The Latest Stupid Idea from Lunatic American Gun Culture

Here. That’s stupid. Now all those idiots getting wounded in gun accidents are going to die instead. Brilliant. The gun nuts are really like any other conservative. Every single thing a gun nut says is a lie in some way or another, or is at least irrelevant. They have no good arguments about anything, and they never have.

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0 thoughts on “The Latest Stupid Idea from Lunatic American Gun Culture”

      1. Yep and a tremendous amount of shootings are criminals bad guys shooting at and wounding or killing good guy victims or cops. Now apparently many of these cops and victims may die instead of just being wounded.
        Also the many, in the many cases of accidental shootings that result in people being wounded accidentally with someone’s gun, more of these innocent people may die instead of just being wounded.
        How smart is that?

  1. I guess it’s just evolution, sorry to say. It would be like people who misuse fireworks. I just hope no kids get hurt though.

  2. Another mass shooting more cries of out rage, yeah we know that works. A government that changed nothing after the most horrific tragedy of Sandy Hook, children slaughtered by a crazy with an assault weapon, politicians protecting their votes, that is what this country runs on, that & all the stupid gun jerks, at least the confederate hate racist stupid south flag may come down, that’s the best that will happen, we as a country not even embarrassed that we have more gun deaths than any other advanced country, Stop telling me we are the greatest country in the world, what a joke! & all you idiots that vote these poor excuses as humans to run our government, & not working with the President to change our gun laws, FOR CHRIST SAKES we can’t even ban assault weapons. HOW PATHETIC. The same stupid jerks who buy into conspiracy theories, anything to keep your self from the truth, that all of you who believe your frigin gun rights are worth the price of every innocent life even a child that has died, so you don’t have to face that because of cockroaches like you, the killings continue.

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