on calling them Nazis though. It has some validity and it is good for propaganda as it isn’t exactly a lie.

      1. You (and anybody) can call them whatever you want. I’m just saying the label “Nazi ” has important drawbacks. I heard many times the objections that they are not Nazi nor fascist as they do not hate Jews, Blacks etc. and that’s quite true. So for the Western public “Nazis” are synonymous to anti-Semites or white supremacy racists, while the Ukries are not. Yes, drawing them as Nazis is quite not so bad image for propaganda purposes, but in fact they’re simply Russophobes. But, from the other hand, their Russophobia cannot rise any sentiments in the West. “They hate Russians? So what? What’s the problem? We hate Russian also! Let’s help this new democracy against the resurrecting Evil Empire, then!”. This is a stalemate situation of loneliness for Russia. Call them Nazi, you’ll be wrong, it can be easily disproved. Call them Russiphobes, you get nothing as nobody blames Russophobes and nobody cares about Russians.
        So you can call them Nazis and fascists, BUT they’ll answer they are not, they like Jews, like Blacks (especially Obama), their country is not fascist, but democratic (unlike the millennium-old Russian tyranny with their bloody dictators, one of them Putin), they fight for their country against Russian aggression and imperialism, blah-blah. Clear “you-too” game with no winners.
        And there is real curious examples of their “Nazism” as well. One of their warlords Semenchenko already said that Ukraine is now like in WWII fighting against fascists (Russian for now) that he remembers and appreciates Soviet soldiers, his Soviet forefathers, etc. Moreover one of their punitive squads is called “72th Guardian, Krasnograd (“Redtown”), Kievan, Order of the Red Banner, Brigade”.
        This is a total mess there. But what really unites all that rabble (of any ethnic background and religious and political views) is Russophobic Ukrainism (I’d say it’s very close to totalitarian Wahhabism).

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