PUA/Game: The Importance of Being a Sexual Threat

I am convinced that normal heterosexual sex is scary for a lot of women. Fear is an essential aspect of female sexual desire. They want to be dominated by a powerful, rather frightening masculine entity with potential for violence.
Women are afraid of us. We are violent and scary, and they have no chance with us. The sex act itself is somewhat violent and scary in that they get penetrated and it can and is often done in a rather violent manner. I have been with quite a few women, and when we are getting down to the sex and intimacy stuff, I often see this fear form in their eyes. A lot women who look at me with lust often look a bit frightened too. They also look sort of angry. Lust in women is often a combination of anger/hate + fear/terror + lust/attraction
Respect comes from fear. Think of all the people you respect. You are afraid of almost all of them, right? Think of all the people you don’t respect very much. How many of them are you afraid of? You can still respect someone you are not afraid of, but it’s not as easy.
A woman respect a man who fucks other women and is capable of fucking women in general and that means fucking her in particular. You are a potent sexual entity and that earns their respect automatically. You are also quite capable of fucking them good and hard too and they know it. This frightens them a bit, turns them on and also leads to quite a bit of respect.
Women have no respect for guys who are not seen as sexual threats. That’s what friendzoning is. You friendzone a guy, and he’s no longer a sexual threat. He’s basically one of her gay friends now.
A sexual entity = a sexual threat. Same thing. A sexual entity is a capable and potent successful heterosexual male.

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