Kiev to Create 'Filtration Camps' for East Ukrainians?

Pretty incredible video. Russia Today is much-maligned, but the facts are that RT is more truthful than all US, UK and German TV news combined. RT is not at all owned by the state and until recently they were criticizing Putin a lot from the Left – they did not want Russia to get involved in the Ukraine and they refused to parrot Putin’s line on the Ukraine. So in a way, RT is frequently an opposition TV station that opposes Putin, albeit in moderate terms. As you can see, the Ukrainian Nazis are setting up concentration camps (euphemistically called filtration camps) for Eastern Ukrainians. All young to middle aged adult males (all males aged 18-65) in the cities conquered by the Nazis are rounded up and sent to these concentration camps. No one knows what is happening to them there, if they will be kept in the camps or executed. One might think that this Nazi regime had gone too far by setting up these concentration camps, but the Nazis are only following orders from their American masters. A document recently surfaced in the Ukraine that was written by the Rand Corporation (CIA front). The document cheered on the massacre in East Ukraine and further added that the Nazis needed to set up concentration camps for the Russians also to start executing people. So large numbers of executions and masses of men sent to concentration camps, instead of alienating the US, are instead exactly what Uncle Sam ordered! The Western news has been utterly silent on the slaughter taking place in East Ukraine. There has not been a peep out of the US or German news, and the British news is also mostly silent with the exception of the Daily Mail. That is because the US, German, and British media are all cooperating with the Nazis in the Ukraine. They are accomplices as it were. The Obama Administation has been contemptuous of the plight of the Eastern Ukrainians. Last week Obama called Poroshenko and urged him to continue the slaughter in the Ukraine. To reward the Nazis for their massacres, the pro-Nazi EU rewarded the Nazis by signing an association agreement between the Ukraine and the EU. This means that Ukraine’s impoverished workers can go to the EU nations and become the wetbacks of Europe, replacing highly paid European workers with cheap labor Ukrainians who work for peanuts. Obama refused to grant the besieged civilians of East Ukraine a humanitarian corridor so they can evacuate to Russia. Told that there were 150,000 refugees who came to Russia, an Obama official said that they were not refugees but instead they were people who were just visiting their families! What is really happening here is ethnic cleansing, which the US and EU supported in the former Yugoslavia when they turned their pet Croatian Nazis loose on the Serbian population in the Krajina of Croatia. These Nazis had been nurtured in Germany, namely Munich, for decades. Munich is a sort of Nazi Central for Germany. This was nearly a Nazi headquarters during the war, and after the war, most of the Nazi structure was simply rolled intact into existing institutions. The Ukrainian Nazis waging a war against the USSR had their post-war headquarters in Munich. It is even worse than that. I suspect that Merkel supports the Ukrainian Nazis out of shared ideology. In fact, the rightwing German Christian Democratic Party has deep Nazi roots that go back decades. Three Russian journalists have been murdered by the Nazis, two of them after they were detained by the Nazi troops. Most of the offensive is being waged by Right Sector, Svoboda, and private oligarch militia forces who have been rolled into the radical National Guard as most of the Ukrainian Army has shown little will to fight. I suspect that most of the Ukrainian Army has been relegated to rearguard positions. Large sections of the Ukrainian Army have already gone over to the self-defense forces. Earlier, the US news reported an incident where 13 Ukrainian troops were killed. The US propaganda networks said they were killed by the self-defense forces. In fact, they were assassinated by Right Sector forces who rode up to their position and gunned them down. Why did they shoot their own people? Because like many Ukrainian troops, they were defying orders and refusing to attack the self-defense forces. So to punish them for not attacking, the Nazis gunned them down. Recently the self-defense forces retreated from Kramatorsk and Slavyansk, giving the cities up to the Nazis. Slavyansk was completely encircled, and the self-defense forces had to break through enemy lines. However, they did this with minimal casualties. Some platoons were left behind in the city to harass the Nazis occupying the town. They are armed with automatic weapons and RPG’s. The Nazis have not been warmly welcomed in Slavyansk. Residents have poured out of their homes, lining the streets and shouting, “Fascists!” at the Nazi forces as they move through town. The Nazis are reportedly going house to house looking for anyone with ties to the self-defense forces or who helped them. People are being taken away and residents report that at least some of them are being executed. One can spin the Slavyansk tactical retreat any way you want to. But look at this way. The self-defense forces first appeared in Slavyansk two months with a ragged group of 150 with few uniforms and fewer weapons. Two months later, 2,000 highly equipped troops looking for all intents and purposes like a regular army retreated from the city. Among them were 100 armored vehicles and 20 tanks! So in the last two months, the numbers and armament of the self-defense forces have grown exponentially. There are reports that large numbers of fascists from all over Europe are converging on the Ukraine to volunteer to fight alongside the Ukrainian Nazis. This was uncovered in an Al Jazeera report. The self-defense forces have retreated to the large city of Donetsk which is much easier to defend. The are few if any Russian soldiers among the self-defense forces. This is a Western media lie. However, there are many volunteers from Russia among them. The Russian government is supplying the self-defense forces with uniforms, food, humanitarian and medical aid. There is no good evidence that the Russian state is supplying the self-defense forces with weaponry. However, they seem to be somehow acquiring a lot of weaponry. Outside of the Russian state, there are many Russian organizations who are helping the self-defense forces in any way they can. This includes political parties such as the Zyuganov’s Russian Communist Party (who have sent their militia or armed wing), private, nonprofit and Orthodox religious organizations. In other words, the self-defense forces are being supplied by a number of Russian nongovernmental organizations. They are supplying them with nonlethal aid, money, food and men. I am not sure if they are also supplying them with weapons. Although the Russian government has not committed any men or arms to the conflict, the stone truth is that it is looking the other way while these non-state actors are supplying self-defense forces. That is the best way to describe it. Anything else you hear is a lie. ISIS rampaging across the Levant, Nazis marching east towards Russia. It is an ugly era we are living in.

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  1. I never understood what’s the problem with state-owned TV in Russia. Isn’t BBC state-owned? Isn’t German TV state-owned? Aren’t those people who in the power in the West also control mass-media? What’s special bad with RT then?
    And the Putin’s line is against Novorossia and for Ukraine as he and his oligarchic “friends” are totally hooked by their Western masters as well. He could speak for Novorossia in April but his words are proved to be his blatant demagogy. When the Western masters have found his painful point (nobody really knows what is it) he threw Novorossia as a worthless ballast. For now the real Russian opposition is FOR Novorossia.

  2. Ah, and well, you mention Kremlin puppet Zyuganov’s pseudo-communist pseudo-party. In fact they did not help and send no men. Those who really have been helping the Novorossian Army are, ta-da, Russian nationalists. Ask Strelkov, he’s proved this in one of his video and thanked them. In Slavyansk there was one famous billboard about “300 Strelkovians” which again was drawn by one nationalist illustrator.
    Now those pseudo-communists began a campaign of libeling Strelkov, as he did not want to die in Slavyansk for nothing. If he dies then the Novorossia were over and Putin and all his Ukrainian and American friends would become really happy. Now living Strelkov and his army in Donetsk is their main problem.

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