Why Do Physicians Know So Little About HIV Transmission?

Anonymous writes:

Thank you Robert. I feel a bit frustrated as I have asked a friend who is a doctor in Thailand and also my doctor here in the USA and neither of them seem to know much about HIV transmission. Actually, it seems ridiculous to me that a doctor would know so little about the disease. Is it just the specialists that know a fair amount about HIV? The doctor wouldn’t even admit to me that it’s mostly gay men that get HIV. Why are doctors so ignorant when it comes to HIV?

Doctors are idiots, plus there is PC. Also doctors are trained to be paranoid, especially about sex. A lot of doctors are puritanical and do not like to discuss sex. If you talk about sex with a doctor in or out of their office, mostly you just get a scary rundown on all the diseases you can get and how dangerous sex is. Doctors only see the downside of things.
Also there is a lot of PC that says that heterosexual men are just as at risk as anyone else. A lot of this was done as a blatant political move by the cynical gays, because they knew that if was seen as a gay disease hardly anyone would want to spend much money on the disease.
They were afraid the attitude would be: “It’s a fag disease – Who cares? Let the queers die – Haha. The fags are going to have to die then. Haha!” I have had straight people tell me all of these thing with a straight face, often laughing. So you see homophobia can be almost negligently homicidal. Queers know this and don’t trust us, and I do not blame them. So the cynical queer game was to lie and say that everyone was at risk, including straight people for whom the disease could go like wildfire in the straight population just like it does in the gay population from:
woman -> man -> woman -> man and on and on.
man -> woman -> man -> woman and on and on.
The truth is that in the straight community the disease goes:
Needle or Man -> Man -> Woman -> Transmission stops.
No one wants to believe that because everyone is PC, and also people want to believe that even straight sex is very scary and risky.
My personal physician does not like to talk about sex. He talks about it a bit, dislikes it when I use vulgar terms, and he shuts the discussions down pretty quickly like he is getting upset by the conversation.
He also refused to believe that straight sex was not risky for men in terms of HIV. I laid out the evidence for him, and he insisted that in the studies, transmission was still occurring, which is technically true by misses the point.
Yes only the expert physicians know what is going on and even they are coping out. Nancy Padian, who authored a study in the 1980’s showing how hard it was to transmit HIV from woman to man, came under a lot of fire for “downplaying the very serious risk to straight men from sex.” She had since issued apologies saying essentially that yes, straight sex is very risky for men.
It is all just PC, plus doctors haven’t studied it much, and also the media has gone along with the PC game.

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0 thoughts on “Why Do Physicians Know So Little About HIV Transmission?”

  1. Rob,
    Did you ever have a situation in which you had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman of unknown status?
    I mean, have you always been extremely wise in terms of protection? Or did you have a moment in which you were a bit afraid to get tested because you thought you had had a risky situation?
    Just curious

    1. Well I usually have unprotected sex with women, but in general, they have had a clean HIV test in the last year. When I got my first HIV test, I was very scared. But now I do not care.
      So what happened to you?

  2. Well, I recently engaged in unprotected vaginal sex with a woman. The issue nonetheless, is that I was informed short after that she might be HIV positive as she had been a heavy IV drug user and had multiple partners.
    I will get tested anyway, I guess I am psychologically prepared for anything at this point.
    Do you agree with physicians who say HIV is not death sentence anymore?
    I guess one can live almost a normal life if treated early. Don’t you think?

    1. I do not know much about HIV and longevity. They are saying that it is becoming a manageable illness like diabetes.
      When was this woman last tested?
      Even if she is HIV+, I honestly doubt if you got it. You would statistically have to have sex with her 700-800 times, and even then, you would have an 80% chance that you didn’t get it. It is quite hard to get this illness from woman.
      Do you have Herpes by any chance? Was there any bleeding going on during the sex? When were you last tested?

  3. I don’t really know whether she’s ever been tested. I had a test last year and it came back negative.
    As far as I know, I do not have herpes ( or any open wound on my penis) and I did not notice any bleeding.
    I do understand it’s possible to get it from a one night stand if you’re unlucky enough. Right?

    1. Yes you can. Maybe if you fuck her in the ass without a condom. But it is quite rare I think.
      If you got tested last year in 2013, then for sure you need another test this year in 2014. Go and get one. When did you have sex with this woman?

  4. It’s not in the IV drug use community the way it was in the early 80s. Back then the culture of East Coast herion users was to go to the heroin version of crackhouses where the dealer would shoot you up. A lot different from the drug culture you see in Breaking Bad where the users go out and buy bags of drugs and bring them back to their place where they keep their own needles. Sure it is risky behavior period, but what was going on in ghettos in the beginnings of the epidemic was absolutely insane needly sharing now known to anyone without rocks in their head to be a surefire way to catch aids.

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