Trains That Go 5,000 Miles An Hour!

The amazing Vactrain. This has been merely a theoretical model, first proposed 100 years ago. A major proposal was unveiled by a man named Salter in the 1970’s;  however, his project was shelved due to huge costs – estimated at $1 trillion. Once it was built out, one could travel from New York to Beijing in 2 hours! Trains would go under the ocean, on the ocean floor or underground. People would be subjected to forces 1.4X gravity, so modifications would have to be made in the model to deal with that. All of these are theoretical at the moment, but China has unveiled plans to build a Vactrain going 620 mph. It is due to be completed in 2020. Exciting news! I do not understand engineering well, so if some of you do, you might be interested in the specifics.

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  1. If that’s the case, then that make even maglev trains obsolete as well. I suppose 1 could theoretically work in LA or San Diego then commute back home to Phoenix or Tucson each workday. But concerning the Chinese however, would it be wise,from the average Chinese person POV, seeing the vast majority of China’s people still can’t afford to ride a bullet train, much less a ‘Vactran’? China would still need to become to reach @ least $20,000 per capita income @ 2014 prices in order for it to be useful to just enough of its citizens in order to become viable.

  2. Why do other countries have to be ahead of us on the supertrain front? Here in Houston, just about a decade ago, we were barely able to get the go ahead on a lightrail train past right-wing politics, for the medical center. 4th largest city in America in the 21st century still was barely able to get its only light rail train system.

    1. Because we are stupid! Moronicans actually HATE the idea of mass transit, that’s how dumb they are. I imagine that if polled every nation on Earth, strong majorities would support the country’s mass transit system or the idea of one if they do not have one. There is only one nation on Earth where majorities are so idiotic and insane as to oppose mass transit for themselves.

  3. Live in San Diego, work in San Francisco. Why would you want to crush space, make us all tiny? Isn’t the world small enough already?

  4. I have always thought future train tech was interesting. I haven’t ridden a train in many years, but über high speed train travel sounds fun.

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