Guy Clark, "Stuff That Works" This is great music. The genre is said to be straight up country music, but Clark also helped found two genres, progressive country and outlaw country. He also sings in the Texas country and folk genres. Not sure what genre this fine song falls into – I will call it country music because I can’t think of what else to call it. Country music is interesting in that it really is pure and true 10 I received that revelation while barreling down Highway 395 through the Owens Valley in Eastern California with a head full of very strong LSD, the dizzying escarpment of the eastern slope of the Sierras on my left, Death Valley on my right. It was the first time in my life that I actually enjoyed country music. After the acid wore off, I was back to hating country music again. I am now mellowing as I age, and I realize there are some real treasures in there.

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