PUA/Game: Newsflash: Women Love Men Who Love Women!

I took a class once on D. H. Lawrence. It was all women except for me and one other guy.
Well, it was paradise.
Every day after class, I ate lunch with these three beautiful women aged 27, 28 and 37, and I was 22. Two were married and another one was living with a man who happened to be a huge cocaine dealer. We got along famously; I hardly fought with any of them even once.
All of these PUA/Manosphere types who argue that the only way to get along with women is to be an asshole to them or treat them like shit are just wrong. At the time, and hopefully even now yet, I loved women. I truly did. I spent a lot of my time hanging around with women. Many of my best friends were women. I could easily sit on a couch on an evening with three women and watch a Bette Davis movie. I didn’t even like guys; if I had my preference, I would have spent most of my time around women.
On the other hand, I didn’t put up with any crap from these women either. When the 27 year old once said, “Well, you are pretty skinny…”, an obvious insult to my masculinity, I immediately responded, “Shut up, cunt.” She looked hurt and said, “I’ll box your ears, you macho pig.” The other women looked at me with a mixture of disapproval and respect. One said, “Booob…” But I didn’t hear much more crap out of any of them for the whole semester.
I was regarded as a sexual threat and a best friend at the same time, and by the end of the semester, I was starting to know the majority of these chicks (the two married ones) in a Biblical sense.
I can’t see how a man whose philosophy is that the only way to get along with women is to be an asshole to them and treat them like shit loves women. I can’t even see how he likes women. I would say with an attitude like that, you can’t be anything but a misogynist. The fact that this is the template over in the PUA/Manosphere speaks volumes about the misogyny-enriched loamy soil in which these movements sprouted.
Believe it or not, if you really like women, or better yet, if you really and honestly love them, it shows. Women figure it out real quick. And contrary to the crap from the Manosphere/Misogynist-sphere, I do not think most women prefer misogynists to ladies’ men. In other words, newsflash! Hey Manosphere! Listen up! Women love men who love women! Just as you might expect. Duh. But a real ladies’ man doesn’t take any crap from women either, and believe it or not, women actually respect that.

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