Prison Rape: The Aftermath

This image is very much NSFW!
A Brazilian man was arrested for beating, raping and killing his girlfriend’s 20 month old child. He was thrown in prison into a crowded cell where he was badly beaten and repeatedly raped by up to 20 men. He was sent to the infirmary where his injuries were treated and his anus was stitched up (he may have had fissures from the rape). They sent him back to the same cell again and they tore out his stitches and raped him again.

That looks pretty bad. There appears to be a lot of bleeding in the anal region.
Click to enlarge. That looks pretty bad. There appears to be a lot of bleeding in the anal region.

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0 thoughts on “Prison Rape: The Aftermath”

    1. United Breaks Guitars.
      wow sending him back to the same cell, that was cold. They had to know it would happen again. I’m not saying he didn’t deserve it but still.

    1. ‘In a month you’ll be able to park a car in that guy’s rectum’
      Rectum ? It damn near killed-um.

      1. I would bet those merciless inmates keep doling out
        ‘jailhouse justice’ by fisting his starfish until he can permanently smuggle a traffic cone.
        Makes you curious how that turd is going to come out. It’s going to lose that nice tight aerodynamic shape. Once it hits that lower intestine then tumbles down the vast walls of the recently redecorated rectum, no telling how it will come out. Maybe it will be a nice and round like a brown snowball that just rolled down unimpeded. Or it just gets mashed against those loose flesh walls and ultimately has to be hosed out.
        Probably the latter.

  1. It still boggles my mind how anybody would want to hurt a baby. People like that should be crucified.

    1. Still that man doesn’t deserve to be brutalized by 20 men. I mean the fact that he turned himself in, meant that he accepted his actions and was willing to be incarcerated, not raped! Pretty cruel, but oh well. That’s how prison roles. By the way, were the rapists gay or doing it for dominance?

      1. I am quite sure that not even one of those rapists were gay or even bisexual. A lot of straight men can have gay sex. Guys get turned on by everything, and men will screw anything anyway.

    2. I guess all they can do is throw them in prison. The shame of doing something like that is horrible enough, without physical or sexual punishment.

  2. A 20 month old toddler? If the allegations are true (not just a conviction… lots of innocent people in prison), then the only needful thing was for him to die.

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