Dumb Article About Blacks and HIV

Here. I am getting tired of these idiotic articles. This article wants to destroy the “myth” that HIV in the Black community is being caused by closeted gay and bisexual men on the “down low” or having gay sex in secret and then passing it on to women. In fact, that is what is causing almost all of the HIV in the Black community. A certain amount of it may be caused by Black men acquiring HIV via sharing needles and then giving it to Black women via sex, but the article points out that that IV drug use is not such a serious problem in the Black community. HIV in the Black community goes like this: Closeted Gay and bisexual Black men on the down low acquire HIV from having gay sex, often with other gay and bisexual Black men. -> They have sex with Black women and give it to them that way. Or: Black men acquire HIV from sharing needles with other IV drug users. -> They have sex with Black women and give it to them that way. The article says that (presumably non IV drug using) “heterosexual Black men” are spreading most of the HIV in the Black community. That has to be a great big fat lie. Are heterosexual men spreading much HIV to women in the Hispanic and White communities? Well of course not. Then why would they be spreading it to women in the Black community? Answer: They aren’t. There is some HIV being spread here in the US from female to male, but it’s not very common at all. In fact, it is rather rare. The reason for all of these articles is simply propaganda. If most of the people getting HIV are gay and bisexual men and IV drug users and their partners, no one very much cares about those people. It’s basically, “Let em die.” So they spread the huge lie that vast numbers of HIV infections are being spread from non IV drug using straight males and females to each other. Why? Non IV drug using straight people are the vast majority of Americans. Once you convince them that they are at risk, then they will plunk down the money to try to stop the disease. If they are not at risk, they won’t plunk down the cash, and the at-risk groups will continue to die. That’s all it is – politics. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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  1. In countries where HIV is an issue or even parts of the country, women should refuse to have sex with men who aren’t tested with negative results. Maybe this will help the disease die out.

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