My Position on the Private Ownership of Firearms

Cyrus asks:

Robert, what is your opinion on the private ownership of firearms, if I might ask?

You can own a hunting rifle, or as many hunting longarms as you wish. I suppose you can also collect decorative arms that do not work. If you are a businessman who works in a high crime area, say a liquor store owner in the ghetto, and if you can prove you need a handgun or longarm due to armed robbers, you can have one, but you need to keep it at the store, and you can’t take it home with you. If you want use a handgun at a shooting range, you may own one, but you must keep it at the range and you may not take it with you. These are the only cases where you would be allowed to own a handgun. Possession of a handgun outside of a shooting range or your business in a high crime area would be illegal. No one would be allowed to have a handgun in their homes or vehicles. Hunting with a handgun would be illegal, and they are useless for hunting anyway. No concealed carry would be allowed ever except for off duty law enforcement officers and some on-duty security types (Secret Service). All automatic weapons from handguns to longarms would be banned. There is  no reason on Earth to own such a weapon. If you want to protect your home from criminals, feel free to do so with your longarm. Shotguns work great.

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19 thoughts on “My Position on the Private Ownership of Firearms”

  1. That’s more or less my feelings as well. As an Army vet, I for the life of me cannot understand why a civilian should be allowed to own an AR-15/M16…That’s sheer insanity.
    Hunting rifles, multi-barrel shotguns, and even lever-action rifles I have no problem with, so long as they do not except external magazines.
    I am not sure about pump-action shotguns, though. They are a brutal weapon, and we recently had a mass killing committed with one nearby.
    As for handgun ownership, I might be more loosely inclined to allow revolver ownership in rural places.
    Automatic and semi-automatic weapons…Forget it. I don’t even like the fact that local law-enforcement has M16’s and Glocks, even though nowadays I know they need it.

    1. Cyrus first of all local law inforcement doesn’t have m16’s. the have ar15’s. m16’s are the military versions and they have drop in auto sears. not allowed outside the military. also It wouldn’t matter small arms such as the m16 and military ak’s will go full auto but wouldn’t handle more than one 30 round clip without heating and warping the barrel. like most who get their info from the movies guns scare you to death. Glocks are semi auto plastic pistols. they can have mags as big as 30 rounds but difficult to deal with and hard to hold a double lined clip gun anyhow so accuracy is demanding. the only difference between revolvers and semi autos is a removable clip. the both shot 1 round for every time the trigger is depressed. why are you upset about an external magazine in rifles. they are all semi auto and the only difference is the magazine can be changed out. none of the guns you are scared of can shoot numerous clips without over heating. the only machine guns that can fire lots of rounds like in the movies are water cooled or multibarrel gattlin guns. they are strickly for the movies. if you have any other questions about guns and the’re usage for protection. ask an nra member. its the only way to protect yourself. buy a gun and learn how to use it. millions of women arm themselves so you can too. and last of all if you don’t know anything about guns then you don’t have a comment about them. thanks for your support.

      1. I stopped reading your paragraph after the first sentence. Where I live, local law enforcement in the form of the LAPD/Sheriff/High Patrol since 1999 has had M16A1’s with A2 style barrel guards. The full auto selector has been disabled via insertion of a metal block. I know this because I was one of the National Guard armorers who inserted those very metal blocks.
        If they purchased AR-15’s at a later date, that is functionally irrelevant. The only difference would be in the sight and barrel twist.
        Glock’s are not plastic. That is a myth. A Glock 19 actually has more machined steel in it than a M1911. The plastic is only on the outside of the frame.
        You sound like a little boy who plays too much Modern Warfare or whatever the hell they call it.

  2. Not restrictive enough for me. NYC banned their gun ownership, out of necessity to manage violent crime.
    Just as a handgun should be left at the gun range, a hunting rifle should be left at a hunting depot.

    1. just for reference nyc has the third highest gun crime and murder rate in the us. they are behind other gun less cities like detriot and washigton dc. as a matter of fact the top ten most dangerious cities to live in the U.S. are gun less. seems to me somebody would get the picture. there are more accidental drownings in the U.S. every year than accidental gunshot deaths. many thousands of lives were saved because people were armed. No such thing as gun owner and slavery.

      1. What you don’t seem to get is because the situation in NYC is so bad with crime, they banned guns. The ban is not going to be lifted because law enforcement don’t want it to. Maybe you should set and example by joining the NYPD and lobby for the gun restrictions to end, and then face the subsequent spike in gun violence.

  3. I think people should be allowed to own scud missiles as long as they can prove they are able to launch them. Second amendment.

      1. Cyrus before you say something stupid ,might I remind you that rednecks built this country and fix it and feed it everyday. you should first determine where you would be without rednecks. you would be walking. you would have no furniture or house. you would have no electricity, you would have no food. and you damn sure wouldn’t have any freedoms. the second amendment insures that the populaces gets all the other amendments. the right to keep and bear arms is given to us to oppose a government of tyranny.

      2. oh yea im also another lifetime member of the national rifle association. colt 45 for humans, Remington 30-06 for deer , springfield semi auto twelve gauge for birds.

      3. Rednecks didn’t build this country, and they do not feed me. Mexicans pick my food, and rich Northern industrialists with wades of money built this nation’s infrastructure….It’s rednecks who are in fact destroying everything.

  4. My primary concern would be that if the public is not allowed to have at a minimum what the criminals carry, how can we protect ourselves? If a robber gets into my home with an M16, I doubt my shotgun will do much.

    1. Not at all. A shotgun can drop or kill a man with one well-placed shot. Most people who rob homes are not armed with automatic longarms. They have handguns at most.

    2. An M16 would be a disadvantage in close combat in a house. I’d rather have an M4, but a multi-barreled shotgun with a short barrel is great for home defense. You don’t have to aim much, and one shot is usually 100% fatal.

  5. The police fail to protect the American public from criminals. That’s one powerful argument for handgun ownership. Of course, another strategy would be to just leave a high crime area, but for various reasons, many don’t. Let’s say you operate some profitable store in the ghetto. You wouldn’t want to leave, also knowing the business competition is too fierce in lower crime areas. What if somebody had a family farm in an area infested with meth and pill addicts? Should they jump ship?

  6. Jason Y, yes, another good point. I am faced with that situation. We have a successful business in the area so it would be difficult to leave. We had a bullet come through our window a year ago and it took the police three days to respond. I do not own a gun but at that point I wanted to get one. The shortage of police in the cities that are already broke will only get worse as the pension crisis and wasteful government spending continues.

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