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  1. Not a good idea Robert. My experiences (Ive traveled all over the world) is that homogenous White or Northeastern Asian states do 100 times better than states which allow inferior stock in.

        1. Do you by chance live in a “ghetto, crime ridden, dystopianwonderful, multicultural paradise”?

    1. Sadonabe, in Malaysia the Muslim Malays, Buddhist Chinese and Indian Hindus ,seem to get fine enough, and is the most developed developing SouthEast Asian country, i am aware that most of its development should be thanks the Chinese, but i don’t see big fights between different groups, that’s my point, we could get along if we try hard enough maybe

      1. Hey are you korean? Your name eould suggest so. I have nothing but goodwill and praise for Koreans. We may have had our differences in the past (WWII) but I think your people are the closest group to the Yamato. I have had nothing but positive experiences with your beautiful people and I hope a Japanese-South Korean reconciliation and alliance is feasible.
        As gor Malaysia, you have no idea how terrible that pathetic excuse for a nation is. The only Southeast Asian territory I respect is Hong Kong and Signapore. Malaysians are like animals and have no respect for domestic animals such as dogs. Same with Cambodians, Vietnamese, Indonesians, and Chinamen. I have been all over the world, believe me.

        1. The Han race brought civilization to you inferior Japadogs (倭奴). Without the superior Han men, koreans and japanese would still be savages like tibetans and blacks.

        2. Um, no.
          We Japanese have created a first world country, one of two non-White first world countries. The other being South Korea. Your beloved China is full of smelly yellow monkeys, and I have been there before.
          Han Chinese are some of the most disgusting people on Earth.
          Just ask your average white person. Would they prefer living in China or Japan? By the way us Japanese are closer genetically to whites than you Chinese will ever be.
          Oh yeah as nd white men like Japanese women better than Chinese whores.

      2. The Malay majority discriminations against its Chinese & Indian majorities because they make the most income, a situation not unlike 1 experienced in present day South Africa, where despite 20 years post-apartheid, the whites,especially the Jews & Anglo speakers make the most income, despite all the set asides, quotas, hundreds of millions of dollars in Aid,etc. malays happen to be a mixed Mongoloid/Austriod people. In a universe with finite resources, economics is a zero-sum game,( 1 persons gain is another persons lost).

    2. Homogenous white or Asian states do well, but its the complete opposite for black,Hispanic, and some middle eastern states.

      1. The Middle East is not really homogenous. It would be a lot more peaceful if it was separated along both ethnic and religious lines. A country for Coptic people should be made in Egypt for instance. Christians in Lebanon should also get their own country and so on. Kurds should get their own country as well.

  2. Homogenous societies may be sheep, but they are
    productive sheep!!! The nail that stands up gets hammered down.

    1. Social capital (trust) is greater in societies that are ethnicity & culturally homogenous, meaning less crime, lower gini index numbers(lower economic inequality), helpful neighbors,etc.

      1. No one can truthfully say on one hand that homogenous nations are better than diversified nations, and on the other hand call the United States, the
        most diverse nation, the greatest nation. Tell the people in China and
        other East Asian countries making less than a dollar an hour that there
        is “lower economic inequality.” Especially in China were there is a good number of billionaires. If homogenous society were as great as some say,
        our manufacturing jobs would still be here, since it would not be beneficial to export American Jobs to those countries.

  3. Aristotle schmaristotle. If he looked at the value of social cohesiveness rather than ethnic uniformity, he might have had something worth saying. But societies in his day had no mechanisms to foster cohesiveness among varying groups, so there was nothing really obvious to challenge his superficiality and lack of insight on that point. The guy’s sterile, mediocre ideas only got an extended lease on life because certain ascendant powers found them politically useful.

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