PUA/Game: How I Lost My Virginity

I first had sexual intercourse at age 17, and I was really starting to feel self-conscious and dorky. I was about ready to kill to get laid. The chick I had sex with, an 18 year old girl named DJ, was known as one of the hottest bombshells in the high school, and it quickly got around that I had sex with her, and I started getting all this new respect, even from a lot of girls at the school. She was also known as a big whore, but nevertheless, she was pretty selective. She just preferred to have about three different guys screwing her at any given time (separately, a four way gangbang). Even though she was a slut, the vast majority of guys at the school had never had sex with her, and a lot of them were apparently dying to, so I had lived out their ultimate fantasy. The first time I had any sort of sex was at age 16, and it was oral sex. She was a 14 year old girl named DS. She cried rape afterwards, but it was a total lie as we were both wasted drunk, and the sex was 100 I remember I was at this party afterwards (she would not have sex with me again after that event), and I was totally blasted into outer space on weed. Did any of you have early pot experiences that were so weird and bizarre it almost seemed like you were on acid? I am floating in outer space at this crowded Black football player guy’s apartment full of underage kids, booze and weed. DS was in a room with all these little teenage cuties, 14-16 or so.She’s sees me and starts getting all agitated, pointing at me and half whispering resentfully, “There he is! Lindsay raped me! Lindsay raped me!” I didn’t say anything; I didn’t even deny the rape charge. Later, while still spinning around on Mars somewhere, I went into that room, and there were ~10 young teenage girls in there. Before I was with DS, none of those chickies would even give me the time of day, but now every girl in that room was looking at me with this mix of respect, deep fear and apparently lust. One girl even walked up, shook her head in front of me and said, “Man, Lindsay, I always thought you were just a geek, but I am going to think differently about you from now on.” Not that she would hate me for raping girls, but instead more like now I am now this scary, sexy stud, and I get all this teenybopper respect. I never knew getting accused of rape was the road to popularity with females! If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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    1. Not sure, I was a dweeb until I was 15 or so. Then I started growing my hair long, smoking weed, listening to rock and roll, going to parties and surfing and the cool people started hanging out with me. Pretty soon I started getting chicks just like that.

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